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Today's Featured Volunteer

Yael Cohen

Age: 23
Based in: Vancouver, BC
Volunteers in: Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles

Category: Canada: Health & Wellness

Organization: Yael founded FCancer (warning:course language), a charitable organization devoted to the early detection of all cancers.

How long has candidate been involved in their current volunteer work?
1 - 2 years

How frequently do they volunteer?
More than 20 hours a week

Why candidate is an outstanding volunteer
Yael is devoted to FCancer, she started it completely on her own and has grown the organization to be an international success. She's gained global recognition in a short period of time, and has been invited to many events to represent her charity, such as Summit Series 2010, the Clinton Global Initiative, and TEDWomen. Over the past year, she has taken a grass roots campaign and turned it into a globally recognized movement, which has been inspiring and astounding to witness.

How many people does candidate's volunteerism impact?
More than 100 people

Why candidate became involved with volunteering
Last year, when Yael's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Yael had a shirt printed with the words "F-Cancer" written on it. It was meant to be a private source of strength, but Yael's mom wore the shirt out everywhere. The amazing response from the public made Yael realize that this was more than just a shirt; it was a movement. Because early detection saved her mom's life, it's now a cause that is near and dear to Yael's heart, and she wants everyone to learn its importance.

Was there any personal risk, liability or exceptional sacrifice involved in the volunteerism?
To get FCancer off the ground, Yael used her own personal resources, including her own funds, her energy, and any and all spare time that she once had. She never complains, though, because she recognizes that her personal sacrifice is the only thing that helped her grow her organization from the ground up.

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