May 1st and 3rd, 2011

Discover a new kind of French, one you won't hear in the classroom.

It's the French you'll find in tweets, chat rooms and text messages.

Find out who speaks it, and what it means for the French language on C'est la vie.

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Here are the acronyms, abbreviations etc, that digital communications consultant Claude Arsenault mentioned on the program:


Gazouillis : Tweet (noun)

Gazouiller : To tweet (verb)

Message texte OR texto : Text message 


mdr (mort de rire) : Dying of laughter (the French equivalent of LOL, which stands for Laughing out loud)

pti  (pour ton information) : For your information (FYI in English)

pvi (pour votre information) : For your information (the formal or plural form of FYI in French)

A+ (à plus tard) : See you later (the French equivalent of talk to you later, or TTYL)

+ (plus) : A shortened form of A +

avv (apportez votre vin) : Bring your own wine (BYOW)


pk OR pq (pourquoi) : Why

pcq (parce que) : Because

bcp (beaucoup) : A lot

Single letters:

je tm  (je t'aime) : I love you

t  (tu es, which contracts to t'es) : You are

t où?  (t'es où?) : Where are you?


Radio-Canada's glossary of texts etc.


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