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Meet some Quebec federalists

Pierre Gendron cropped.jpgActor Pierre Gendron made a commercial supporting the Liberal Party of Canada when Stéphane Dion was leader.(PHOTO CBC)

This week some Quebeckers tell us what it's like being a federalist in the province.

And find out just much support there is for federalism is in Quebec.

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Meet some Quebec sovereigntists

Will Prosper.jpgWill Prosper, a community activist and documentary filmmaker. Prosper was a candidate for Québec Solidaire in the last provincial election. It's a left-leaning party that supports sovereignty. (PHOTO CBC)

This week we ask some Quebeckers why they believe in sovereignty and how they developed their convictions.

And find out just how strong the sovereignty movement is in Quebec.

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The Montreal fashion scene

Ève Gravel 001.jpg

Montreal designer Ève Gravel. (photo CBC)

Earlier this month local fashion designers unveiled their 2013 spring and summer collections in Montreal.

Meet designer Ève Gravel and some industry insiders.

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