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Your slogan and campaign theme song suggestions

We asked, and you responded in great volume. There are obviously many closet marketers out there. The challenge was to submit suggestions for party slogans that could fit on a T-shirt, and campaign theme songs. Some people decided to move away from the parties, and offer slogans for voters and the election in general. Below is a selection of responses.

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Apathy is rampant and I don't care
- June Harding, Toronto, Ont.
I'd like to submit the song Electioneering from the album OK Computer by Radiohead as an anthem for any and all of the major parties involved in the current federal campaign. A sample of the lyrics: "I will stop...I will stop at nothing. Say the right things when electioneering...When we go forward you go backwards, somewhere we will meet..." Actually, it sounds more like an anthem for the promise-weary (promise-leery?) Canadian electorate, doesn't it?
- David Seniu, Winnipeg, Man.
A shirt that the voters should wear:
"Don't tell me why the other is bad, tell me why you are good."
- Paul Frater, Cottbus, Germany
Theme song for the Liberals: Fool hearted man. (Also known as Lesson in Leavin' by Jo Dee Messina)
- Mitchell Groening, Lowe Farm, Man.
Harper's T-shirt: front: "Bush Wannabe"; back: "Not enough guts to join him"
- E. Rathje, Vancouver, B.C.
Slogan for reporters' T-shirts:
"Only seeking shiny surfaces."
- John Davison, Ottawa, Ont.
How about a T-shirt with George W. Bush singing When Irish Eyes are Smiling?
- Bob Rushton, Barrie, Ont.
"Heaven is Blue. Hell is Red. Where would you like to be?"
- L. Sharp, Etobicoke, Ont.
I think that the Conservative party very well could be using the song Winds of Change
- Edgardo Murcia, Saskatoon, Sask.
On a T-shirt, head shots of Richard Nixon and Paul Martin with the underlining slogan:
"Honest, I am not a crook!"
- Joe Shuba, Regina, Sask.
Song: I Walk Alone
I allude to Mr. Harper's fear of facing Peter Mansbridge and the media on a one-on-one basis.. What is he afraid of - that we might discover his true self?
- Dorothy Foster, Belleville, Ont.
"Counting on Canadian Cowardice! (Vote Liberal)"
- Dan Goorevitch, Toronto, Ont.
"Support organized crime. Vote Liberal."
- Jess Staffen, Whitehorse, Yukon
Three tongue-in-cheek visions of Canada from the three main parties:
Conservatives: "A Strong Canada Sounds Good But We Simply Can't Afford It!"
NDP: "Oh Canada, We Never Said Nation Building Could Be Done On The Cheap!"
Liberals: "Our Vision of Canada Is All Over The Map. Whose Turn To Throw A Dart?"
- David Thornley, Toronto, Ont.
T-shirt slogan: "Vote for the Canadian party that has a Canadian vision of a greater enlightenment and prosperity for every individual Canadian"
- Sandor Simonyi, Kingston, Ont.
The hook should be as follows and I believe there is a song that could be adapted to fit.
Slogan: "Hands out of your pockets"
The song should be "Hands out of your pockets, out of your pockets, out of your pockets."
- James Johnson, Delta, B.C.
For Conservatives: "Don't ask me any questions that way I won't be caught up in a lie. Just trust what you don't hear."
- Bonnie Wilson, Man.
For Jack Layton: "It's about time"
For Stephen Harper: "I am not George W. Bush"
For Paul Martin: "I am not a crook"
For the Greens: "It's your world too"
- Wilf Smith, Quesnel, B.C.
For the Liberal theme song, how about one from Ottawa native and songwriter Paul Anka, My Way. "And now, the end is near, and I face, the final curtain..." And for the Conservatives, try Imagine, by John Lennon; "Imagine there's no Liberals. It's easy if you try. No Gomery below us. Above us only sky. Imagine all the Canadians, voting for an Albertan. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us. And Canada will be as one." And for the NDP, you can't beat, We Won't Be Fooled Again! by Van Halen, I think.
- Timothy Wiebe, Calgary, Alta.
Theme song for Paul Martin: Desperado
- Marilyn Mclees, Norwich, Ont.
A song for Stephen Harper: (I'm) The Great Pretender, or, for his promises, Nana Mouskouri's Nickels and Dimes.
T-shirt slogan: "Outstanding Martin, Not withstanding Harper, Understanding Layton and Withstanding Duceppe"
- Aubrey Smith, Grand Falls-Windsor, N.L.
Two T-shirt ideas for the Tories:
"Stockwell for Defence Minister, Seadoos and Wetsuits for the Navy!"
"Conservatives for Voldemort"
- K. Hanna, Ont.
How about a T-shirt with a large picture of Paul Martin with the caption "Would You Buy A Used Flag From This Man?"
- Geoff Kempster, Edmonton, Alta.
PM Martin's Campaign Song:
The wheels on my bus keep falling off, falling off, falling off,
The wheels on my bus keep falling off no matter where I go!

- Ed Skretka, Kamloops, B.C.
Possible Liberal campaign slogan: "Better the Devil you know!"
- Sergio Dimarco, Montreal, Que.
For Harper's campaign, a good loud thrashing of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper, with Harper entering in a black cape and sickle in hand... quite a mental picture, no!
- K. Murphy, Halifax, N.S.
Music for Paul Martin's campaign should be I Need a Miracle by Mike and the Mechanics.
- David Craig, Vancouver, B.C.
T-shirt slogans:
"Vote Liberal, my friends need your taxes"
"Liberals deserve death with dignity, vote Conservative"
"Practise euthanasia, vote Conservative"
- Steven Koning, Bloomfield, Ont.
For the Conservatives: They could add to their existing slogan. It's much better than they've done so far - attack ads and all.
"Choose Your Canada - Choose Your Weapons"
- Bruce Martin, Cambridge, Ont.
On a baby's T-shirt: "Tiny Tory learning how to stand up, for Canada."
- Joshua Bortolotti, Osgoode, Ont.
"Voting is as easy as ABC...
- Jennifer Palmer, Calgary, Ont.
"Election Day in Prison: Sorry, no exit polls available"
- James Loder, Mount Pearl, N.L.
For a T-shirt: "If I wanted to be Harped on, I would vote for my Mom!!!"
- Ariel Zwicker, Ont.
A song for the Liberals: These Boots Were Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra
- Claude Babin, Kapuskasing, Ont.
Song for Martin: I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane by Gordon Lightfoot
Song for Harper: Up, Up, Up, by Shania Twain
- Huguette Shouldice, Ottawa, Ont.
Liberal campaign theme song: Take the Money and Run
- Derek Fildebrandt, Ottawa, Ont.
Here is a slogan for voters: "None of the above!"
- Mike Smith, Burlington, Ont.
Slogan: "Avec Les Liberaux Volez Plus Haut!"
- Jake Surfer, Montreal, Que.
T-shirt for the Liberals:"We're not making it up" with a strike-through on the "not"!
For Jack ... a T-shirt with a (no slight intended) Hillbilly figure that says "No more Conservative Moonshine!"
For the Conservatives, in Caps: "WE'RE NOT SITTING" followed by, in small print: "till after the election."
- D. MacMinn, Moncton, N.B.
For the NDP: "Don't Bash the 'stache"
For the Conservatives: "Lesser of the two evils"
For the Liberals: "I called the Kettle black"

PQ - Gotta keep 'em separated
- Matt Grahlman, Brantford, Ont.
I like to use the colours of the political party to convey the message: An NDP logo that says "orange" underneath it. A Liberal logo that says "red" underneath it. And then the Conservative logo, which says "red, white and blue" under it.
- Ryan Kelpin, Welland, Ont.
Stephen Harper to Ralph Klein The Sound of Silence, to thank Klein for keeping a distance and keeping quiet about Harper's very right-wing leanings in Alberta.
- D. Harris, Edmonton, Alta.
T-shirt slogans:
"BUSH/HARPER in '06"
"Welcome to the 51st State!"
"Vote NDP and put HARPER in Ottawa"
- Paul Kuehner, Toronto, Ont.
Martin's song: Mr. Big Stuff
Harper's song: Mr. Spaceman
Duceppe's song: Mr. Dream Merchant
Layton's song: Mr. Lonely
Campaign song: Mind Games
- Tina Klein, B.C.
Liberal: "What� Me worry?"
Tory: "Have no fear - the only book we'll burn will be the Red Book."
NDP: "Your mother called - she said it's OK to vote for us."
Bloc: "Je me souviens la clause d�rogatoire."
(I remember the notwithstanding clause)
Green: "Will keep working for votes."
Marijuana: "Take the high road."
A Canadian: "The Libs spent my money for 13 years and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."
- Oliver Michalsky, Alta.
"I am so sick of Marper"
- Tanya Appleby, Calgary, Alta.
The Green Party REALLY NEEDS some attention, so a slogan like: "Looking out for #1
EARTH -- working hard to feed and shelter us since our birth"
"Green Party
Rescuers Down Under!
Fighting to save our Planet!"
- Linda Mummery, Calgary, Alta.
"Make a note and go out and vote. (January 23, 2006)"
- Shawn Des Jardins, Hamilton, Ont.
"Convicted criminals won't be voting Conservative. I will be."
- Paul Suggitt, Waterloo, Ont.
"How do I vote for Gilles Duceppe?"
- Nan Wakid, Ottawa, Ont.
T-shirt slogan for the Conservative party: "U.S.EH."
- Kevin Jhagru, Toronto, Ont.
Song: I Will Survive- for the Canadian voters.
- Laura Steiner, Milton, Ont.
- Geoff Cole, Lund, B.C.
For Scott Reid: "Job wanted. Will work for beer and popcorn"
- Jim Wallace, Toronto, Ont.
"Liberal, Tory, same old story."
"They campaign from the left. They govern from the right."
"If you are already rich, vote Conservative."
"If you are the CEO of a multinational corporation, vote Liberal."
"The Liberal Party of Canada: Maybe this time we're telling truth. Maybe."
"Don't blame me, I voted NDP."
"Vote your conscience, stupid."
- Devin Johnston, London, Ont.
Not really a campaign song, but how about Toby Keith's How do you like me now for Peter MacKay to Belinda Stronach. Seems fitting to me.
- Matt Grant, Calgary, Alta.
Song - Who Can it be Knocking at my Door (Go away, don't come round here no more, you promised me no more GST, 10 years and it's still haunting me) or No more words.
- Robert Ferguson, Orleans, Ont.
Campaign song for voters:
O Canada,
Our home and boring land,
False promise love, keeps our politicians bland!
With sorry hearts we see thee rise
another minority
For sake of you, Oh Canada, what can we do for thee?
Corruption and, our passitivity!
Oh Canada, what can we do for thee?
Oh Canada what can we DO FOR THEE?
...Perhaps voting would help.
- Mark Crosby

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