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NHL jersey ads are coming -- and CBC readers are not impressed

Categories: Business, Canada, Politics, Sports, Transparency

Tags: advertising, business, Hockey, jerseys, money, NHL

The NHL gets an A+ for managing to monetize everything from adult onesies to women's wedge pumps --- but are adding ads to the traditional hockey jersey going too far?
Victoria's Secret is facing mounting criticism in the U.K. due to advertisements for a line of bras that promise 'The Perfect "Body'"

Beer Store campaign bewilders Ontarians

Categories: Canada, Community

Tags: Advertising, Canada, Community, food & drink, Ontario, Politics

beer-store-220.jpgA new ad from lobby group Canada's National Brewers paints a bleak picture of what Ontario would look like if its convenience stores and other retailers were allowed to sell beer, wine and spirits. 

Just... just listen to the music! 

veet-220.jpgBlasted as "sexist," "disgusting" and "ridiculous," hair removal brand Veet has yanked advertisements that suggested women use their wax strips to "feel womanly around the clock" so as not to "risk dudeness."

A British Airways advertisement, encouraging travellers to "discover the Indian Ocean," raised a few eyebrows amid the search for the Malaysian Airlines jet, but the airline apologized, saying it was pre-scheduled. 

'Drive High, Get a DUI': Colorado rolls out ads to combat stoned driving

Categories: Community, Features, World

Tags: Advertising, Colorado, Driving, DUI, Marijuana

A man is thrilled after hanging a flat-screen television on his living room wall, waltzing over to the kitchen to grab snacks. And then, like the tortilla chip in his mouth, the TV shatters into pieces, after falling to the floor.

It is one of three adverts in a "Drive High, Get a DUI" campaign by Colorado to combat stoned driving.
A haunting video, which follows a young British girl whose life descends into disarray when conflict breaks out in London, was released this week in the lead-up to the third anniversary of the Syrian civil war with the message: "just because it isn't happening here, doesn't mean it isn't happening." 
A young boy sat alone at an Oslo bus stop, shivering without a winter coat but it was not long before passersby wrapped their own coats around him. 

Barbie 'Unapologetic' Sports Illustrated campaign comes under fire

Categories: Community, Features

Tags: Advertising, Barbie, Mattel, Reaction, Sports Illustrated, Storify

Joining swimsuit models in the 50th anniversary edition of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is Barbie. 

The blue-eyed, blonde-haired plastic doll, dogged by critics as promoting ultra-skinny looks, is according to its advertising campaign, "unapologetic." 
ad-cancer-220.jpgSocial media users and cancer charities are slamming a pancreatic cancer awareness advertising campaign by a U.K. non-profit as evoking a "cancer competition."

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