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Nomination Form Tips

Posted by: Mark Kelley

The team here at Canada's Champions of Change has put together these eight tips for filling out a nomination form. We know the nomination form takes time; at least these tips will help improve the odds. Here they are:

1/ Before you nominate, talk to your volunteer. Ask them about why they got started and get details on exactly what their volunteer work is.

2/ Make sure to include dates whenever possible. This really lends credence to your nomination as a whole.

3/ If you have a photo, send it to us.
Images are essential if we want to feature your volunteer on the website.

4/ Tell us a story.
Where you can, back up your nomination with an anecdote that exemplifies why your volunteer deserves recognition.

5/ Make sure you use a correct email address.
We may need to email you if we have a question.

6/ Don't rely on links to back you up.
It's important that these nominations come from you, so tell us in your words why your volunteer is outstanding.

7/ Emphasize the nominee's recent volunteer achievements.
We really want to know how your volunteer is making change, today.

8/ Invest time in your nomination.
Nominations that are polished and well-composed stand out.

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