Bernard and Johanne discuss "table", which means table.

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Here are some usages:

Dresser la table : To set the table
Pouvez-vous dresser la table, s'il vous plaît? : Could you please set the table?
La table des matières : The table of contents
On a 14 tables de billard : We have 14 pool tables
Aimer les plaisirs de la table : To enjoy one's food and drink
Ici, nous avons une très bonne table : Here we serve very good food
Johanne, qui a toujours une bonne table : Johanne, who always serves good food
Table ronde : (literally) round table; (figuratively) panel discussion
Faire un tour de table : To address a question to each person on a panel/To seek the views of all those present
Tables de multiplication : Times tables/Multiplication tables
Tu veux faire table rase : You want to put the past behind you/You want to start fresh
Vous avez passé en dessous de la table* : You missed out on supper
Dresser la table/mettre la table : To set/lay the table (In France they would also say mettre le couvert)
À table! : Come and eat! Dinner (or lunch, etc.) is ready!
Il faut bien se tenir à table : You have to have good table manners

* Canadian usage

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