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Thank You

Posted by: Mark Kelley

We made it. Not to the finish line of Champions of Change--but we did make it up the mountain. And by mountain, I mean the pile of nominations we have received from you. How high is the mountain? 1616 nominations high. It's a testament to two things: the incredible accomplishments of everyday Canadians who use their free time to inject some heart and humanity to those who need it--both at home and abroad. But it is also a testament to your desire, like ours, to get involved, get engaged, and shine the limelight on their people as a way to say thank you.

We received nominations from all provinces and territories--and we're proud of that. And the Champions team is proud that you shared our vision to raise the profile of volunteering and inspire other Canadians to get involved.

Now we head into the next phase of Champions--our select panel of judges, headed by Frank O'Dea, will begin climbing that mountain of nominations to come up with a list of 10 outstanding Canadians. This may be the hardest part of the process. We are eternally grateful to the team of judges (see our website for a list of who they are) who are volunteering their time to help us find Canada's Champions of Change. Stay tuned--the journey continues.

And thanks to all of you for coming along with us.

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