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Recap: Labour Day Special

Posted by: Mark Kelley

Back from holidays...and wow, a really nice surprise was sitting in my inbox.  We received some kind words from viewers who saw Connect's show on Monday. It always feels good when people take the time to tell you they think of your work--especially when the feedback is positive! So thanks to everyone who wrote in.

If you were camping, cottaging, or home on your deck, and you missed Connect's Labour Day special, here are the interviews:

Chair Frank O'Dea
Curious how we're going to select the final top ten? Frank O'Dea is the chairperson for Canada's Champions of Change and he explains how the panel will go about judging the nominees. It's going to be tough, but Frank knows what he's doing.

Gladys Osmond
Gladys writes 1,000 letters every month to members of the Canadian Forces. At 86 years old, and nearly blind, she diligently taps away at her computer to bring a little comfort to men and women serving far from home.  Even Rick Hillier, the former Chief of Defence, recognized her work by awarding her the Medallion for Distinguished Service.

Catherine Robar
While some folks in their early-30s are thinking about mortgages and primary schools--Catherine Robar is thinking about seeds. She's the founder of her own grassroots NGO that helps the impoverished people of Thembalethu, South Africa learn to garden...and grow their own food. She's received 40 nominations for Canada's Champions of Change so far, by far the most of any nominee.

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