Canada's Champions of Change


You voted and here are your 2010 Champions! Meet Bob Davisson and Bobby Hayes and see their stories!


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Voting FAQs

We've had over 16,000 votes come in so far! While many of you haven't had a hitch casting your ballot, some have written in with concerns and questions. Here are our answers.

Q: How many times can I vote?
A: Each person can vote 10 times.

Q: When does voting end?
A: Voting closes at 8:45p.m. ET on January 10, 2011.

Q: Why do I keep getting a message saying I've submitted an invalid security code?
A: This security feature has been removed from the voting process as it seemed to be causing problems for some people. Please return to our voting page and cast your vote again.

Q: Can I submit my votes by email?
A: No. Any emails containing your choices for Canada's Champions of Change sent to the email will not be counted.

Q: I tried to vote and I got this message, "You have reached the maximum 10 votes. Thank you for your participation!" but I haven't voted 10 times.
A: You're sharing an IP address with someone who has already cast 10 votes. This happens most often in shared networks, like in offices. Please vote from another location.
NOTE: Champions of Change monitors and controls technical attempts to interfere with or manipulate fair and accurate voting results. Champions of Change reserves the right to remove blocks of votes generated by automated mass calling, scripting or other means.

Have another question you don't see here? Please email us at and we'll do our best to address it.

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