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Nominations: Top Provinces So Far

Posted by: Mark Kelley

Want to know how your province is doing so far? Well brace yourself. Chances are that unless you live in Ontario you're going to be disappointed.  On our staff here at Canada's Champions of Change we have people from all over Canada--the East Coast, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton--so we empathize.

Here are the stats so far, fresh off the interweb: First off, surprise, surprise Ontario is kicking butt. They are leading the nominations with 49 per cent of all nominations. Next is beautiful British Columbia with 21 per cent. In third place is Alberta with 11 per cent so far.

The rest of the country makes up just 19 per cent of the nominations (that includes the Arctic, the Maritimes, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Quebec). 

Here's what the nominations look like as of today:

Champs_Chart_Aug26.JPGChances are that if you're reading our Champions blog, you've probably nominated. Well why stop there? Tell your friends about us. Don't forget, CBC has a YouTube Channel...making it easy to post to Champions videos on your Facebook or blog. Remember there's just one month left to nominate, so crack that whip and get you friends over to our website.

That's all for now folks. Off to enjoy a bit of summer before it's gone.

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