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March 29th and 31st, 2009 - Quebec's web celebrities

This week on C'est la vie discover who the web celebrities are in Quebec today.

People who, with their blogs or web shows are both influential and popular.

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Websites mentioned on this week's program:

Bruno Guglielminetti's Carnet techno

Michelle Blanc

Mère Indigne

Taxi de nuit

Tout Le Monde En Blogue

Martine Pagé's Ni vu ni connu

Patrick Boivin's YouTube channel

Christiane Charette's website at Radio-Canada
Music played during this week's program:

Misteur Valaire

March 22nd and 24th, 2009 - Composer and Musician Laurent Eyquem

This week C'est la vie brings you the story of Laurent Eyquem.

From childhood he wanted to be a musician and a composer.

But a tragic accident almost put an end to his performing and composing career.

Find out more about Laurent Eyquem: his childhood, his accident and his breakthrough score.

It's a story right out of the movies.

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March 15th, 2009 - Bilingualism, Cameroon style

What do Cameroon and Canada have in common?

Much more than you might expect.

They are both members of the Commonwealth and of the Francophonie.

And, they're both bilingual countries.

This week on C'est la vie discover bilingualism, Cameroon style.

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Music played during this week's program:

DJ Champion

Olivier Cheuwa