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Bringing French books to people who are blind

Luc Fortin edit.jpg

Radio host, Luc Fortin. (PHOTO CBC)

Most of us take for granted being able to settle in with a good book in the evening.

But if you are blind, it's not so easy.

It's even tougher if you are a visually impaired francophone.

This week on C'est la vie, discover a service that brings French books to blind people.

Also, meet Luc Fortin. He hosts a radio program on Canal M. Luc is also blind. Hear how that affects the way he hosts.

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Walking around the world

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Pierre-Paul Cayer is walking around the world.

This week on the program meet two extraordinary men.

One is walking around the world. He's 67 years old.

The other has already done it!

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A champion sommelier

Véronique Rivest.jpg

This week on C'est la vie, meet the best sommelier in the Americas.

Her name is Véronique Rivest. She's Canadian.

Find out what it takes to win the prestigious title.

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Also, Nadia Fournier of Le guide du vin gives her top 4 suggestions of Quebec wines.

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