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During the 2006 federal election, CBC.ca created 308 discussions - one for each riding in Canada - for Canadians to write about what the residents and candidates in their ridings were talking about. Over the course of the campaign, CBC.ca published more than 10,000 reader submissions.

The discussions are now closed, but we've archived the discussion, so you can still read about the federal election from the perspective of Canadians across the country.

Riding Discussion:

CBC is not responsible for the content of any submission. Submissions represent the views and opinions of the person(s) posting the submission and do not represent the views or opinions of CBC. CBC reviews all submissions before posting and your comments may or may not be published on CBC.ca. Comments selected for publication will not be edited.

I too have tried countless times to get a response from Mr Obhrai - all to no avail. Then suddenly SUCCESS.
Found that if you copy the party on your communications the response is almost instantaneous. Mr Obhrai has no fear of the losing the election - losing the nomination is another story. Let's start working on that Jan 24th.

Funny how conservatives are always pointing their fingers at the liberals and screaming scandal. I read in the local news media of an ethics investigation of the Calgary East MP Deepak Ohbrai regarding immigration dealings and the incumbants brother in-law was also involved. Albertans are sheep and will vote conservative. Educated people will chose the individual they feel is best. I think this riding could use a good shake-up to rid the dust.

I am a University student and I had Ghazanfar Khan of the Canadian Action Party come to my home today. After talking with him about the BANKING REFORM that can Save us Billions of dollars every year just makes sense. I don't understand why we should vote for anyone else as they are giving those Billions of dollars to private banks rather then using them to better our riding and Country.

While I will not agree neither here nor there in the 'trained monkey' theory, I would like to point out that I have tried to contact Mr.Obhrai and have had no luck. In fact, over two weeks ago I emailed four candidates from my area requesting to have information either emailed or mailed directly to me because I wanted to have something substantial to base my vote on. The Green Party and the NDP both got back to me within 24 hours.....The election is a little over a week away, and I am still yet to hear from Mr.Obhrai. Our incumbent claimed right here on this posting board that he would "continue to communicate with his constituents throughout the campaign", which I know find to be laughable. Am I not a constituent of yours, Mr. Obhrai? If an email was so much trouble for you to send, I question how much effort you are going to be willing to put into another term in office.

Mr. Gay Stapleton

I agree that liking Mr. Deepak Obhrai to a trained monkey is rather childish. I believe sir that you are very lucky to have seen Mr. Obhrai. I have phoned his office and did not recieve an answer. I left a message that I am a Mount Royal College student and I was undecided about my vote (which no longer is entirely true anymore because I know that myself and my friends and family have now been swayed to vote for anyone else because of my ordeal). I left my info and never received and phone call back. I also left an email and received no responce. Mr. Stapleton I call your bluff that I didn't contact Mr. Obhrai. I also think that Mr. Obhrai has no intention of having anything to do with post secondary students or young voters because they usually don't vote conservative. Mr. Stapleton this I agree this is not fact but a guess. I will however link Mr. Obhrai to the conservative party that has hardly shown up for debates and have barely run a campaigne in Calgary. I also still challenge Mr. Obhrai to appear before us or we will have to consider him missing.

One last thing Mr. Stapleton. Do you not think that Mr. Obhrai has only shown up to the Southview Community Organization to hit up you old farts for money. Just an idea.

My name is Gay Stapleton, and I am an active member of various organizations notably as the Executive Director for the Southview Community Organization. I would like to take issue with Mr. Jeff Agnew regarding Mr.Obhrai's commitment to his riding and his work ethics. As an active member for the last 8 years, I can attest to the fact that Mr. Obhrai has been present, and available for all our community needs. He has been keeping the community informed over the years through mail outs, town hall meetings, and attending our association meetings. His office has always been open and available to all our community members. Comments such as liking him to a trained monkey really shows that you have no factual evidence to make a point other than childish taunts. If I am not mistaken the last time I checked this was a forum for debating issues, not calling people names. If you wish to see Mr. Obhrai more, I encourage you to perhaps become more active in the community, or pick up the phone and speak to him directly. I can tell you from my own experience and interaction with Mr. Obhrai, he is readily available.

I think that Jessie is correct and I agree with her that Deepak Ophrai is overly confident in this riding. I have gone to many community events and the only person I ever see is Joe Ceci, our Alderman. I say this directly to Deepak, please show yourself or we will have to presume you are dead. We will then be forced to replace you with a trained monkey. My guess is no one will notice because no one will see or hear from the monkey either.

note: monkey is not meant to be a racist term

For those who claim a GST cut favors the wealthy and big business, it is the opinion of a left-wing thinktank (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) and the National Anti-Poverty Organization that a GST cut is superior to the Liberal middle-income tax cut plan for low-income Canadians. It should also be noted the Conservative Party is planning significantly more tax cuts than the Liberals while maintaining a healthy annual budget surplus according to the non-partisan Conference Board of Canada.


I completely agree with Shane. Conservatives have a hidden agenda to Privatize Health Care and put Armies in every city. I do blieve they are representing big corporations that support them and not canadians. That is why we have to look somewhere else to represent this riding perhaps one of the small parties. Perhaps a change is what we need to make this country better.

There are lots of jobs in this riding;but, not all are well paying. Quite a few people I know or work with would like to go back to school to upgrade. One of the problems with this is that you can't claim EI benefits once you graduate and go back to the work-force. EI is used to support lots of things, like regional development and the health care system. It doesn't support employees in transition, though. If that's not part of it's purpose, what is it's purpose? I haven't heard much from the candidates. EI doesn't seem to be on the national radar either. It seems to be one of those programs you thought you knew until you need it.

in response to Shane,

The Conservative do no have a hidden agenda and are not out to destroy Canada. Examine issues and platforms but jumping to mythical judgements simply shows poor character. Every party is believes its policies are best for Canada and no one is running for office based solely on the premise of destroying Canada. Please back up arguments with factual evidence, not back door heresay and incoherent musings.

I wouuld just like to reply to the comment about how a 2% cut in the GST only helps big corporations and not Average Joe Canadian. Perhaps this is true on the surface, however, you should keep in mind that these large corporations tend to employ large numbers of "Average Joe/Jane Canadians". I'm certainly one of them. If my employer is turning a larger profit due to decreased taxes , then chances are that that profit will translate into an increased salary for me and the rest of my Average Joe/Jane colleagues. Helping large corporations do better business isn't such an evil thing. It will mean more money in the employee's pocket who in turn takes that back to their family and community. How is that so wrong?

I am very happy to see that we have six candidates in this riding. It's great to see that we have a variety to chose from. I have received information brochures from Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP alike. This election however I would like to give my vote to someone who is a real person, who works hard and is honest, like the Ghazanfar Khan, the Canadian Action Party candidate. Maybe an average person from this riding is what we need to bring a change in politics.

Jessie has set the tone for debate in this section. Her complaint of lacking information on the various parties is valid. I'm 52, reasonably well informed, active in various issues ... and I have a hard time figuring out what parties are all about. By the way, I'm also the green party candidate for Calgary East.
You know, we greens only exist because other parties are not reflective of our values. There is a party for preserving labour, a party for corporate globalization, a party to preserve the status quo, and a party to stabilize humanity's role within a natural world. I kinda like the later.
I would love to have a budget allowing me to successfully convey to each riding resident the basic values of the Green Party of Canada (there are six). Were I successful at that then everyone would better develop their own party characterizations (just as I did in the previous paragraph) and vote accordingly. The green party has been successful to some degree because we are attracting votes. Hopefully we will do ever better as more and more people become familiar with our values.
And, Mark, an apathethetic vote?? Reclaiming people who have given up on the supposedly feckless electoral process is a major achievement for us. More people now have a voice. There is a meaningful alternative now which is unlike the other parties -- the Green Party of Canada.
Six values detail: SITE

I do agree with mike on the point that we have to stop thinking like being Conversative is a race and all albertans are Converatives. Reality is the hidden agenda of Harper and the Conservative party that want to make Canada a Police state while making our health care PRIVATE. A great plan for big corporations but what about the average Joe?

Do the Conservatives care about the average Joe. What a JOKE the new environmental plan was by Mr. Harper, take the bus he suggests and that will solve our problems.

Liberals on the otherhand have their scandle in Quebec and whatever else. Politicians have to be clear about their policies and be honest. NO WONDER THE VOTER TURNOUT IS SO LOW.

Jessie - I feel your pain. Of the money donated to polictical parties in Calgary, almost none of it will be spent on informing calgarians. The money will goto the ridings where the seat isn't a garentee and advertising dollars will have an affect, which tends to be Saskatchewan and Ontario.

We have completely isolated ourselves by our constant conservative vote that seems inspired more by hatred of Upper Canadian Liberals than on actual policy. Very few Calgarians actually take the time to lookup the information and make an informed vote. We tend to vote Conservative entirely for the wrong reasons. We need to lose the our team is conservatives attitude and actually vote for the candidate or party that reflects our views. Just for example... The 1% gst cut (eventually a 2% gst cut). First, thats a savings of 1 cent for every dollar you spend (yay!). Meaningfully you'll be able to leave an extra penny in the take a penny dish in convienent stores. If you take the time to crunch the numbers... Unless you spend over 40 thousand a year on GST taxable items, you are much better off with the Liberal tax cut. But if you've got the wealth and spend that much, a Conservative vote makes sense (FYI, the GST cut tends to help large corporations that spend millions on GST taxable goods and will rarely actually help a Canadian citizen)

It's almost disgusting to see how much attention Vancouver and Toronto get compared to Calgary or Edmonton. Unless Klien opens his yap, Alberta is never even mentioned in debates. And to make matters better (e-sarcasm there... sometimes hard to catch ;), we see a large apethetic Green party vote in Calgary. Meaningfully people who are casting a 'I don't care' vote. The only way we are going to get some attention is by turning out and voting for the party you support and proving to the Liberal/NDP candidates that it's worth their time to fight for our vote and telling the Conservatives not to take ours for granted. I'm not saying we need to fully vote in a NDP or Liberal candidate... But we need to atleast show one of the parties that they have enough support to turn Calgary into a battle ground for votes. When (perhaps if is a better term) that happens, we might see more then a couple cents in postcard form spent on each Calgary voter.

I refer to comments by jessie ford calling my attempt of sending postcard as overconfident.I am a sitting Member of parliament.Throughout my 3 terms,i have communicated extensively with my constituents.Most of them know what i stand for.I am proud of my record.nevertheless i am not overconfident and will continue to communicate with my constituents throughout the campaign.I am sure when the holiday season is over,you will hear from other candidates.
The best for 2006 to everyone.

I think it's sad that we've seen so little of the candidates in our riding. Besides a postcard from Deepak Obhrai (which lacked effort and came off as over-confident), I am yet to see any campaign material or literature from any candidate at all. People wonder why Albertans are so inclined to continually vote Conservative, but it's no wonder especially considering the lack of information other parties provide about themselves.

Canadian Action Party's Candidate Ghazanfar Khan is the best candidate for this riding because he represents the best interests for Calgary East riding. After talking with him I am convinced that our Political, Economical, and Health care system needs a change and Canadian Action Party is the only party that represents the interests of Canadians.

Electing Stephen Harper at all cost as this is how the west will be able to deliver it's bible-belt mentality.
If there is a guarantee in this next election, it would be safe to say incumbent Art Hanger will win again. I'm a Liberal and they always try and beat him with and ethnic vote and that even turns me off.

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