October 2013

Should the senators accused of padding their expense accounts be suspended without pay?

Senate scandal: The Red Chamber is debating whether to temporarily suspend three of its members. In a growing expense scandal that some say could widen...


What's your reaction to the throne speech and the new trade deal with Europe?

A new session of Parliament and a new trade deal with Europe: While the speech from the throne laid out a new 'consumer-friendly' agenda for...


What are your thoughts on Alice Munro winning the Nobel prize for literature?

Nobel prizewinner: Canadian writer Alice Munro has won the world's most prestigious prize for literature.She's the first writer born, living and working in Canada to...


Is Canada ready to handle the doubling of its senior population in the next 25 years?

Aging population: A UN report says many countries are simply not ready to handle the burden. By the year 2050, people older than 60 will...


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