Bernard and Johanne discuss bâton", which means stick.

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Here are few expressions and usages:

Bâton de hockey*: Hockey stick
Mettre des bâtons dans les roues de quelqu'un: To put a spoke in somebody's wheel/to create obstacles
Avoir le gros bout du bâton*: To have the big end of the stick/to have the advantage over someone
Bâton de rouge à lèvres: Lipstick
Être le bâton de vieillesse de quelqu'un: To be the staff of somebody's old age/to be somebody's support in their old age
Il manoeuvre bien le bâton*: He's a good stick handler
Bâton de baseball*: Baseball bat
Bâton de golf*: Golf club
Parler à bâtons rompus: To talk about this and that
C'est final bâton!: That's it that's all!/that's final! (it's an irrevocable decision)

* Denotes Canadian usage

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