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Judge's Diary (Rob MacIntosh): Passion, Dedications, and Commitment

R.Macintosh_smaller.jpgPosted by: Rob MacIntosh
Senior Partner Green Planet Communications Edmonton, Alberta

The October 2nd - 3rd weekend was an incredible two days.  Above all I'm left with a feeling that we just had to make sure and recognize all 50 of the preliminary finalists selected by the CBC project team.

I've participated in many award recognition or fund granting selection processes over the years. But I've never struggled as hard as I had to that weekend for the Champions of Change Top 10 to have to pick "winners" from such an amazing pool of well qualified recipients.  Then it gets worse - I'm a regular CBC Radio listener and the local programs have been doing a great job of profiling dozens of volunteers nominated from the Edmonton regional area. 

I continue to be absolutely amazed by the passion, the dedication, the commitment, and in so many cases the sheer creativity of the nominees for Canada's top volunteers. Only a few of these volunteers made it to the list of 50 that our judges panel struggled with (to narrow down even further) yet most of them could easily have been finalists too. The more you hear about what individual Canadians are doing to help make this country, and this planet work, the more you realize that it's all that volunteer energy that is defining and protecting and advancing our humanity, and our quality of life.

I'm really glad that CBC will be featuring all of the fifty amazing stories we had the privilege and the challenge of reviewing as judges, and hopefully a lot more of the nominees will be celebrated and recognized across the country - what a rich source of inspiring and hope-filled news stories the Champions of Change project has un-earthed!

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