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Judge's Diary (Frank O'Dea): A Great Selection Committee

Posted by: Frank O'Dea

I'd like to say a word about a great group of volunteers: the selection committee. These folks were awesome. Never having worked together before, we came together in Toronto to work hard and effectively though an intense weekend. Each of us with only one vision - to pick 10 nominees from among 50 of the most impressive people from across Canada, 10 who represent the values of all nominees, 10 who represent the best of Canadians, 10 who will introduce Canadians to Canadians, 10 who inspire us to reach high within ourselves to make a contribution to our homes, our community, our country and the world. This was a great committee of volunteers. I want to take this opportunity to say how honored I was to be among this group for a wonderful weekend.

As to the top 10: Thank you for making our job so hard. You were selected after as the result of much debate and discussion. Many of you were moved us, taught us and set a standard that will be hard to beat in future years. As the first "group of 10" you should feel very good about your selection and know that you are the founding group of what we hope to be a continuing effort by the CBC and Outpost for many years to come.

I am delighted with the outcome.

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