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You voted and here are your 2010 Champions! Meet Bob Davisson and Bobby Hayes and see their stories!


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Here's to our winners!

Posted By: Mark Kelley Canadians have spoken, and chosen their Champions of Change. It was a tough choice, but what can you say about our winners, Bob Davisson and Bobby Hayes. They are doing so much great work for children- our future generations- which may have won them so much support. Bob Davisson helps build and establish schools in Haiti.... Read More »

Drum roll please...

Posted by: Mark Kelley The votes are in. And while I can't announce the winners yet, I am proud to say our final vote count was 115,427. I'm over the moon with the fact so many of you took the time to vote, and show your support for our Champions of Change. All along, we have hoped the Champs project... Read More »

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Mark Kelley It's a really exciting time for us here at Champions. We are still counting the votes; polls are open until January 10, 2011 and you have up to 10 votes to cast. And we just want to remind people who may be new to Champions how they can catch up on our show- our nominees- and... Read More »

Happy holidays everyone!

Posted by: Mark Kelley To start off, I want to thank everyone for voting. It's great to put something out there and have people respond. We know these 10 volunteers make a unique contribution and we're glad they resonate with you. Remember you can vote up to 10 times and polls are open until January 10, 2011. Winners are announced... Read More »

Vote for Bob and Bobby

Posted by: Brett Wilson It's not often that I get emotional listening to people just share a few minutes of their journey - but this week - two in a row got to me - big time. Lots of leaking. First, I phoned Bobby Hayes in SJ, NB Monday evening and a young girl answered.  I asked for Bobby. She... Read More »

Let's Make it Right

Posted by: Mike Holmes Please help me get the word out about Welde and Victor! These guys are awesome and are true Champions for doing their part in making this world a better place. Help them Make it Right by voting and showing your support for their great work! Welde, what a guy! After all that he's been through he... Read More »

Marching for Justice

Posted by: Mary Walsh Who couldn't be moved by Gladys Radek, a woman who campaigns for righteousness in the shadow of the missing and the murdered? She cries out for justice in a world that has never given Gladys much reason to believe that justice is an option.  She became an activist who is marching for not only aboriginal women,... Read More »

Now tweeting as @cbc_champions

Want to stay in the loop on all things volunteer? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Canada's Champions of Change is now updating and a'tweeting. We want to open the floor to you to ask questions and post comments. On our Facebook you can find the individual pages created by our Top Ten, 'like' your favourites and help them get... Read More »

A Mutual Gift of Inspiration

Celebrity Advocate for Health & Wellness Clara Hughes is proud to celebrate the achievements of top 10 finalists Lindsay Willms and Chris Opio Read More »


JUDGES PRIZE WINNER ANNOUNCED We've announced the TOP 10 and we're approaching 25 000 votes cast - what a week! And what a weekend it is going to be for the winner of the Judges' Choice Award. Nicole Messier congratulations! In January, 2011 Nicole will receive a special eleventh award of $10,000 to be donated to her registered charity Animescale.  A quick recap on how this... Read More »

Voting FAQs

We've had over 16,000 votes come in so far! While many of you haven't had a hitch casting your ballot, some have written in with concerns and questions. Here are our answers. Q: How many times can I vote?A: Each person can vote 10 times. Q: When does voting end?A: Voting closes at 8:45p.m. ET on January 10, 2011. Q: Why... Read More »

Judge's Diary (Frank O'Dea): The Judges' Choice Award - Thank you Manulife!

Frank O'Dea thanks Manulife Financial for donating $10,000 for the Judges' Choice Award, honouring the volunteer spirit of Champions of Change Read More »

The Top 50 are here! And...find us on Facebook

Posted by: Mark Kelley On behalf of everyone here on the Champions team I want to congratulate our Top 50 nominees! Two committees from both CBC and Outpost Magazine sorted through more than 1,300 nominees to find these outstanding people and let me tell you, the competition was fierce. The Top 50 is a collection of stories that we think... Read More »

Judge's Diary (Frank O'Dea): A Great Selection Committee

Judges Chair Frank O'Dea offers his appreciation for the selection committee, who worked hard and effectively though an intense weekend Read More »

Judge's Diary (Sharon Acoose): Powerful and Moving Stories

Judge Sharon Acoose says that listening to the stories of all the nominees makes her feel good about being a Canadian. Read More »

Judge's Diary (Rob MacIntosh): Passion, Dedications, and Commitment

Judge Rob Macintosh remembers his struggles to decide which of the many qualified nominees to include as finalists Read More »

Judge's Diary (Grace Wu): The Spirit of imagination

Judge Grace Wu offers her take on what all the top 50 volunteers, and the many hundreds of other nominated volunteers, have in common Read More »

Judge's Diary (Fred Fox): Canada's volunteering culture

Judge Fred Fox sums up his experience of sitting on the judges' panel one weekend in early October Read More »

Judge's Diary (Ruth Mackenzie): An impossible task?

Judge Ruth Mackenzie reflects on the challenges of selecting the 50 top volunteers from across Canada Read More »

What's Next?

Posted by: Mark Kelley We have been busy here at Champions of Change. Reading all your nominations was an enormous task but an inspiring one, too. Since the window for nominations closed, we've received dozens of emails asking mostly the same question: what's next? Here's a breakdown for you: On November 8th, 2010 we will announce the Top 50 champions.... Read More »

Happy Halloween--Now Let's Scare Up Some Donations!

Posted By: Mark Kelley This Halloween, as kids run around collecting their weight in sugar, many are also raising money for charities, school sports and clubs. Good for them- and why don't we let them be an example for us all this October. Help UNICEF: Sure Canadian ghouls and goblins don't shake orange boxes anymore (that program ended in 2006),... Read More »

Thank You

Posted by: Mark Kelley We made it. Not to the finish line of Champions of Change--but we did make it up the mountain. And by mountain, I mean the pile of nominations we have received from you. How high is the mountain? 1616 nominations high. It's a testament to two things: the incredible accomplishments of everyday Canadians who use their... Read More »

Champions Map

Over 1600 volunteers were nominated as Champions of Change-- volunteers from across Canada and around the globe. We wanted to see the impact that these volunteers have made in communities around the world, so we've created a Champions Map, highlighting areas in the world that have been touched by Champions of Change nominees. Click here to view the Champions Map.... Read More »


You have until 11:59PM (EDT) to send us your names for Canada's Champions of Change. Get your nominations in before it's too late, just click here.... Read More »


Posted By: Mark Kelley Well, we've reached an important milestone in our campaign to generate nominations for Canada's Champions of Change. We've just tallied up the most recent stats and we've topped the 1 000 mark. Thanks to all of you for getting involved, and shining a light on some incredible Canadians. As get closer to the deadline (September 30)... Read More »

Recap: Labour Day Special

Posted by: Mark Kelley Back from holidays...and wow, a really nice surprise was sitting in my inbox.  We received some kind words from viewers who saw Connect's show on Monday. It always feels good when people take the time to tell you they think of your work--especially when the feedback is positive! So thanks to everyone who wrote in. If... Read More »

Nomination Form Tips

Posted by: Mark KelleyThe team here at Canada's Champions of Change has put together these eight tips for filling out a nomination form. We know the nomination form takes time; at least these tips will help improve the odds. Here they are:1/ Before you nominate, talk to your volunteer. Ask them about why they got started and get details on... Read More »

Nominations: Top Provinces So Far

Posted by: Mark Kelley Want to know how your province is doing so far? Well brace yourself. Chances are that unless you live in Ontario you're going to be disappointed.  On our staff here at Canada's Champions of Change we have people from all over Canada--the East Coast, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton--so we empathize. Here are the stats so far, fresh... Read More »

UN World Humanitarian Day

Posted by: Mark KelleyAugust 20, 2010This week we  marked World Humanitarian Day. It's the kind of UN sponsored day that often  goes by unnoticed. But not this year- not when millions of Pakistanis are  living through the worst flood in more than a generation. Millions of homes  have been washed away, along with crops, food, and clean water. NGOs are ... Read More »

Second Chance - on the way to the Second Cup

Posted by: Frank O'Dea   My life has been touched by volunteers, those who helped me personally and by volunteers who are responsible for the success of the many projects that I have been involved with, such as the Canadian Land Mine Foundation. This is a story that I have told often. It is about one volunteer who made a... Read More »

Helping Others to Help Yourself

Posted by: Michael Doyle Cluett   Right now is the greatest volunteer experience of my life. This very moment! This now! Why? How?  Is it really possible that you, some one I've never met, could be the sole subjective witness to my greatest moment volunteering? Well maybe by the time I've finished writing this I'll have an answer for you.... Read More »

Finding My Purpose

Posted by: Ajay Puri   I was just a seed in the world. My parents planted me and gave me my roots; my South Asian roots. And now striving for life-long learning, I acknowledge my sense of identity through family and connecting to others, as well as appreciating fresh meals and of course Chai, something I prepare every day. I... Read More »

The Value of a New Mother's Smile? Priceless.

Posted by: Elsie James I must admit that sometimes I feel overconfident even thinking that I can make a difference when the odds are so overwhelming.  I truly believe; however, that with many hands working together, including those hands of the people I'm trying to help, I can make a small impact. This was one of those success moments for me.... Read More »

Kids Act Like Kids, Everywhere

Posted by: Don Ryan I bristle a bit when people ask me what is best moment from my trips with GlobalMedic. There are things that happen that we have to just deal with--and you don't have much time for 'moments.' But there are still some things that make you smile at the end of the day.  In December 2006 I... Read More »

Saving the Wetlands

Posted by: Sylvie LaRose   My proudest moment volunteering with APEL (l'Association pour la protection de l'environnement du lac Saint-Charles et des Marais du Nord) was when we were finally able to turn our wetlands complex into a nature reserve. In 2002, Quebec's Minister of Environment, André Boisclair, officially recognized our Réserve naturelle des Marais-du-Nord. Now, these beautiful wetlands are... Read More »