Have the Games been a Canadian success story so far?

Interviewed by Rex Murphy on the February 21, 2010, special edition from Vancouver program

"Have the Games been a Canadian success story so far?"

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  • Steve Armitage
    CBC sports reporter who has covered 13 Olympic Games

  • Jane Roos
    former track athlete and the Founder and Executive Director of Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN FUND), a not-for-profit organization that raises funds to help athletes get ready for international summer and winter Games.

  • Chloe Dufour-Lapointe
    Olympic free-style skiier

  • Daniel Igali
    Olympic Ambassador and Canadian gold medalist for wrestling at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games

  • Gord Jewett
    Olympic cross country skiing athlete from Ontario.

Rex Murphy's introduction to the February 21, 2010, special edition from Vancouver program:

"Have the Games been a Canadian success story so far?"

It's undeniably extremely exciting to be in Vancouver now the streets are aswarm with people, the Olympic insignia are everywhere, the Games are in just about every conversation. It's a rare energetic time in Vancouver and British Columbia.

Hosting the Games is a big deal. There are, I read, 10,000 press or media people from all over the world here covering the Olympics. Despite all the side issues, and there have been some, the Games remain at core about the athletes. It is, to ordinary people, perhaps almost impossible to understand or digest how much athletes give to preparing for an event that aims to determine the summit of achievement. All those years finally come down to a tiny number of days and then to the actual hours or minutes of a particular competition.

For the country that hosts a Games there is of course a spotlight too. These Games put Canada out on the stage of the world. There has been some criticism -- some press have been harder than others -- but it's a huge event and things seem to be going reasonably harmoniously now. Certainly the mood on the streets of Vancouver indicates most people are having a good time; the Olympic gear is everywhere and you can see, feel the energy.

How have these Games impressed you? Has it been a good show so far? How have our athletes been doing, and what do you think of how things have been run?

How do you think it has been going? Is Canada a good host? Have the athletes been performing well?

There was a lot of talk about Canadians owning the podium. It hasn't happened yet but there are still many days to come. Does it matter?

British and American media criticized Canada for its hosting of the Games. Was this fair?

We want your thoughts and reflections today on Canada's Olympics, Vancouver 2010.

I'm Rex Murphy, on CBC Radio One, and on Sirius satellite radio channel 137. This is Cross Country Checkup.



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