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Memoirs that look behind the music

Categories: Books, Celebrities

This year a slew of musical stars put down their guitars and picked up a pen, among them Neil Young, who wrote the idiosyncratic Waging Heavy Peace and Pete Townshend, who bares all in Who I Am. Some rockers trusted someone else to do it -- the definitive Mick Jagger bio comes from Philip Norman and there is more on Joni Mitchell from Katherine Monk. CBC's Laura Thompson looks at the top memoirs of the year.

Bonnaroo: a musical education

Categories: Live Performance, Music

Surviving sweltering heat and rain storms alike, dusty crowds as well as friends gone M.I.A., Laura Thompson concludes that attending the Bonnaroo festival gives one an invaluable musical education in just a few days. She outlines personal highlights from the latter end of the fest and thoughts about her experience in Manchester, Tenn.

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