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Judge's Diary (Fred Fox): Canada's volunteering culture

Fred_RS.JPGPosted by: Fred Fox
Manager of Supporter Relations
The Terry Fox Foundation
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Being a part of the panel for Champions of Change was an amazing experience. Sometimes we get too focused on what we're personally doing in the non-profit, volunteer world and don't realize what other wonderful things others are doing for some equally important causes.

I left Toronto that weekend completely inspired by the stories we heard regarding the individuals who had been nominated. Many of these stories pulled at your heart strings, which didn't help in the process of making the decision on just ten individuals. It's clear that Canadians have a great sense of the importance of helping others. I'm reminded of the newspaper article I read in one of the BC newspapers a few months back that had Dmitry Chernyshenko, President & CEO of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games commenting shortly after the Vancouver games. He said. "Canadians are very special. Volunteerism is a new movement in our country (Russia). It's different in Canada where they've had the culture of being volunteers for years."

I hope when Canadians watch "Champions of Change" on CBC that they too will be inspired to give back to their community in any way, big or small, and volunteer their time to help someone else.

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