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November 29th and December 1st, 2009 - The documentary "I wear the veil"

Natasha was born and raised a Catholic in Montreal. But when she met her future husband, she converted to Islam.

Natasha was proud to wear the veil, and testified wearing it at the Bouchard-Taylor hearings on reasonable accommodation.

Now, as her daughter contemplates wearing the veil, Natasha has made a documentary.

It's called Je porte le voile / I wear the veil, co-directed by Natasha Ivisic and Yanick Létourneau and produced by Périphéria.

Hear her story on C'est la vie

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November 22nd and 24th, 2009 - What happened to the St-Lawrence beluga?

There was a time when the little white beluga whale of the St-Lawrence was the poster child

of Quebec's environmental movement.

Scientists in the 1980s found it to be the most polluted mammal on the planet.

But what's happened since? And who cares?

Find out on on C'est la vie.

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November 15th and 17th, 2009 - Dr Bernard Brais

This week on C'est la vie meet a brilliant and passionate doctor.

Bernard Brais is a neurologist, a geneticist, and a medical historian.

And he's using all of those skills to hunt down and diagnose rare genetic disorders around Quebec.

Dr Brais' work is giving new hope to patients.

Meet him on C'est la vie.

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