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One day more! (?) - Liveblogging the Canada Post back-to-work bill in the Senate

After enduring, and ultimately surviving unscathed a record-breaking 58-hour filibuster in the House of Commons, C-6 heads off to the Senate this morning for what is expected to be a comparatively short sojourn in the Chamber of Sober Second Thought. Then again, expectations occasionally have a way of being, well, wrong, and there's nothing that get the back of this particular Upper House more than being treated as a rubber stamp for the party in power, so who knows?  

Check back at 11am for full coverage! 

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FilibusterFAQ: "Wait, what exactly are they debating right now?' and other questions

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So, what are they -- 'they,' in this context, referring to the House of Commons -- debating right this minute? 

At press time, the Commons is currently in its eighth hour of debate on a hoist motion that would postpone further action on the government's proposed Canada Post back-to-work legislation for six months. 

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