November 28th and 30th, 2010

Alain Lacoursière was a policeman with a passion for art.

And he brought that passion to his work as an investigator.

Over the years, he transformed how the Quebec police treated crime involving works of art.

Meet the Columbo of the art world on C'est la vie.

Listen to the program (audio available Sunday 18:30 ET)

The book "Alain Lacoursière, le Columbo de l'art", by Sylvain Larocque, published by Flammarion Québec 

Music on this week's program is by Pawa Up First.


Your favorite French-Canadian novels

This week's listeners' suggestions:

"Poussière sur la ville", by André Langevin

"Prayers of a Very Wise Child", by Roch Carrier, translation of "Prières d'un enfant très très sage"

"The Alley Cat", by Yves Beauchemin, translation of "Le matou". This is also Johanne Blais' selection. 

Previous suggestions:

"Les filles de Caleb", by Arlette Cousture

"La poussière du temps", by Michel David

"Abécédaire des années d'exil" by Anguelova Sonia Kaleva

"Le goût du bonheur", a trilogy by Marie Laberge. The individual novels are called: "Gabrielle", "Adélaïde" and "Florent"

"Dans sa bulle" by Suzanne Myre

"La détresse et l'enchantement", by Gabrielle Roy - translated as "Enchantment and Sorrow". (This is Gabrielle Roy's autobiography, not a novel)

"The Tin Flute", by Gabrielle Roy, translation of "Bonheur d'occasion"

"Ru", by Kim Thuy (winner of this year's GG award for fiction in French)

"La grosse femme d'à côté est enceinte", by Michel Tremblay - translated as "The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant"

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