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Posted by: Mark Kelley

On behalf of everyone here on the Champions team I want to congratulate our Top 50 nominees! Two committees from both CBC and Outpost Magazine sorted through more than 1,300 nominees to find these outstanding people and let me tell you, the competition was fierce. The Top 50 is a collection of stories that we think represent the best of what our country has to offer. These stories prove no problem is too big because each nominee represents a solution.

It's true that just ten of these deserving people will go on to get big donations for their charity of choice. But the story doesn't end when the finalists are announced on 15 November. The stories of our Top 50 nominees have already been covered by CBC stations across the country and will continue to be. (A big shout-out to reporter Niall McKenna and the Edmonton AM team who have been doing a great job covering champions.)

While not all nominees will win a cash prize, many will get the opportunity to tell people about their cause and commitment and why it's so important to them. And you can listen to and watch all this regional coverage on our website.

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