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Judge: Brett Stevenson

Brett Stevenson

Former Director of African Program Strategy

Engineers Without Borders

Whitehorse, Yukon

Brett is a professional engineer. While working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry she met George Roter, a founder and CEO of Engineers Without Borders Canada. He delivered a passionate message for change that deeply resonated with Brett. A few months later, Brett took a leap of faith and chose water wells over oil wells. She packed up her office at ExxonMobil, sold her house and took a 90 per cent salary cut to create EWB's water program in Malawi.

In three short years, she grew her team to 16 people and built an innovative new program, one that the Malawi Federal Government's Director of Water now calls "Near the top on the list for contributions to the sector."  Her team has become an integral part of the sector, having partnered with over 80 per cent of the implementers in Malawi and was a lead consultant for a $220 million dollar national development effort. 

Brett has recently returned to North America and is continuing to dream big in her second career.  Her cause: improving the way that western countries support African development. She is currently studying a Master's in international policy to further her understanding of this great task.

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