November 16th and 18th, 2008 - Francophones singing in English

Twenty years ago, when francophones sang in English in Quebec, they were
considered to be betraying their culture.

But now, a whole slew of francophones are choosing to sing in English.

Find out why they're doing it -- and how Quebeckers are reacting.

Listen to the show

Songs played during this week's program:

Opening mix:
Taking Chances, Celine Dion
When I'm Gone, Simple Plan
Pump Up the Jam, The Lost Fingers
Gate 22, Pascale Picard

Songs played during discussion with Pierre Landry:
More Than A Feeling, Sylvain Cossette
I Want To Pogne, Rock & Belles Oreilles
I think Of You, Gregory Charles
Gate 22, Pascale Picard
Tainted Love, The Lost Fingers
Pump Up the Jam, The Lost Fingers

Instrumental music:
Gargantuburlesque, Gadji-Gadjo

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