May 2012

Are we winning the battle against bullying? (Live Chat)

Recent high-profile cases of bullying have re-energized the fight against an age-old problem. People are looking for solutions in everything from school clubs to tough...


Are there limits to reasonable protest? Who should back down in the Quebec student protests?

On Cross Country Checkup: student protests The Quebec government is taking emergency measures after the protests are becoming increasingly confrontational. Some say the measures go...


Is it time to spend more on a national mental health strategy?

On Cross Country Checkup: mental health It's not often that a group comes forward and calls for billions more dollars to be spent by governments ...but...


On their first anniversary, how would you rate the government and the opposition?

On Cross Country Checkup: political report card It's the one-year anniversary of the majority Conservative government ...and also of the NDP as Official Opposition. How...


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