Why do you live where you live?

With guest host Anne Lagacé Dowson.

"Why do you live where you live?"

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Guest host Anne Lagacé Dowson's introduction to the July 18, 2010 program:

Our question today: "Why do you live where you live?"

Today on Cross Country Checkup we are taking a look at what we mean by "Home"

It's a word of great power, an evocation of place, a reminder of our roots.

Why do YOU live where you live ? Is it by choice, is it because that's where the work is, or that's where the family always has been?

In our music and our literature, home is central to the story of who we are.

For early Canadians home became, in Gordon Lightfoot's phrase, the green dark forest too silent to be real.

For Jack London home was what he called the High North, the bark of the husky, and silver fish in an opal sea.

Most of us live in cities along the border with the US.. but some of us have turned away from the city to the suburbs and smaller communities to live, perhaps to raise a family, and we commute to work in urban settings.

Home can also be fraught with economic burdens. There is a scene in Gabriel Roy's The Tin Flute that resonates for people who have been poor, or are poor. The novel tells the story of the Lacasse - and how every July 1st, on moving day in working class Montreal, still a yearly event - all the familes with new babies were moving, moving to a smaller apartment.

With another new baby the family couldn't afford the apartment they were in, so paradoxically had to move to one smaller as the the family got bigger.

Or Alistair McLeod's story "The Closing Down of Summer" about the tanned and rested men of Cape Breton climbing into to their cars at the end of summer for the long drive back to hard rock mines where they made their living far far away from home and family.

Home in all its mysteries.. why do you live where you do...do you like where you live...will you stay...today on Cross Country Checkup

80 per cent of us live in the city...or urban centres across the country ... but over the last decade more of us are moving to smaller, more rural communities.. perhaps to retire.. perhaps to run a business.

We want to hear your stories.

Perhaps you are living in a corner of the country you can't wait to leave behind.

Are you living where you want to live? Would you rather be elsewhere? Does that vary depending on the time of year?

Which of us in central and eastern Canada doesn't feel a tinge of envy when Vancouver and Victoria boast of their dafodils and croci in February?

I'm Anne Lagacé Dowson ...on CBC Radio One ...and on Sirius satellite radio channel 137 ...this is Cross Country Checkup.



  • Bill Reimer
    Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology Concordia University in Montreal.

  • Linda Norris
    Gibson's resident and co-author/director of Gibson's Gold, a community theatre piece celebrating Gibson's' award for World's Best Town.

  • John Barlow
    Associate publisher and Editor of the Okotoks Western Wheel in Okotoks, Alberta.

  • Ben Nind
    Executive and Artistic Director of the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre in Yellowknife.

  • Katherine Scott
    Director of Programs for the Vanier Institute of the Family in Ottawa.
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