Host Bernard St-Laurent and Word Lady Johanne Blais discuss bête.

Bête (the noun) means animal, beast, insect, bug and creature.

Bête (the adjective) means stupid, or unpleasant / rude (in Canada).

Here are some usages:

Ce n'est pas bête ça! : That's not a bad idea! / That's a good idea!

Ne sois pas bête! : Don't be stupid!

C'est ma bête noire: It's my pet hate / pet peeve

C'est bête : It's a shame / It's too bad

La bête humaine : The human beast

Une bête de somme : A beast of burden / A pack animal

Reprendre du poil de la bête : To perk up / To get a second wind

Avoir l'air bête : To look stupid / dumb (France), or to look grumpy / grouchy (Canada)

Être bête comme ses (deux) pieds : To be stupid / dumb (France), or to be unpleasant / disagreeable / unfriendly / rude (Canada)

Chercher la petite bête : To nit-pick / To be very picky

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