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Where did Kate get those fabulous shoes?


(Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

When you cover the political beat, indulging in a little tabloid guilty pleasure doesn't usually call to mind something you need to ask the foreign minister's office.

But a British tab piece about some of the gifts received by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from various trips abroad included mention of the gift of three pairs of shoes for the Duchess from Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

Shoes? Did someone say shoes? The inquiring (mostly female) minds in our office wanted more details.

The Canadian designer behind the gift, and the low-down from Baird's spokesman, after the jump...



A royal feast

CBC producer extraordinaire Chris Rands got a peek at the menu for Thursday's dinner at Rideau Hall with William and Kate. 

William's first speech to Canada

Prince William, who is in line to be Canada's king one day, delivered his first remarks in Canada Thursday. They were brief, but judging by the reaction from the estimated 8,000 people who'd spent hours waiting for he and wife Kate Middleton, very well received.

Read the text of his remarks as delivered - and with our translation - after the jump....

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