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Judge's Diary (Ruth Mackenzie): An impossible task?

Ruth MacKenzie_smaller3.jpgPosted by: Ruth Mackenzie
President and CEO of Volunteer Canada

How do you go about picking Canada's top volunteers? I'm not sure that's a possible task, though that's exactly what a group of us attempted to do as the judges for CBC and Outpost Magazine's Champions of Change initiative.  

We read about an array of dedicated and driven individuals who, it seemed, would stop at nothing to do what they were striving to do. They raised funds, took to the streets, drove trucks, held someone's hand, cooked food and fed people, built things, repaired things, and gave comfort. They saw a problem or an injustice and they set out--with unrelenting drive--to right the wrong.

All the nominees were an incredible illustration that volunteering can indeed change the world. I read about and hear about this stuff all the time and yet I left feeing rather shell shocked by the collection of stories.

The power of Champions of Change is its ability to go beyond an award to a single outstanding volunteer, but to use that award as recognition of all volunteers.  It's highlighting a few remarkable people in order to tell a story about a remarkable movement; a group of people with a common ideology - that ideology being to make the world a better place, to facilitate social change, to ease a burden.

Thank you Champions of Change for providing a mechanism where the citizens of this country can reflect, have a conversation, appreciate volunteering and consider its awesomeness.



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