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Calgary's kids create adorable thank-you notes for volunteers

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calgary-kids-notes-220.jpgThe City of Calgary has posted some of the notes and drawings it has received from children for the city workers and volunteers who are helping to clean up the city after last week's floods.

Calgary volunteers create YYChelps.ca to organize cleanup

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Tags: Alberta, Canada, Community, social media, Storify, Twitter

People in Calgary who needed help, or who needed to help, with the cleanup after the weekend's floods have posted to Kijiji, organized on Facebook and helped spread the word on Twitter.

Now, a volunteering movement is forming in the city around one of those Twitter hashtags: #YYChelps. 

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi gets online hero status

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nenshi-meme-220.jpgThe tireless efforts of Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi to keep his city safe and informed during its flood emergency has earned him a lot of praise online, as well as several Twitter hashtags and memes created in his honour. 

Your photos of Southern Alberta floods

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Tags: Alberta, Canada, Community, Photos, weather

canmore-flood-220.jpgDramatic photos sent to the CBC Your News Community of flooding in Calgary, High River, Canmore and elsewhere in Southern Alberta.

Albertans capture flood evacuation with real-time photos

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calgary-door-x-220.jpgResidents of several neighbourhoods in Calgary, and many others in towns around southern Alberta, were ordered to evacuate their homes overnight as flood waters rose. 

Some posted photos of their evacuation orders and of their doors marked, as ordered, with an X.

Readers praise Rathgeber, call out PMO on byelection demand

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rathgeber-220.jpgBackbench MP Brent Rathgeber left the Conservative caucus last night after a Commons committee weakened his bill on government salary disclosure. 

The CBC Community, by and large, praised Rathgeber for sticking to his principles and leaving the caucus.

Alberta public employees, government tweet across the picket line

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edm-lukaszuk-220.jpgAlberta courtroom sheriffs, court workers and social workers were among those joining striking jail guards on the picket line this morning. 

 Pickets, their supporters and journalists posted photos from the lines through the weekend, and the government has taken to Twitter, too.

Is a 4-day school week a good way to cut costs?

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Tags: Alberta, Canada, Community, Education, Politics, POV

Year-Round-School-220.jpgThe public school board in Fort McMurray, Alta., is expected to decide Tuesday whether it will move to a four-day school week to save $1 million. 

Critics say the change would require parents to pay more for child care. What do you think?

UPDATE: Calgary CFL mascot Marty the horse checks into Toronto hotel

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marty-calgary-clf-horse-220.jpgIn celebration of the 100th Grey Cup being played this weekend, the Calgary Stampeders were hoping to recreate an event purported to have occurred after the team won the 36th Grey Cup and a horse was ridden through the Royal York hotel. 

After first keeping its doors closed to Marty, the Royal York later invited the horse back inside.

CBCNews.ca readers react to XL Foods takeover bid

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XL FoodsAmerican meat processor JBS USA yesterday took over the management of XL Foods, the Alberta-based plant at the heart of the recent beef recall.

The news of the acquisition, coming so soon after the ever-expanding recall of beef form the XL Foods plant, didn't sit well with some members of the CBC Community.

Should parents go on strike to teach their kids a lesson?

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Tags: Alberta, Community, POV

220-stilwell-mess.jpgWhen Calgary working mom Jessica Stilwell got fed up with cleaning up after her three very messy daughters, she did what most parents wish they could do - she went on strike.

Politicians, journalists remember Peter Lougheed

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lougheed-220.jpgCanadian politicians across the political spectrum fondly remember former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed today, widely seen as the province's most influential premier in national politics.

Peter Lougheed: Share your condolences

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Tags: Alberta, Canada, Community, Politics

si-lougheed-peter-cp8541268.jpgPeter Lougheed, the former Alberta premier, has died. He died Thursday night in the Calgary hospital that bears his name, at the age of 84.

The longtime political leader is credited with making Alberta a major player on the national political scene.

Golf ball-sized hail smashes windows in Calgary

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Tags: Alberta, Community, Storify, weather

calgary-hail-220.jpgA storm that dropped hail stones bigger than golf balls hit Calgary overnight smashing windshields and windows.

The hail was the result of a spectacular lightning storm that swept across central Alberta.

Would you side with Redford or Clark on the Northern Gateway pipeline?

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Tags: Alberta, B.C., Canada

si-220-clark-redford.jpgA heated dispute between Alberta's Alison Redford and British Columbia's Christie Clark is dominating attention at the annual premiers meeting in Nova Scotia.

Are your views more in line with Clark's or Redford's stance?

Reaction to B.C. pipeline announcement

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ClarkYesterday, the B.C. government announced five requirements for approval of all new crude oil pipelines in the province, including the planned Northern Gateway pipeline. Our story attracted more than 1,000 comments.

Community reaction to University of Alberta shooting

Tags: Alberta, Community, Community Reaction

si-220-UofA-scene.jpgAn armoured-car robbery that left three security guards dead at the University of Alberta has provoked a strong reaction among the CBC News readers across the country.

Should Canada be less dependent on foreign oil?

Categories: Business

Tags: Alberta, B.C., Business, energy, environment, New Brunswick, Ontario, POV

Oil refineryFormer Bank of Canada governor David Dodge says it might make more sense to pipe bitumen from the Alberta oilsands to refineries in Eastern Canada than to try to build pipelines to the B.C. coast.

Should Canada be less dependent on foreign oil?

What does the Alberta election mean for Canada?

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Tags: Alberta, Canada, Conservatives, Politics

si-220-smith-redford.jpgAlbertans will head to the polls on Monday, marking the end of a tight provincial election that could oust the Progressive Conservatives after 41 years in power. What do you think the election results will mean for the rest of Canada?

Naheed Nenshi, Reddit's favourite mayor

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Tags: Alberta, Storify, Twitter

si-cgy-nenshibudgetreax-220.jpgCalgary's mayor Naheed Nenshi is known for his frequent interaction with his followers and fellow citizens on Twitter. But his latest exploits would earn him many more fans across the blogopshere.

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