Earth Day: NASA to create 'mosaic image' of Earth with #GlobalSelfie

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selfie-220.jpgNASA wants you to help capture a new image of Earth -- made up of selfies.

The space agency is encouraging the public to snap a #GlobalSelfie this Earth Day to build a crowd-sourced "mosaic image" of the planet.

Humpback whales need protection, say readers

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bottle-220.jpgOur story on the federal government's move to reclassify the Northern Pacific population of humpback whales from "threatened" to "species of special concern" has brought a lot of response from our audience online, on the radio and on TV. 

Anyone in the U.S. can buy Google Glass today, but will they?

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si_googleglass.jpgGot an extra $1,500 US, an American passport and the burning need to wear a camera on your face at all times? Google Glass, the controversial crown jewel of wearable tech products, is finally available to the general public -- but only for one day, and only to those who can afford them.

Heartbleed bug explained in comics, tweets, videos

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heartbleed_explanation-220.jpgThe internet security bug known as Heartbleed causing worry and prompting site shutdowns all week, but it wasn't until Friday that a brilliantly clear explanation of how the bug works appeared in Randall Monroe's online comic strip, xkcd

Are these microwave countdown videos art or the most boring thing on YouTube?

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hart-microwave-220.jpgIn this post, there is a video of a woman setting a microwave to 9:99, pressing start and rhyming off the numbers as they count down to zero. 

If you think this is most boring, useless video ever uploaded to YouTube, you're not alone. But there's much more to the story.

Rob Ford 'Crackathon' video game lights up the web

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si_rofo_game_crackathon.jpgCollect marijuana leafs and booze bottles, stroll through clouds of crack smoke, avoid the cops and stamp out those pesky camera-wielding reporters -- that's all it takes to avoid getting impeached if you're the digital version of Rob Ford in a new game called "Crackathon."

Spooky robot can wear your friend's face, detect human emotions

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si_socibot.jpgIf a robot that can recognize individuals, detect a person's age and even chat with you about what your feelings isn't enough to creep you out, try adding a human face into the equation. And not just any face -- how about someone you know and love?

'Stop, my sides': Your guide to lame April Fools' Day humour

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april-fools-220.jpgApril Fools' Day has descended from a day witty pranksterism to an annual branding exercise for tech businesses and other corporations to see how much earned media they can get out of lame variations on their products.

With that in mind, here's our guide to all the silliness the internet has served up to us this April 1. 

Texting and walking problem addressed by tech giants

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si_textingwalking.jpgHeads up, people who stare at smartphones while strolling down the street -- the act of texting while walking could land you in an embarrassing, dangerous, or even fatal situation.

NASA asks public to vote on its next-generation spacesuit design

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nasa-220.jpgMet with the opportunity to give a spacesuit "a look unlike any suit ever built before," NASA spacesuit engineers want the public to decide which of three cover layer designs for its newest prototype spacesuit will be built, the space agency says.