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Judge: Grace Wu

Grace Wu

Resource Development Officer

Amnesty International Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Grace Wu works at Amnesty International advocating for the protection and promotion of refugee rights and of individuals who face grave human rights violations around the world. Her work at Amnesty is rooted in the belief that the power of individuals working on behalf of others is the only way we can end human rights abuses and uphold justice.

Grace began volunteering with Amnesty's refugee program in her last year of university. Through her volunteer work serving refugees, she listened to the countless stories of individuals who had to uproot their lives and flee unaccountable power, prejudice, and torture. She was thoroughly humbled by the strength and hope of the refugees she met, so much so that in 2006 Grace began her Master's studies in Immigration and Settlement Studies at Ryerson University.

In 2007, Grace took a post with Amnesty International's office in Canada. Here she works to mobilize volunteers to campaign for the respect of human rights for all. The human rights work at Amnesty International has taught Grace that the care, work and solidarity of individuals can change the world, one life at a time.

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