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During the 2006 federal election, CBC.ca created 308 discussions - one for each riding in Canada - for Canadians to write about what the residents and candidates in their ridings were talking about. Over the course of the campaign, CBC.ca published more than 10,000 reader submissions.

The discussions are now closed, but we've archived the discussion, so you can still read about the federal election from the perspective of Canadians across the country.

Riding Discussion:

CBC is not responsible for the content of any submission. Submissions represent the views and opinions of the person(s) posting the submission and do not represent the views or opinions of CBC. CBC reviews all submissions before posting and your comments may or may not be published on CBC.ca. Comments selected for publication will not be edited.

Ultimately this is a western riding in its livelihood and rightly or wrongly it thinks the Conservatives will keep our interests in mind when they get to Ottawa. Now it's reasonable to think that our own representative (regardless of which party) will work for our interests. Individuals get lost in the party. But the sad reality is that agricultural and rural issues are a small part of our nations interests. Farm population is now 2.4% of the population and getting smaller. See the grim stats that all parties will look at when they prioritize their agenda:

National parties have much to deal with and the two main parties play a certain game that leaves voters all across the country disillusioned. Large demographical groups have to be pandered to. And we must remember the Golden Rule: "Those with the gold, rule."

So we usually vote Conservative until they come to power and disappoint us. We then vote Liberal to punish them. Then we repeat the process.

In this riding, it came down to guns. Too bad the NDP don't understand, or care to understand, about Canada's rural life. But that suits jack fine, he and his wife are in, and Toronto is the centre of the world.

The NDP has finally, and irretrievably, shut the door on its agrarian roots. You dance on Yonge Street, but the Greatest Canadian is crying in his grave.

Crazy but maybe those two were up in Alberta to talk about buying this oil but I forgot that in the eyes of the NDP commerce is bad and fuels rich white men It is sad to see that for so many in this riding the fear mongering is affecting and clouding their judgment. But by all means for the liberals and NDP out there that hate america and fear it so much under bush and how Harper will be in their pockets the next time you are slinging some mud at the other candidates take a look at the conservative policies, they reflect democratic values much more then republican

this guy will be voting for conservatives tommorrow

Thanks for the posting A.S. You said much of the same thing as I was going to, but from a position that might make some recalcitrant learners take notice.

Besides, the army corps of engineers is busy with other issues these days. They're trying to find ways of getting Great Lakes water to the southwest-- seeing as the "grand schemes" to keep lawns watered in the desert southwest have met with obstacles--at least so far. What grand schemes might these be? Google "NAWAPA" and "GRAND" for two of the mega projects designed to bleed Canada dry. The first is the scheme to dam up and flood the entire rocky mountain trench sending Canadian water down as far as Mexico! The second was to dam off James Bay and send the water south to the Great Lakes where Americans would redistribute it from there. We have resisted these schemes so far. Of course NAFTA might provide a way for our sovereignty over our water to be usurped and then these projects can go ahead. All that is required is a pro big business government in Ottawa that will be more accommodating of the US. Think there are any on the horizon?

to see what our politicians have been saying about this issue check out this portion of the Hansard:

With the election drawing near it would be good if all prospective voters listened to Tommy (greatest Canadian) Douglas' Mouseland speech which can be heard in his own words at:


Or you can read it online at:

Common sense tells me that the GST, being a consumption tax, is generating more revenue per annum than the Manufacturers Tax did. However, I have tried many different searches and failed to come up with any concrete data on the Manufacturers Tax. Can anyone help me out with this.

Dear MN,
I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a realist who makes an effort to understand the truth-not always easy.

Misters Rumsfeld and Cheney ('Donald' and 'Dick' as you call them) WERE in Northern Alberta last year!to scope out our TAR SANDS.

If they told you they were here to find Osama Bin Laden, I am sorry to tell you that they were deliberately trying to mislead you. But can you blame them? They obviously realize that those of us who care about Canada would not want another Conservative Prime Minister giving it all away to the US, in the same way Brian Mulroney gave it all away in his crummy free-trade negotiations.

Having said that, since you, MN, are a supporter of James Bezan and Steven Harper who appears to be on a first-name basis with Misters Cheney and Rumsfeld, I can only conclude that any 'conspiracy' is far more vast than I could have dreamed up on my own.

Dear MN,

The U.S. army did do alot of mapping of Canada's land and infrastructure. This is public knowledge, not a conspiracy. They'll even acknowledge that this was done between the 30's and 50's. For that matter Canadian forces at that time did a bit of their own surveying in the States.

Do I think they'll invade? No, not at all.

Do I think Brian Mulrouney and Stephen Harper pay very close attention to what Washington (especially Republican Washington) tells them to think? Absolutley they do. No question. Too closely.

P.S. Before you accuse me of anti-Americanism, I am from the States.

Dear DK,
I believe the Army Corps of Engineers were up here as they were headed for " Roswell " and took a wrong turn.
Donald and Dick were here checking out the latest rumour that Osama Bin Laden was holed up in the wilds of Alberta.
Please stop all the nonsense about " the hidden agenda Conservatives " and find a Conspiracy website and stay there!

Mark --Thanks for the reference and your reasoned argument--both are in short supply. We need all the information we can get to sort through the distortions and misconceptions that we are deluged with every day. One point about the impact of the GST that hasn't been made clear is that it replaced an earlier Manufacturers Sales Tax, so not all of that revenue from GST is new but just collected under a different tax rule. I think we can all agree that bringing the deficit under control was a good thing, but I think there was a less hurtful way to do it than the one Martin chose. The workers of this country and the provincial governments are still recovering from this tactic to balance the budget. In the meantime the richest are still getting richer while most are just slowing sliding backwards. Here's a dismal picture of what has happened to workers. (NOTE: Even though it is a Canadian site the stats are for the US. I'm sure we're not much different.)

It's too bad that you're still voting for one of the two ruling parties that are so well connected that we'll just get more of the same. But that problem is widespread. Ultimately I think we are facing the problem outlined by Upton Sinclair:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."
Upton Sinclair

Did someone say "Orwellian Haze"? Yeah, that's right...if James bezan gets elected here, then Stepehen Harper will be our prime minister. And then Canadians will be in an "Orwellian Haze" of American Imperialism and Neo-conservatism. As a Canadian, I find that the most frightening prospect of all...as if they don't already have their eye on us.

From what I understand, after World War Two, the United States Army Corps of Engineers came up here (in civilian clothes) to map all our water sources. Of course nowadays they've got satellites. Last year, both Cheney and Rumsfeld were up in Northern Alberta...and it wasn't for Klondike Days. This is serious!

Ok...I took the time to go to that Fraser Institute site. The site indicates the deficit was reduced primarily through an increase in tax revenue.

From the Fraser site:

Comment on figure 1: The trend in imbalances between 1993/94 and 1998/99 is impressive by historic and international standards. The deficit of $40 billion in 1993/94 turned into a surplus of $4.1 billion in 1998/99.

The deficit was eliminated predominantly through revenue increases of $33.4 billion (equal to 72.5 percent) while the net decrease in spending was only $12.7 billion (equal to 27.5 percent of the original deficit).

The increased revenues were obtained mainly through increased collection of personal income tax (56.9 percent), corporate income tax (26.7 percent) and excise taxes (GST) and duties (12.2 percent).

Other research:

The GST has created revenues that started with $15 billion and are now sitting at $35 billion in the last fiscal year.


My opinion:

The deficit of 40 billion became a surplus of 4 billion. If you analyze this in relation to the GST revenue, it becomes obvious that the GST could very well have made up the difference, even not all of it was directly channelled to paying down the deficit.

Terry says that only 10% of the GST was used to pay down the deficit, which would be about 4 billion dollars. Of course it only contributed 10% directly, but overall it contributed a great deal to making up the difference.

Since I have now heard your argument twice, Terry, I felt inclined to check up on it. But alas...I'm still gonna vote for the big blue machine.


The NDP doesn't know about the economy? Before posting do a bit of research. Since the 70's has there been more then one provincial NDP government that has lost money? No. Liberal and Conservative provincial governments? Many.

In Saskatchewan Tommy Douglas had 17 straight balanced budgets, and brought in medicare. The Con. government that followed nearly bankrupted the province. The next NDP gov. left Sask. with a surplus, then Devine came in and wreaked havoc. Didn't some of the Devine conservatives do some prison time? Of course Romanow and Calvert have fixed things up again.

I'd also like to point out that Canada has a huge debt. There has never been a federal NDP government, so I'm pretty sure I know where to put the blame on that account.

This country needs a real change. Stand up for -real- responsible government, vote NDP.

MD has misrepresented the deficit/debt issue by merely repeating unfounded descriptions that have been passed down and are treated like truths. MD said, "...stats that clearly demonstrated that the debt and deficits grew exponentially in the 70's and early 80's under Trudeau and other Liberals. During the eighties under the PC's this was slowed. Yes deficits were still run but you can't turn the kind of mess that Trudeau mad around overnight"
---This isn't the place for a full lesson on statistics but consider this example that mimics the reality: If Lester left a debt of $1 and then Pierre borrowed $10 it could be described in common vernacular as an 'exponential' increase of 1000% (This isn't the technical use of the term "exponential" but it does get used that way) And then along comes Brian and borrows another $10--but since that is an increase over an $11 debt it is now less than a 100% increase. So even though BRIAN SPENT AS MUCH AS PIERRE the statistical description makes one look so much less. Pierre had large percentage increases while Brian had largest dollar amounts. Neither of these leaders was fiscally responsible!! There are lots of ways to make things look better than they are. The truth is that BOTH Liberals and Conservatives up until Martin as finance minister were guilty of running up the debt with deficits. It's time for the Liberal and Conservative supporters to come to terms with that.

It is unfortunate that the Liberals now take credit for Canada's current fiscal diriection; because it was only through Free Trade deals, and changing the tax structure to incorporate the GST and eliminate the Manufacturers tax, both Conservative policies opposed at the time by the Liberals that Canada was placed on the path to prosperity we are now on.
---Nonsense. This is just the other side of the Conservative myth. Even the right wing Fraser institute shows that little gains were made by the GST and the free trade. It is time for these myths from the right to be laid to rest. The GST only contributed to ~10 % of the revenue used for recovery. Martin got us out of debt by reducing transfer payments to provinces and getting more money from working people via EI funds etc. Instead of repeating/believing these Conservative myths, go check the the Fraser Institute's own analysis at: SITE

MD then says, "As for the NDP, their policies are as dated as Karl Marx and would drift us over an abyss and into an orwellian haze of totalitarianism and communism. It didn't work in the Soviet union, or anywhere else and it won't work here."

---What sort of non sequiturs are these?!?! The Soviet Union was run like General Motors rather than a socialist state. It's apparent that you do not know what it is to be socialist.
MD then states, "When the NDP figure out economics..." Well according to the right wing Fraser Institute NDP governments have figured out economics and quicker than some of the Liberals and the Conservatives out there. In their rankings of the two most responsible fiscal governments, the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan have shown most fiscal responsiblity and one of them is an NDP government. And Manitoba's performance is much better than other Conservative and Liberal provinces. So let's not hear any more about how the NDP are gonna ruin the economy. They have shown themselves to be as fiscally responsible as most Liberal or Conservative governments. Check it out yourself if you are tired of repeating the right wing myths: SITE See specifically Table 4.

MD: Socialism not sucessful anywhere? Did you even try to search for "socialism" and "Succesful" on google or another search engine? I think not. If you had, you'd know that socialism is quite succesful in Sweden, giving them one of the lowest income disparities in the world. Before you say it didn't work anywhere, make sure that you aren't just making stuff up.

Furthermore, using the same logic I could argue that lowering taxes did not work in the US for George Bush (as poverty in the US continues to rise) and therefore it will not work here (which I believe, but for reasons unrelated to the fact that it didn't work in the US).

Finally, you seem to be confusing socialism with communism. The founders of the CCF and later NDP disliked communism, so I have no idea why you are mentioning the Soviet Union.

You're NOT, Mark?

But you said:

p.s. Is it just me or is everyone on here an NDP supporter?

Never mind, there's still time to change your mind.


Ok...how on earth did some you decide I was an NDP supporter? I will vote for Mr. Bezan...that was already decided when the election was first called.

Mr. Bezan would have been in his early 20's in 1983, when the crow rate was eliminated. He was not an MP, nor was he associated with MCPA at that time (except as a member). I read what he said in 1995...it was a simple statement of fact as part of a larger presentation he was making. I mean, one of you says Bezan made the statement in 1995 while the other says the Crow Rate was eliminated in 1996.

Thanks for presenting the other side of the decifit situation MD...I knew it was so but I hadn't had time to research it yet. It is completely ridiculous to say that one term of government can create or erase a deficit...regardless of what the current PM tries to portray.

Selkirk is the only place where the sea of orange in prominent, and they will not swing the riding. GO JAMES GO! NO ED NO!

I moved into the Interlake area, from the Niagara Pennisula, last year. I am a conservative minded person, and have been voting that way for many years.

This year, I have decided to vote for Independent candidate Duncan Geisler. His policies and beliefs follow more closely those of my own.

He is against gun registration, same sex marriage, voluntary CWB participation, to name a few.

He has a website at www.duncanindependent.com listing some of his beliefs and policies.

I am tired of candidates voting their politic stripes rather than the wishes of their constituents.


Not everyone here is an NDP supporter!
NO! ED NO! Finally got the chance yesterday to see one of the " retro " Schreyer signs. Who dreamed up that idea. Keep plugging away Mr Bezan.

Hi Mark

In response to your statement:

p.s. Is it just me or is everyone on here an NDP supporter?

Heck, no, It's not just you...I'm an NDP supporter, too!
Go ED Go!

One more thing, Mark, if the NDP won't have a minority government to prop up, it is all the more important to have people like Schreyer in Parliament, to act as a watchdog for corruption and scandal, which will inevitably happen (especially in a majorty scenario) given that some 'former' Liberal and Tory candidates (yes, STILL candidates!)have shown themselves to be 'opposition-candidate bribers' and 'booze-and-vehicle smugglers'.

The good people of Selkirk-Interlake will make a profound statement by sending Schreyer BACK to Ottawa.


Hi Mark

No, not everyone here is an NDP supporter, although based on the verbiage from some of the others on this thread, I don't hold it against you for wanting to distance yourself from Schreyer's NON-supporters here (please see MD's comments: "orwellian haze of totalitarianism and communism...")


In response to Terry S. comments about the growth of federal debt and deficits over the last forty years, the CBC did an excellent break down of the stats that clearly demonstrated that the debt and deficits grew exponentially in the 70's and early 80's under Trudeau and other Liberals. During the eighties under the PC's this was slowed. Yes deficits were still run but you can't turn the kind of mess that Trudeau mad around overnight. It is unfortunate that the Liberals now take credit for Canada's current fiscal diriection; because it was only through Free Trade deals, and changing the tax structure to incorporate the GST and eliminate the Manufacturers tax, both Conservative policies opposed at the time by the Liberals that Canada was placed on the path to prosperity we are now on.

Things could have been better a lot sooner, but the Liberals chose to squander millions on their pet sponsorship projects rather than spending money where it was needed i.e. health care, education, social programs and targeted tax reduction.

It is really a shame that Canadians have been fooled for so long by the Liberals. As for the NDP, their policies are as dated as Karl Marx and would drift us over an abyss and into an orwellian haze of totalitarianism and communism. It didn't work in the Soviet union, or anywhere else and it won't work here. When the NDP figure out economics, abandon socialism and take realistic policy stances then maybe they can come back and talk to me.

For the record on October 26,1995 James Bezan as executive director of of the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association stated in a presentation to the Manitoba Legislature.

Bezan stated "The MCPA supported the removal of the Crow Rate based on the idea that barley prices would go down"

Mr. Bezan cannot hide his past.
Clearly Bezan supported policies that gave grain farmers lower prices.

Also for the record the Liberals eliminated the Crow benefit in 1996. The big blow to farmers. Prior to this conservative Agriculture Minister Charlie Mayer fought a long and agressive campaign to eliminate the Crow rate.

There seems to be an odd view being expressed by some of the voters. They want to vote for the conservatives who will eliminate the CWB. They then suggest some kind of volintary marketing.
What nonsense. Why do this? Why vote for the problem? The CWB cannot become another grain company the CWB does not have any facilities.

Under the conservative plan the CWB would no longer exist.
Kenneth Sigurdson

The NDP will not have a minority government to prop up this time around. I'm not referring to VOICE as simply being vocal but in terms of accomplishing things for the riding. Besides, I cannot cast a vote that will in any way, shape, or form support the Liberals, which is exactly what a vote for the NDP will do, especially if our riding swings to the NDP. The Liberals are sounding more pathetic everyday, and Layton, the chronic fence-sitter, is now attacking the Conservatives. Just my opinion...cheers.
p.s. Is it just me or is everyone on here an NDP supporter?

The Crow Rate was terminated in 1983, yet James Bezan was somehow involved as an MP? What am I missing here? I'm sure older people recall the days of Mr. Schreyer's government, when suddenly 15 people were needed to run Agriculture office in Teulon.

It you are worried about VOICE, then you had better stick with Ed Schreyer, my friend. The campaign is a good indication of how much 'voice' Bezan has compared to Schreyer...not much. Show me the articles quoting Bezan in the Globe. The Star, The Energy Bulletin, even the Winnipeg Free Press, about the Canadian Wheat Board, about agribusiness progiteering, about BSE, not to mention global climate change, and political sleaze...Bezan has no voice, and being a backbencher in the Tory party (we KNOW he isn't going to be Ag minister) will mean he will be given less talk time in Parliament than Schreyer. You don't need to be a political expert to figure this one out. And with all his experience, case work on behalf of individual constituents will be a breeze. I doubt he's ever stopped doing it.

Bezan is a good man, but Schreyer's experience is what will make the difference for the voters of Selkirk- Interlake, at this point.

All the best.

We own a hog farm too...the market has dipped only recently. Back in fall this producer would've gotten good money for his hogs. The market has always fluctuated in a cycle, even in the days of a single-desk selling system. With regards to pollution, many of us are managing our manure responsibly. In fact, many small farms would be a "non-point" source and very difficult to regulate.

Do you really think that Manitoba Pork would've stopped the expansion of Maple Leaf in Brandon? And even if they had, we would be dependant on U.S. killing plants even more.

Also, those smaller farms could've pooled their hogs and sold them together as a group, but many were just too independant to accept this option. The BSE crisis was the result of a dependance on exports - would you rather sell your hogs to maple leaf or not sell them at all.

The NDP does not have a history of helping farmers, but Mr. Bezan does. I think he worked hard for us as a member of the opposition and we need to vote for someone who will have "more voice" not "less voice" in parliament.

Hey Leslie W, I have to LOL every time I hear one of Schreyer's opponents being up the subject of pensions. It's such a Canadian thing, let me tell you. You should just be glad that, where you live, there is such thing as pensions...and you have the CCF to thank for that.

As for Schreyer's pensions, I found this at www.gg.ca:

When his term of office ended in 1984, Mr. Schreyer announced that for five years his Governor General's pension would be used to fund the Canadian Shield Foundation, an organization that studies the flora and fauna of the Canadian shield and provides grant monies and employment in that area...

Have a nice day.

As an active member of the National Farmers Union I can assure Mark that the removal of single desk selling has been a disaster for family farm hog producers in this province.

Maple Leaf is th only buyer in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, so we have moved to single desk buying. With this system farmers will always loose.

When single desk selling was removed by Gary Filmon we had 2100 indpendant hog producers today there are less than 1200 and the number droping rapidly.

Most hog producers are now vertically intigrated and work for outfits like Elite, Dynamic Pork, Hytek etc. People came to this country so they could own and operate their own farm not to be workers for a corporation like Maple Leaf.

Industrial hog production has resulted in divided communities polluted water and no economic benefits. Water polluted with nutrients (phosphates), pathogens antibiotics and hormones all the result of Industrial hogs.

What has been the cost to communities of loosing 800 hog producers? What is the cost of loosing our neighbours and friends?

I was recently in Swan River and talked to a farmer who had just sold 1300 hogs for $100.00 each. This is not a good thing Mark this is a disaster.

The farmer said I could go work for Maple Leaf he (meant be a contract grower) but I am not going to. His other option is to go out of business.

Farmers learned first hand how the transnational processors (Cargill Lakeside) stole their cattle during the BSE situation. What policies did Bezan suggest to help farmers with the BSE crisis?

Farmers have lost the Crow Rate thanks to the Liberals supported by Conservatives like Ted Menzies, Larry McGwire, David Anderson and James Bezan.

Since eliminating the Crow rate was one of Bezans objectives when he was with the MCPA I suggest the voters of Selkirk Interlake return him to the farm so he can enjoy the fruits of his efforts.

As a grain Farmer the Canadian Wheat Board is the only security we have left. Don't let he conservatives destroy the CWB.

In your constituency you have the opportunity to elect one of the truly great caring Canadians Mr. Ed Schreyer.

You can count on Mr. Schreyer to stand up for Canada, farmers and the Canadian Wheat Board.
Ken Sigurdson

I support the CWB but what is wrong with allowing farmers to choose? Look at what has happened since the Manitoba Pork single-desk selling system was dissolved. The industry has experienced growth, and after the crash of 1998-1999 we had some of the most profitable years in history. We still sell our hogs through Manitoba Pork but many have opted out. Either way, the hog industry is not suffering any detrimental effects. If CWB is effective, then it will continue to operate.

My question is: How many more pensions does Ed Schreyer need?

It seems Conservatives care more about their ideology than the economic reality of the Canadian Wheat Board. Americans and other countries will rejoice at the erosion of the CWB. Here's a statement from the US office of trade:
"The CWB has a competitive advantage due to its monopoly control over a guaranteed supply of wheat that Canadian farmers are required to sell to the Board, and monopoly control to export western Canadian wheat. These advantages allow the CWB to enter into forward contracts without incurring commercial risks and provide other benefits. The investigation further found that US farmers have lost sales to the CWB. The CWB's aggressive wheat marketing has been a detriment to U.S. shippers in foreign markets."

Conservatives want to undermine the CWB and give foreign farmers this gift at the expense of Canadian farmers--all for the sake of their misplaced antiquated ideas about the economy.

I agree with Marvin, CWB is a very hot topic. Mr. Bezan says they will have a voluntary approach. What does that mean to rural Interlake producers who do not have access to the USA grain market? Our grain farmers would not be able to compete, and/or have an accessable market to market their product. That's what it means!As the way of the Crow Rate which aided western producers so they are now trying to dismantle the CWB. What's on their agenda next Dairy, Poultry, the hidden agenda of dismantling every producer protection plan out their to appease the big corporate companies...(most of which are NOT Canadian owned).
I agree Marvin, every rural canadian should be shouting from the roof tops...Our farming industry is in dire straits as it is... droughts, then floods.. Mr. Schreyer is in total favour of the CWB as were the other candidates with the exception of the PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVES.....

There is nothing more alarming to me as a resident of Selkirk-Interlake than the possibility of Stephen Harper as our next Prime Minister. While it is true that Bezan has done a satisfactory job as an Opposition MP, it is his leader that has me casting my ballot for another candidate. Those who are even considering voting Conservative have to consider the following: A Conservative government would work to take away a woman's right to choose when it comes to abortion. Harper would re-open the debate on Gay Marriage and strive to make it illegal. Regardless of the American failures in the Iraq war, the Conservative caucus still refuses to recognize the incredible downfall of George Bush's actions and would only continue to play into the President's hands if elelcted to government. We see every day the disastrous effects of a Republican Government on the economy and the social fabric of the United States - Why elect the same problems in Canada??

That's right. They don't even try to hide it. The family farm is disappearing, that's plain to see. We'd better get Ed elected or else we'll all be eating Soylent Green with our American-made meat products.

Listen everybody. The Conservatives are about to dismantle the CWB Canadian Wheat Board).This organization is very important to most grain farmers. There has been no discussion with the farmers about this issue.Once the CWB goes, The Canadian farmers will be at the mercy of American corporations the likes of Cargill or Dreyfuss.Let's start stirring the pot . This is too damned important to give up. There is just a week before the election.
Talk about a hidden agenda.If there ever was, one this is it.Shout from the highest mountain . Let's stop this Americanization of our industries, whatever is left of them .

Quite a controversial discussion here. One major input to share: The discussion of individual rights is VITAL to this election. It has been clearly stated what the Conservatives can do if elected into power.

With regards to Les' earlier comments:

I quote: "(Conservatives) both support institutional day care... James Bezan supports the family."

You may not realise it but you are difining the NDP dream perfectly. Maybe you are a closet Democrat?

Again I quote: "The NDP supported the scandal ridden liberals--where James Bezan stands for an accountable government."

Amazing how you accuse an entire party at being at fault for something whereas you immortalize an individual. Perhaps you should investigate to see if the NDP INDIVIDUAL in this riding "stands for accountable government."

Unfortunate to have individuals that jump to label a group of people when it is really a small number that MAY be at fault! I think there have been unpleasant terms in the past for this: sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

I see that Conservative supporter powers of deductions are as 'sharp' as ever. Typical of Conservative supporters, not only are the comments of Eddie M irrelevant, they are wrong. I'm not who he thinks, nor have I ever been a member of any political party. (Not that any of that is relevant in the least--is that what passes for reasoned argument these days?!?)

And to talk about 'new ideas' of the Conservative party has to be the height of hypocrisy and Orwellian doublespeak. There is no set of values and ideas more out of date than the 19th Century ideas perpetuated by the Conservatives. /Reform. We've known the Conservative ideas and values for decades. It doesn't matter who holds those antiquated notions--they are still obsolete and regressive.

I find it intereststing that Terry Sargeant (Terry S.) a defeated NDP cadidate in Selkirk is one of the main posters on this website as he doesn't eaven live in Selkirk-Interlake. For Tery and his buddy Ed - "things are different federally in selkirk-Interlake" and you 1970's ideas and values are out of date. Let's move forward to the 2st century with a "young" and vibrant James Bezan and forget about the 1970's NDP dinosoar's".

Yes, we should keep our neighbours to the south in mind. In fact we should learn more about them. A good place to start is their policy statement as described by the Project for New American Century, set up and participated in by many Whitehouse policy makers including Cheney and Rumsfeld. In their document entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses", where they are commenting on the development of missile 'defense' system:
"No system of missile defenses can be fully effective without placing sensors and weapons in space." (--"Rebuilding America's Defenses" p.54)

It's right there in their policy document... they want to weaponize space. And Harper claims (Conservative party campaign statement) he'd re-open Canada's participation in the missile defense issue if the US asked !! This is just plain madness. And the Conservative approach is dangerous.

A little over a year ago I moved from Southern Ontario ( yes, the area of the country that you all love to hate ) to Manitoba. I have been a Conservative supporter for many years, but like a lot of us, I was pleased that in the last decade, even though it was painful, deficit spending was brought under control and the economy flourished.
I am however, disgusted by the theft of our money during the sponsorship scandal. In the grand scheme of things, a hundred million or so may seem like small potatoes, but the reigning Liberals need to be taught a harsh lesson.
I have also become increasingly disheartened by by the never ending chorus of anti-american rants coming from the Liberal camp. Like us, they will from time to time make serious errors in judgement. (Iraq ) They are, however, our next door neighbours and, at least in my own humble opinion, we bloody well need to start remembering that! We have very legitimate grievences with Softwood lumber and the BSE mad cow issue, but let us continue to be arrogant and continue to espouse our " holier than thou " attitude and we may soon find ourselves paying a much heavier price. A large percentage of Canadians make their living working for American based corporations. Watch out for the surprised look on our politicians faces if the neighbours to the south tighten up the borders any more. I certainly do not advocate mute obedience, but I cannot think of too many countries that I would like to live next door to. ( Carolyn Parrish I hope you fade away never to be heard from again) Also, having survived Bob Raes term in Ontario, I will not be supporting an NDP government for a long time.
Mr Bezan, you have my vote. Do not take it for granted, however. If Mr Harpers Conservatives cannot make a positive change then they may well find themselves in the same boat Mr Martin.

Mark said: "much of Canada's debt was created by the Liberals under Trudeau." Here is Conservative spin propaganda at its finest! While it is true that Canada's long run of deficits and increasing debt started during the Trudeau era (circa 1971) there was nothing special about his policies that caused this, as MOST FIRST WORLD ECONOMIES EXPERIENCED THE SAME PROBLEMS --including the Nixon/Ford Republican reign in the US and Conservative's Heath over in England. That was due to the prevailing economic strategy of the time (Keynesian economics). And the Trudeau era was not responsible for most of the debt which continued to rise throughout the Mulroney Conservative years where the debt more than doubled while he ran things. The last full year of Mulroney's term showed the highest deficit ever. Check the facts for yourself at:

Mark then said, "The funds that the current Liberals have used to pay off the debt have been generated primarily by the GST, which was put into place by the Conservatives." More exaggerations perpetuating the Conservative myths. Analysis shows that only about 12-14% of the effort to balance budgets was due to the GST. Even Stephen Harper knows where most of the effort came from. Check out his speech where he shows how Martin balanced the budget by slashing healthcare transfers to the provinces. See his speech at:

Mark then says: "Canada's strong economy is the result of free trade " And that is just as much a result of a weak dollar as it was new trade negotiations such as NAFTA. There also was a general recovery of world economies due to the peace benefit of the collapse of the cold war. NAFTA is not going to be good for Canada much longer as our major trading neighbour, the USA, keeps on ignoring the agreement and slapping on illegal duties as they see fit. The writing is on the wall... we have to start looking for a different economy other than just being the material supplier to the US.

Mark then concludes with: " face it, we're an export dependant nation." And this has to change as world resources are starting to get tight. We are on the verge of major slowdown in world economies due to reduced cheap energy supplies. (google "peak oil" for many sources of the bleak future) NAFTA has locked us into an agreement that doesn't allow Canadians "first dibs" on our own energy supplies. If richer americans want our oil NAFTA guarantees their right to it. EVEN MEXICO NEGOTIATED A BETTER FREE TRADE DEAL THAN THE CONSERVATIVES !! And wait till they come looking for our water....

So Liberals balanced the federal budget on the backs of tax payers and the provinces while Conservative negotiated away our future. And we still consider them our first and second choice?!!?!

You are quite right about where progressive votes should go Marj. But strategic voting can go more than one way. It isn't automatically the case of people fearing the rise of the right voting Liberal to stop Conservatives. But the sad prediction is that over 8000 people will vote Liberal in Selkirk-Interlake and this will almost assure that Conservatives will win.

To Dirk,
Excuse me, but much of Canada's debt was created by the Liberals under Trudeau. The funds that the current Liberals have used to pay off the debt have been generated primarily by the GST, which was put into place by the Conservatives. Canada's strong economy is the result of free trade - face it, we're an export dependant nation.

While you're probably correct that this "discussion" is pointless, Terry, certainly any idea of strategic voting is dead in this riding which has pretty much become an NDP-Conservative two-way race.

While Mr. Shreyer is not my favourite member of the NDP, he certainly has to be the candidate of choice for all progressive voters (regressive voters will, of course, vote Conservative).

Les has shown us how the quintessential Conservative thinks and acts. If you can identify with his last entry then you will probably vote conservative. For the rest of you, your alternative in Selkirk-Interlake is clear. It is, at least for now, apparent that further reasoned debate will serve little purpose here.

Dan-- on point #3 how is monogamy against Natural Law.
You are really just lying about scandal or other wrong during because if that were true the other parties and the media would be all over it. But things are quiet.

AS for Belinda I need not say anything her greed for power says it all. She is a spoilt little rich kid --and she has no ethics peroid.

What is your meaning of social conservative because I find that there is a wide ranage of meanings out there --and how is it different from a social liberal--and I have yet to meet a social Ndp --heard of one but she was forced to sit as an independent because she voted the way people in her riding wanted her to vote rather than beening forced to vote for ssm. NDP sure are two faced. They now have old ED down here that will not talk about ssm but back around 1970 he said that gays were derranged or words to that effect- I would have to look up his old speaches to get the quote.Ed signed a paper saying he will follow NDP policy--wonder how he is going to spin his why out of that one.

Les said, "... I believe it is you that brought up the devil-enough said." Well there is more to say as you misunderstood that the problem with what you said was using the term "in bed" and not the use of the term "devil". To say that the NDP is "in bed" adds nothing to the debate, it's just meaningless rhetoric. And it was you who likened Martin to the Devil--I merely suggested he is an apprentice.

I did go online to find your source for that dubious claim that the majority wanted to revisit the same sex marriage claim. I could only find two Globe and Mail polls for November and neither addressed the Same Sex Marriage issue. The only November poll that I could find on the SSM subject was from Environics Research. They asked the question: "14. As you may know, federal legislation was passed this year allowing couples of the same sex to marry. Some people say this issue is now settled and it's time to move on. Other people say same sex marriage is wrong and the issue should be addressed again. Which of these views is closer to your own?" And 66% answered that they felt that the "issue is settled". Poll can be found at:

So much for data supporting this conservative claim.

And then we have the following quote from the conservative supporter: " Proportional representation is not all that great. Main reason is that it will give to much power to the fringe parties" (Presumably he means "too much power") Here we see the true colours of the conservative ideas. Proportional Representation only gives a party as much support as there are supporters who want them. The attitude portrayed here by the Conservative supporter would deny for example, the Green party 4% of the seats even though 4% of the people want them as representatives. Conservative hypocrisy is clear: They are all for democracy and freedom as long as it promotes their position, but when a proposal that gives us more democratic reform could go against them, they think we should "leave things as is". Yes, small parties might make a difference in a close vote but right now a few extra Liberals or Conservatives might play the same decisive roll and they have NO RIGHT TO BE IN PARLIAMENT as they were there only due to a defective system. It is our current system that gives "too much power" to certain parties, but since that is a benefit for Cons and Libs they don't mind so much. Recall that the Bloc received at least 2% less of the vote than the NDP and yet they have ALMOST THREE TIMES as many members in the house. People who do not agree with the major parties have never had a voice despite their numbers. Is that democracy?!?!

And as for his attempt to scare us by mentioning the Rhino and the Marxist Leninist parties deciding an issue, all that can be said is that we have victimized far more by the Libs and Cons than by any small party.

If your reason for voting is to prevent corruption, then from a logical point of view, you should NOT vote for Liberals or the Conservatives. Time after time we have put one or the other in power, only to have them pass laws to benefit their friends and those corporations that gave big $$$ to put them there. How many times does this have to happen before we smarten up as voters?!?! We are responsible for repeatedly putting these two corrupt parties in office. If you vote Liberal or Conservative, you have no grounds to complain about corruption in government. You put the corruption there.

And as Dan Lamden said, there is nothing new about the latest version of the Conservatives. If anything they have shifted further from the norm with the addition of the Reform members. But they still have all the good "old boy" connections that they had during the dark days of the Mulroney era when a cabinet minister was resigning, on average, at the rate of one for every year they were in office. source:

And if you need one more example of how similar the Conservatives are to the Liberals when it comes to the "old boy" network, check out the Earnscliffe Strategy Group which is composed of old Cons and Libs working together (makes no difference to them) to promote their common welfare. You'll be hearing more about them as they are part of brewing scandal in which the PM seems to have tossed money their way for advice even though they are a lobby group trying to influence government. Some people refer to this group as a shadow cabinet-- forming government policy as much as the real cabinet. It doesn't matter that many of them are from the Conservative party. The agenda, for the most part, is the same.

Les (which I realized could be Mr. or Ms. too! if its short for Leslie?): just to hit some counterpoints

1) What is equal rights to you? Don't get me wrong - there has been more equalization for gays/lesbians over the last few years, but people were saying gays/lesbians had equal rights 10 years ago and if that was so, then why did so many policies change if they weren't discriminatory in the first place. I just want to know if you know what you're saying, or if it is rhetoric.

2) You define ssm as a social issue and not a rights one. I can agree on some of that ( I say bit of both). Theres so many men and women out there living a double life- gay/bi but cannot deal with the stigma from society, so they try and live how "society" expects them and have the wife/husband, kids, picket fence etc. Then, since they aren't being true to themselves, they go out and have same sex affairs, cheating on their spouse and keep it hidden from their families when they just should have avoided it all in the first place. Sometimes it doesn't stay hidden (like they just cant handle it anymore) and then divorce/ family break ups ensue. This is more COMMON and frequent than anecdotal. Therefore, I argue that in fact, same-sex marriage would STRENGTHEN the traditional family unit and traditional marriages by lowering divorce rates by separating the breeders from the non-breeders(over time... since there wont be as much "double life" action going on). I just don't get how Conservatives don't like being told how to spend their money, yet have no problems telling gays and lesbians how they should live their lives or what a "normal" society should be like.

3) Natural law- Monogamy is also something that goes against natural law too.....Same Sex Marriage isn't about the act of sex, its about giving people tools to be happy, healthy, and productive members of society and taking away the social ills of marginalization (less promiscuity, less suicides etc.)

4) Orchard- Funny how the same people who post "those damn Liberals and their lying and deceptions" are the same ones who quickly dismiss the McKay-Orchard fiasco as "sour grapes" or legitimize McKays behaviour/actions as being "for the good of the nation" (or right-wing). What he did on NATIONAL television,(granted no one was watching but weirdos like myself because it was an hours-long policy convention for party #4/5 in the House) I would not want from ANY public representative from ANY party. You don't secure the 25%voting block of Orchards who were more inclined to support Prentice in the final 2, promise them to NOT merge the parties to secure the extra 25% to win, promise them to work together to build the PC party, then win and then almost immediately go against your written word and begin to merge the parties??? HUH??? This all played out on LIVE NATIONAL TV. I don't need a radical right-wing forum such as Free Dominion to try and reframe/mislead me on something I saw with my very OWN EYES. Actions always speak louder than words Mr.(?) Nichol. It will just be a different hand in the cookie jar but still with YOUR money.

5) Ive posted this on another ridings forum where they were arguing about Klein, but yes Mr.(?) Nichol.. you are correct Klein is in the very very small moderate/red-tory section (maybe 5?) of the Alberta PC's. However, he doesn't dictate the agenda, the dominant rural caucus (2/3 of PC MLA) does.

However, Alberta Conservatives ARE THE Federal Conservatives (its the same Alberta insiders in the backrooms running the show) so you can't try and confine my criticism to within my provincial boundaries - there's a total federal element to this. Manning was the son of an Alberta premier, Day was Alberta's former finance Minister who left us to pickup his costly libel suit against when he wrote something about someone he shouldn't have while being the Minister in his local newspaper. And Harper previously was and is now a Calgary MP with ties to the radical right wing National Citizens Coalition. The Conservative leadership-powerbase (Which Mr. Bezan is not part of) and backroom insiders have ALWAYS been SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE ALBERTANS and they are VERY strong in their convictions. There are Conservatives out there who are pretty centrist (Gerald Keddy, Jim Prentice) but they are far outnumbered by the Social Conservative voice and thats why you saw Scott Brison and Belinda Stronach cross the floor (because they were up against the SC powerbase), not because they were opportunists. It would have been smarter for them to become Independents however.

People keep dragging out the bogeymen for the Conservatives, because it is REAL. Conservatives want your vote and NOTHING ELSE. Its not different than other parties though (cough *Paul Martin* cough), so I don't have a chip on my shoulder as Les is trying to frame it - its more an "unfortunate reality" of the situation and i'm more of the opinion that Canadian Politics is both depressing and broken.

But the public has a right to know that voting Conservative is really voting in a NOT NEW party with NOT NEW people, some of which have their OWN scandals, with ideas THEY DONT BELIEVE IN to get the most votes. (Isn't it sad that I could slot in the word Liberal for Conservative and it would still make just as much sense?)

6) Vote for the winner? so people should just vote for winners? C'mon Les.. does it look like I go for "sheep" mentalities? Does anyone? i'm still undecided myself in Ed-Ctr but it won't be Laurie Hawn (whos anti-ssm in the largest gay concentrated population in Alberta?). NDP is my throw away vote (some good ideas but won't win here), theres an Independent I wanna find out more for, or I can "Checks and Balances" vote for Annie on behalf of the underrepresented 40% who didnt vote Conservative in Alberta/Sask yet only have 2 of 42 seats to show for it. But I have a hard time doing the last one since it would be hypocritical to complain about Conservative integrity and then support Liberal integrity because they are pretty similar.

7) Any Ag industry people that I know of in Alberta are running as Liberals, whats it like out there? My guess it's because industry people work with the governments of the day so theres a familiarity and desire to work from the "inside".

8) Bezan as an Ag Minister- if he tops Ed and Conservatives get the power, it certainly helps him alot, but if he wasn't up against Ed, he would have had a ?? shot at it. It all depends on how chips fall because there are a handful of legitimate contenders and theres a lot of hungry Alberta Cons. and Rural Ont. Cons. eyeing that one, but Bezan could slip up the middle.

Terry I believe it is you that brought up the devil-enough said.
I got that figure from the tv debates the Bloc stated it and Martin agreed--so what they are talking about I do not --must include all the different readings and-or committee votes. After all Martin would not be wrong.
The survey on ssm was in the Globe and Mail in the first part of November
I guess one could do a scearh and find it if it is a issue.

Proportional representation is not all that great. Main reason is that it will give to much power to the fringe parties--like the Old Rhino party or The Marxist-Leninist party or what ever new party that might start up. under your idea the Cupe union could form a party could form a party and end up holding the balance of power.So a party that got 5% could have more power than a party that got say 20%. I know the NDP is pushing this but they will end up losing in the long run as they would maybe spilt to a union party and maybe some left-left wing party. Until we find something better we should stay as is.

Hi Mr. Lamden or is that Ms. I do not know much about Gods Law but I do know about Natural Law.Natural Law gives living creatures the ability to reproduce--ssm can not reproduce therefore it is against Natural Law. The Conservatives however agree everyone should have equal rights. But marriage is not a rights issue it is a social issue.
Sorry to hear you are having problems in Alberta with the government --just remember that Klien was a card carrying liberal and 2. this is a federal not provincal election. The other thing I should state is that this is NOT Joe Clarks old Progressive party this is a new party with new people new ideas --no scandal.
I would suggest put your vote on the winning team --Landslide Annie is going down to defeat.

The use of the metaphor "...not only work with the devil but got in bed with him" is meaningless and adds nothing to the debate. It's just cheap inflamatory rhetoric. In minority governments all parties try to get their agenda included in the legislation. They may not like the government, they may think the government are crooks or idiots, but these other parties still have a job to do and we have determined that its a minority situation. Media announcers who keep asking opposition members, "How could you think the ruling party is bad and yet keep voting to keep government working?" show that they do not understand politics.

I have no idea where you got that number for the voting record of the Bloc but I did go look at the voting record for the 38th parliament (since the last election). There were thirteen bills that had a third reading (the vote that counts) and out of those 13 bills the Conservatives sided with the Liberals 10 out of 13 times (!!) while the Bloc only voted with the Liberals 4 out of 13 times. So by this count the Conservatives voted with the Liberals twice as often as the Bloc. So now who is looking corrupt!?!? Source:
(Click on a bill to see the breakdown of how the parties voted.)

I'm not going to say something stupid like "the conservatives are in bed with Liberals". Instead, the lesson to learn from this is that a party's position isn't reflected in its voting record. So let's not have any more misleading descriptions based on these 'facts'.

It is by no means clear that "a good majority wants the [same sex marriage issue] revisited." It is misleading to claim that. And the appeal to principles of democracy becomes irrelevant in this claim.

But democracy should be an issue in this campaign for other reasons. We have been struggling with our antiquated "first past the post" system for deciding our representation. this allows for example, the Bloc to hold 17.5% of the seats in Ottawa even though they only receive about 12.4% of the popular vote. The Liberals have 43.8% of the seats even though they got only 36.7% of the votes. Is that our idea of democracy?!? It's time to change our electoral system so that if 10% of the people want Party X, then 10% of the the house is members from Party X. It's called proportional representation and it sounds like democracy to most people! Let's get it now! The Liberals (not an official policy) and Conservatives say they are willing to consider it, but they would take a tremendous drop in the number of elected members if they adopted that system. The Bloc would also lose members. Wanna bet they will implement it? The NDP are for it--not surprisingly since they would get more members under such a system. We would also see about 4% of the members of parliament from the Green Party and there might be others. This way all votes will count!

I wouldn't want to waste that money buying guns. That statement was made to point out just how far from effectual the current policy is. But there are better ways to curb gun violence than the alternative proposed. Many nations with high gun crimes have many more law enforcement officers than we could ever afford and that has little effect--it doesn't work! It's a band-aid solution. It is better to address the root cause of this behaviour.

Healthcare (unfortunately) is a provincial issue too and yet we have an overseeing policy from the federal level. Daycare could be set up similarly (but that wouldn't necessarily be the best way to do it). And how those accounting wizards working for the Conservatives can claim that a tax break will result in 125,000 shows just inundated we are by voodoo economics. There is no reliable way to predict what people would do with a mere 'incentive' tossed out in front of them. It would be better to have some more obvious cause and effect programs to evaluate.

Hi all from Edmonton-Centre (essentially the only race in Alberta)

Les: Let me fly down there and give you a kiss on the cheek. I'll even plant one on Ed (Schreyer) if you ask me to. Do you know gay people? Have you tried to understand things from their perspective... if you all you know about gay people is the activists they show on TV, then I don't think you're getting an adequate picture. Most gays want to live a normal life and not make waves or trample on anyone else. But just because you follow God's law.. does that mean all other citizens have to? I'm not saying that you shouldnt or that its wrong. Its your choice and I respect that. Now just respect my choice to live as peaceful and fulfilling as possible. When I ran in 2000 (for a fringe party because I didn't like the choices available) the Liberal guy had the best comment essentially it was to the effect of "Why do they (Cons.) cheerlead for less gov't interference and promote individualism, yet these same people are the same ones who want to control what you do with your body and who with! (gay marriage, abortion, consent laws). It hit the nail right on the head- a fundamental hypocrisy.

Gosh I think I really am Mr. Nichols nightmare. Gay, voted NDP last election and I work as a civil servant for the Agriculture industry under Conservative rule. Most of my 26 years have been here in Alberta minus 1 in Quebec/Ont. where I got to see something other than Conservatism. Yeah I didn't like what I saw either under Liberal rule. I lived in a lower class area where people seemed more than happy just to sit there and collect a welfare cheque, confused to why I would take multiple jobs just to get by and clear the same amount. Theres so much government waste in the National Capital Region... its sad. Plus being a student in the 90's and the terrible student loan program that essentially has created generational debt doesnt make me a fan of the Liberals either. So no arguments there. However, I find it disingenuous and too simplistic of you to say that my previous vote for the NDP is a vote for the Liberals and therefore corruption.In my riding a vote for the NDP is a vote for the Conservatives, because its always boils down to a "lesser of evils" polarization. Whats scarier... a corrupt Liberal party? Or giving up the last non-conservative seat in Alberta - especially when the riding is the least socially conservative in the whole Province and have more problems with Cons. policies than the rest of Alberta. Its our way of having a checks and balances I guess.

Where i'm going with this is that I used to work for a Reform MP (who was turfed for being too moderate!), held a Conservative membership (Joe Clark impressed me alot in his final years in Ottawa)and I work for the public, the farmer, and for Ag. industry under Conservative leadership currently.... but guess what I have never voted Conservative. Why? I've seen enough inside the Cons. circle over the years to see whos really pulling the strings in Conservativeland and the corruption that exists within Conservative circles (as a whole). An example (that i'm allowed to share) is Harper attacking Martin on verbal untendered contracts to friends-consultants. Provincial tories here do that (and more frequently than the public knows) and a Minister here (Gary Mar) ended up getting only a "lesser portfolio" when it was found out by the media that a good pal was getting over $100,000 for no-proof work. An example of arrogance is Alberta politicians implementing a smoking ban, but left their *own* smoking room out of it, so what's good for the goose wasnt good for the gander? This is just tip of the iceberg stuff.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not biting the hand that feeds me (try being Albertan and getting a federal public servant job! near impossible... they ship people from Quebec to operate Alberta's scant federal public service)... i'm just saying corruption and entitlement isn't just limited to one party or one ideology. After I ran in 2000, I've been inclined to think its because of the structure of our Canadian politics. Change?? Most people under 40 that have lived in Alberta all their lives (common) have never had anything but a Conservative MP or MLA (last time there was a provincial change in government was 1971), the only "change" that Conservatives want is to "change" Canada to think like them, or at least vote for them with as little opposition as possible.

As for your Bloc/NDP/Liberal orgy statement of sorts, well.... you do realize these are all parties on the left or center. They have more ideologically in common than they do with Cons. (you merged your wing.. remember?). Cons. were gonna sleep with the Liberals and support the budget before the NDP got in there, Cons/Bloc/and NDP teamed up to make the government fall... so everybody is sleeping with everyone... but you know it's not neccessarily bad to try to make people come together to reach consensus. What works in some places (ie. Les' day care example) doesn't in others and people need to see these various perspectives to improve policies.

Anyways, this is just one humble "outsider" perspective and I wish all the people of Selkirk-Interlake a happy (and hopefully politically satisfying) 2006.

Terry you raise a point about the devil -saying that the NDP would work with the devil (liberals)--the Ndp did not only work with the devil but got in bed with him--but alas they had a lovers spat and have temporary gone alone, but fear not they will be back in bed together given the chance. The only dealing the conservatives will have with the devil is to cast him out defeat him and hopefully put him in jail.
Now as for the Bloc --if you look at their voting record in the house they voted 82% of the time with the liberals does that make the liberal values more like the Bloc --think on that one-oh and the NDP was supporting the liberals==Ndp supports the Bloc-

I disagree about ssm being inconsequential. In the latest surveys a good majority of people want the issue revisited. So as a democracy it is the duty of parliament to do so.

Why would you want to waste all that money to buy back guns and then destroy them rather than take that money and use it for more policing and crime prevention.

Now child care re daycare remember that it is the provinces job to look after this.The Conservatives plan to give 1200 per preschool to help out. But what is missed by many is the tax break to be given for new childcare spaces --this is projected to create 125 000 new spaces.

First off, I didn't say that the solution was to have an NDP government. All I said was that 138 years of Libs and Cons is too much.

But a vote for the NDP is not a vote for the Liberals even if Liberals would be happy with a Conservative loss in Selkirk-Interlake. When the Liberals wanted to do things their own way and no longer get a concensus--which a minority government must do to keep things going-- the NDP voted against them. The NDP wanted to follow their agenda and the will of those who voted for them. In a minority government that means dealing with the biggest party. And they should be willing to deal with the DEVIL himself (not just his apprentice, Paul Martin) to get their agenda through parliament. They will have to try the same thing if a Conservative minority results. But the Conservatives might find the Bloc's hatred of the federal government more like their own values. They'd be far more willing to prop up the Conservatives, so the Conservatives won't need to deal with the NDP.

Conservative party strategist and newly minted senator, Hugh Segal once said that "Liberals campaign like the NDP and then govern like Conservatives". There is much truth in that.

Both the Liberals and Cons have too many friends connected to businesses and other vultures trying to make money out of the political scene. Have we forgotten all the Conservative scandals of the Mulroney era already??? Both of these parties remain way too connected with the weasels and money grubbers that circle Ottawa like buzzards. (At least Preston Manning didn't have that problem) We don't need either "old boy" network, Liberal or Conservative. People have complained for years how we can't trust the current crop of politicians and yet they just keep voting the same way over and over again. Isn't the definition of insanity "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." ??

Same sex marriage is such an inconsequential issue that is emabrassing to even bring it up anymore. What should be of concern is why ANY government gives special economic/legal/tax benefit status based on marital status. The charter of rights should assure that all people, regardless of their marital status, be treated equally with respect to taxes and the law.

The Gun Registry cost is a disaster. Even Liberals would admit it, if you got them drunk enough to let their guard down. For that money we could have bought all those guns and destroyed them! The lesson here is don't give such a job to people who know someone willing to sell the government gazillions of dollars worth of computer equipment.

We need an organized daycare program which should take into account moms staying home. After over twenty years of struggling with two working parents, the market hasn't given us what we need. Our laissez faire system didn't provide it so we gotta get a government to do it.

Terry you and I agree that there is a need for a change, but we differ on how to do it.The only way to get a change is to vote in a Harper government. Voting in a Ndp does not get Martin out of power--So it is extremely important to re-elect James Bezan.Besides he has been doing a good job for us and should be given the chance to go back and do even more as he will then be on the side of the government in power.

As I said before a vote for the NDP is a vote for liberal.--They have the same position on many issues--a few are 1. They both support the gun registry---Bezan does not
2. They both support ssm Bezan does not
3. They both support institutional day care and to heck with the stay at home parent and the rural folk where there is no daycare. James Bezan supports the family.
4. They both are soft on crime. James Bezan beleives if you do the crime you do the time
5. The NDP supported the scandal ridden liberals--where James Bezan stands for an accountable government.
And the list goes on --so for a real change the only way to vote is James Bezan-Conservative

In this country we have had 138 years of nothing but Liberals and Conservatives--yes, it's time for a change. Strategic voting works in many ways. If you are thinking of voting Liberal in Selkirk Interlake perhaps you should consider that the next best thing to your liberal candiate winning is the conservative candidate losing. Liberals will not win in Selkirk-Interlake and the only chance to upset the favoured Conservative is to vote for the second place party candidate: Ed Schreyer. If Liberal voters are as enlightened as they claim to be, they'll all vote for Schreyer.

Hi Roz--wait times is being imposed on us by the supreme court--however the province all agreed to it and signed on the dotted line when they received the 41 billion for health care.The health act is federal and the day to day workings is provincal. So James Bezan is not overstepping.
You talk of 1200 going to stay at home parent who can afford it--that is but a few how about the many who can not afford it --are you telling them they must go to work and take their child to daycare--what daycare --there is a waiting list a mile long. In Quebec which some say is the model, has a wait time of up to two years. The conservatives plan to give tax incentives to business and other groups to build more daycare spaces. Would it not be nice if where you worked had a daycare right there or somewhere close.
I believe the conservatives have released their ag platform --you must have missed it with all that chriatmas cheer and all. Go to the top of this page and follow the links and CBC has it all listed for you.

Why have the gun registry at all if if each province is going to have different inforcement of it.

Will I was sec.-trea.for the NDP back in the days when I knew no better and help get Scheryer elected as mla back in the 70s --a mistake-- I will not vote for him again period--the reasons are too long to list on this form.
A vote for the NDP is a vote for the liberals and that is a vote for corruption.So go out and do the right thing.

Les, glad to see your response to health being a provincial concern, not a federal one, therefore I am baffled by the lates propaganda put out by Mr. James Bezan. His mailing indicates the Federal Conservatives will have a "guaranteed wainting time to see a doctor" . Now if that's not the biggest joke anyone has heard of in a Very long time I don't know what is! Once again Mr. James Bezan is stepping into Provincial territory, and this is not the first instance. If he wanted to be an MLA he should have ran for that position, but it's pretty easy stepping into someone else's shoes....

Secondly, their promise to give $1200.00 to every household with children six (6) yrs. and under. There's another laugh...now all those who can afford to stay home with their children will get paid for it... and the kicker is -- guaranteed they will not fund any day care spaces (knowing the conservatives; as I used to campaign for them many years ago, until I learned my lesson of course and got with the real world) they will cut funding to any social program there is out there. Oh by the way,if Mr. Bezan would make such a good Agriculture Minister why don't the Conservatives' have an Agricultural platform ??????? Oh and on gun registry, the Province has stated they WILL NOT participate in this process!

James cotton---my I add that where I am the people are questioning the NDP supporting the scandel record of the liberals. It should be noted that during that time the liberals made spending promises of over 25 billion of taxpayers money on questional programs. that is equal to over $800 for ever man, woman and child--that should be coming back to us or pay down the debt.How can one vote for a party that ammitted stealing from the public.

And yes I agree that James Bezan will make a good ag minister.

The NDP will have a very hard time catching up the 8,000 vote lead Bezan had last time. The NDP support is mostly in Selkirk, and Stonewall, Teulon and Stony Mountain cancel Selkirk out. Same sex marriage and the Gun registry are hot topics here and agriculture is a huge issue. James Bezan may be the Minister of agriculture under a conservative government, being a farmer himself.

Lorne --before any party answers that question--please answer the following 1-what injuries are we talking about -car -work place-at home or skiing. 2. Is not health a provincial problem to fix 3. Is this to be just another feel good committee so a few can have nice government jobs and put out a little spin to earn their fat salary-we need less government not more. 4. do you have a web site so we can read just what you propose. 5. At present who supplies your funding.

As Chair of the Interlake Injury Prevention Network Would like all Canditates to answer this Question.

"Canadians are concerned about long waiting times in their health care system. Preventing people from becoming injured is a key means of keeping people from entering the health care line in the first place. Statistics show that every 30 seconds an injured person visits an emergency department and every 10 minutes an injured person is hospitalized. Injuries are also the leading cause of death to Canadians under 45 years of age. These injuries are predictable and preventable.
Canada's injury prevention community has developed a national injury prevention strategy to prevent injuries and reduce the estimated $15 billion annual cost of injury to Canada's economy. Would you agree that a national injury prevention strategy would be an effective way to cut waiting times and the cost of health care in Canada How would your party support such a strategy?"

Dirk What a pile of horse droppings-it was Paul Martin that was goihg to go to Irag. Do a google and pull up some of his old speaches and see for yourself. As for paying down the debt that is good but just think how many billions more we could have paid if the liberals had not stolen or wasted billions --i.e. gun registry-adscam-helicopter scandal and a list of 199 more is available.

So you are anti-US That little rant by Paul Martin was just staged. Look at his ads the one before and the ones after were shot 7 minutes apart --therefore this anti-US thing was just to get votes. Paul Martin does not care how many exporters he hurt just so he can get a few votes.

That Orchard thing -is just sour grapes but if you want the truth go to www.freedominion.ca and do a search and pull up the thread on that topic.--while you are there pull up the thread on 199 liberal scandals.

And this bunch of people were kepted in power by the Ndp. If you really what to find out Harpers positions go back to the main page and follow the links and CBC has it all nicely listed for you--

Ed Schreyer - Give me a break! A relic of 30 years ago. I remember him as Premier of Manitoba - free spending - increasedd debt. What has happened? Has his GG pension run out?

I, of course, am completely prejudiced. As a Liberal candidate in 1969 I came face to face with Ed Schreyer and his candidate in my riding, Bud Boyce. Now I was never a politician - Ed was and is the most consumate and HONEST politician in the land! In 1969 he could have destroyed me, face to face. But he and Bud gave me many a face-saving out. I emerged from the meeting as a credible (if not too savvy) candidate. Thanks, Ed! I'd vote for YOU if I could. Liberal Joe Wapemoose

Les. I'm sorry, but I don't buy your argument. Stop hacking on Trudeau. Mulroney was not much better. If you were around in the 1970's, as I was, you would have seen that most western nations borrowed and created debt, not just Canada. It was a bad system, but normal. Furthermore, if you are so much against the debt, I'm surprised you are not voting for Paul Martin, who has a good record of paying down the debt. Where is Harper going to get the funds to finance the war in Iraq and other jolly military adventures? Make cuts to health care? Abolish day care? What other cuts does he have planned that we don't know about?

I am still undecided in this election, but I share the anger like anyone else about the sponsorship scandal. It really was a waste of our money. But I am beginning to think the Conservative party is no better than the Liberal party. Who does Harper really stand up for? George W. Bush? Where does Harper stand on the Iraq issue? Look at his record over the past few years and you will see Harper has made a lot of statements and speaches that show his true colours - Uncle Sam's colours, that is.

And could Harper please explain why the Conservative party has still not returned the more than $70,000 owed to leadership candidate David Orchard during the last Progressive Conservative leadership campaign? I'm referring to the article that appeared in the Star Phoenix (Saskatoon) newspaper on Monday, November 28, 2005, and on David Orchard's website at www.davidorchard.com. If what happened to David Orchard is in fact true, then is the Conservative party being rather hippocritical talking about ethics and honesty? If this party can't be trusted in little things, then why should I trust it to handle our tax dollars? If this is all a misunderstanding, I'd like some clarification.

Dirk I do not know where you got your numbers from but they are wrong. It was Trudeau that started the big debt increase--He put in place future spending program that kept increasing the debt even when Brain was PM. It took years to get it turned around. He finally did it by starting the GST. Which the liebrals said they would scrap-which they did not.If it was not for the billions collected from the Gst the liberals would still be in defficit.

How can you condone the stealing of 100 million and say it is ok--it is amazing and the NDP is the ones that kept them in power.The NDP by they support of the liberals are saying to people it is ok to steal --go ahead steal--we will keep you in power.

The only sane thing to do is to give the conservative in you area -In this case Mr. Bezan --your vote. If Canadians give a high percentage of the vote to the conservatives it will show the others that they can not steal from the taxpayer and stay in office.

What, classy, old time honest politician, would use a photgraph of himself,in his profile that's 10 years old? I thought that after he served his term as the governor general, that he promised if appointed the high commisioner to Austrailia, that he wouldn't come back.
It's time to sit back and reflect on the glories of the past, and to leave the future to the young.

If I recall, Schreyer was no different than any other provincial premier (including conservate ones) in the 1970's. All governments borrowed money and invested it in the economy. This was the Keyensian economic approach - borrow during difficult times to create jobs, then pay off the debt during good times.

It is interesting to note that Manitoba Conservative premier Sterling Lyon had a nerve of telling businesses to go elswhere. For example, a major European helicopter manufacturer wanted to open a manufacturing plant in Gimli and employ thousands of people. Lyon told the company "go back where you came from". So several thousand jobs were denied to Manitoban's, because of a conservative premier that I think was frankly anti-business. I'd sooner rather trust Schreyer than any conservative. I still remember Mulroney stabbing Manitoba in the back with the CF18 contract ... and don't forget the whopping 500+ billion dollars of debt that the last conservative government left Canada. And we cry over a 200 million dollar sponsorship scandal? At least Paul Martin is paying down the debt - that goes well with me.

I'm still undecided in this election, but I think the NDP-bashing is unfair. It's a sign the conservatives are getting really nervous and desperate for votes. I stay away from parties that are only in it for the votes. Sorry.

Has Manitoba crawled out of the debit hole Ed Schreyer dug you into during his tenue as the Manitoba Primier yet? Seems to me he is a prime reason my graduation class up and moved to Alberta all those years ago. Over taxation, unfriendly attitude to business and a disproportional civil service numbers to tax base. The new NDP party currently governing Manitoba is a much friendlier, more responsible group than than the group this old horse governed. You should have stayed retired Ed.

What is Mr Schreyer position on the Gun Registry--is it the same as the NDP and Liberals--if so that will tick many of us country folk off.The only sensible why to go is cancel the registry and use that money saved to put more police on the streets.

Schreyer is just what we need to get us out of the political Matrix we are in. He has always been active in the riding. He works for Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Council, for one thing, and advocates for the environment and farmers. He is not a parachute candidate. He lives near Hoddinott Road, and that's closer to Selkirk than Beausejour.

I was surprised that Ed Schreyer has decided to run as an NDP candidate in the Interlake Riding. To my knowledge, he was never active politically in this
area. It appears that the NDP is following the Liberal lead in placing a high profile candidate in a constituency held by the opposition. The Liberals parachuted Ignatiew into
the South Etobicoke riding without even
consulting the constituency membership.
Did either Layton or Schreyer consult
with the NDP constituency membership
before deciding to run a candidate?
Schreyer belongs to the old Trudeau-
Chretien guard. Isn't it time for these
old timers to step aside and make room for a younger gerneration of politicians? The results may yet prove
very embarassing for Schreyer and be a
bad ending for what was otherwise a
brilliant political career.I would say,
"Give it a rest, Ed."

Yes I read Ed is Going to run but I am a little confused,--how can Jack sign his nommination papers --I always thought Ed was against SSM but I guess he lied to me or maybe his is getting a little forgetful in his old age. I think we will stay with James ,he is young and has some good ideas.

WOW. This riding has a classy, old style honest politician in NDP's Ed Schreyer. The former premier of Manitoba, became Canada's youngest governor general, and Canada's high commissioner to Australia. Schreyer has been a strong environmental advocate throughout much of his career. As Manitoba premier his government produced legislation on sustainable energy and the environment, and he is said to still hold those issues close to his heart. Superstar!

I haven't heard of any issues from the Interlake in this early stage, but for me I would like to hear from whoever is running what they will try implement to increase economic development for th Interlake.
History in the Fairford area will speak of the devastation created when the Fairford dam was built in the 60s. The traditional fishing and trapping lands were set back ot totally demised for the sake of insuring that the south could have a valve release when pressures caused by industry and nature posed a threat to their livelyhood and playgrounds.
Our community now can only battle with the Feds and the Province for compensation of useless lands. Compensation cash payouts maybe one way to right a wrong but what about long-term economic planning which will in effect produce jobs for the youth who now are getting educated but with no hope of ever building their careers on or near their traditional homelands.
I feel qualified to talk about these issues as I have made a career in the development of systems which impact First Nations on a short and long term basis.
Generally speaking, who ever is elected has a big task in development for the Interlake as the last census notes that the areas between Ashern and Gypsumville average income is around $16,000. You don't have to be an economist to find the reason for the desolate economics we are facing in this area. Also the impacts from around the globe, instances like Mad Cow, high prices of fuel, weather has devasted the area which at one time was the pride of our conversations.
Yes we have been assured of help for farmers and other industry but will the next government in what ever form it will be after the election live up to the committments.
For the sake of real people and real live struggles, we can only hope for a representative who will fight for the betterment of the Interlake when given that opportunity.
I have not seen the line up yet so my guess to who the winner will be is ???

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