Internet Terms

Bernard and Johanne discuss French internet terms. (repeat)

Listen to the segment

Pourriel: Junkmail/spam (made up of a cross between poubelle, garbage can, and courriel, email)
Naviguer sur/dans Internet: To surf the Web
Courriel: Email (made up of a cross between courrier, mail, and électronique, electronic)
Bavardoir/clavardoir: Chatroom. (Bavardoir is a cross between bavarder, to chat, and parloir, parlour. Clavardoir is a cross between clavier, keyboard, and bavardoir)
Clavarder: To chat (online)
Bavarder: To chat (in any circumstances, not just online)
Clavardage: Chat, chatting
Clavardeur: Chatter/chat user
Fureteur: Browser
Fureter: To browse

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