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During the 2006 federal election, CBC.ca created 308 discussions - one for each riding in Canada - for Canadians to write about what the residents and candidates in their ridings were talking about. Over the course of the campaign, CBC.ca published more than 10,000 reader submissions.

The discussions are now closed, but we've archived the discussion, so you can still read about the federal election from the perspective of Canadians across the country.

Riding Discussion:

CBC is not responsible for the content of any submission. Submissions represent the views and opinions of the person(s) posting the submission and do not represent the views or opinions of CBC. CBC reviews all submissions before posting and your comments may or may not be published on CBC.ca. Comments selected for publication will not be edited.

Way to go Elgin/Jumboville we elected the French Fry Cook yet again....What a shame...It is inconceivable that people have forgotten Mulroney. Next time you look at your gas bill or the price at the pumps "Think Free Trade". Lucky us we gave up all our plentiful natural resources so we could play with the americans. Oil and natural gas now and our water later. Not that I have all the answers, however the PC's were not different than the Liberals while in power. Just as corrupt and egotistical..Minority rule is all the Conservatives should ever have. At least there will be some controls to prevent their extreme right policies.

Once again EML voters prove to be smarter than the majority of Ontarians. We here in EML(with the exception of Deb Prothero), do not condone corruption or incompetence in regards to HRDC & Adscam. Thanks EML for not allowing the Fiberals to give more of my tax dollars to their buddies.

Clearly McCallum is the best choice for our riding. He has spent his whole career in agriculture, which is important givent the rural make up of our riding. Also, McCallum provides the best of both worlds as he is also an educated businessman. Unfortunatley, all I can say about Preston is that he is an under educated owner of a fledgling hamburger franchise. Personally, I would rather elect a person who values education and knows a little more about the world than just flipping burgers.
Let's be strong....don't let Talbottvlle Ford close its doors. Vote McCallum and stand up for Elgin-Middlesex-London!

Mr Braiden:

Quite hysterical diatribe that was I must say.

What I find odd is that not even the NDP is trying to demonize the Conservatives, yet the Liberals, the supposed centrists, are. Martin's dishonest hysterics speak volumes about him, even if they say nothing about anyone else. Even NDPer Ed Broadbent is disgusted by the Liberals. Today in his final news conference he said:

"Mr. Martin's team is running a campaign based on intellectual dishonesty. Cynical manipulation. And recklessly using significant issues for the sole purpose of continuing Liberal entitlement - which we know is used to benefit Liberal insiders, not working people."

If even the far left thinks Martin is over the top...


Whether you realize it or not, you have been governed by Christian principles. Canada's common-law is derived from the Magna Carta, and that in turn from Christian scripture. The Fathers of Confederation were Christian men, who though they admitted they were not perfect, acknowledged their need for God in their lives. They heartily agreed to name the country the Dominion of Canada, Dominion coming from Psalms at the suggestion of Sir Samuel Tilley.

The program proposed by the CHP is not alien to the beliefs of nearly every Canadian: who will argue with laws that forbid murder, theft, perjury?

The main offering of the CHP is that they are presenting the standard by which you, the public, can hold them to account.

Consider this too: the Liberals and most other parties think they only have to answer to you for their wrongdoing, and if they get away with it before they leave office, they may never have to answer for it.

The CHP candidates know they will have to answer to God... eternally... for any wrongdoing, so they have an eternity-based reason to be honest.

Every CHP candidate (and all other officials in the party right down to riding presidents and riding board members) have to undergo an integrity analysis that enables them to disclose things that might cause an embarassment to the party. If Zeisman of the Conservatives had been seeking our candidacy, he would have been expected to disclose it or he would now have disgraced himself for deliberately withholding the information. Every CHP candidate is also required to sign the solemn pledge of the party, agreeing to various principles, so that the candidates stand for approximately the same things.

Even if I wasn't a CHP member (and a candidate in previous elections), I'd still rather support a candidate who knows he won't get away with corruption, than support a candidate who thinks there are no eternal consequences for corruption.

Mark Twain wrote that if Christians voted for Christian candidates after examining them for the humility of knowing their fallen nature, public business would quickly cease to be rife with corruption. But since so many voters willingly overlook shady characters - and don't even join parties to help choose worthy candidates - we get the corruption that so many people willingly vote for.

Marc, why is it that religion has anything to do with Canadian politics? About 30% of Canadians practice a religion that is not christian So why in a democratic country like Canada, where you can practise any religion you choose, should you be governed by Christian ideals? How does that make things better, making 30% of the population be governed by something they don't believe?

Attention vote mongers...umm...politicians !
I, repeat "I", am not stupid nor do I have a sieve for a memory. Harper will do to Canada what Harris did to Ontario. You know! Let's declare war on poverty, but it's really a war on the poor. According to the Progressive Cons(ervatives) we'd all be richer if it wasn't for the evil, unorganized,and uneducated poor. So... let's rob them and give it all to our Good Ol' Boy business buddies. They'll ensure something "trickles down" to the lower levels. Only one managerial item flows downhill. Trickle down theory is archaic. It translate to: "If you're really lucky and been a very, very, good slave...umm...servant...umm...lackey we might, just might throw you a bone, after the soup kitchen and the dogs are done with it."

Another wonderfully archaic mechanism that has that has been regurgitated upon us: Temp agencies. For the meagre cost of one third of your wages you can work on perpetual probation for the rest of your life. Everywhere you are assigned you are always on probation. No benefits, no perks and you always fired the day before your probation is up. The temp agency will hire and fire workers over the thoroughly spineless and cowardly sterile environment of the phone. No worker protection or rights whatsoever. No standards of benefits, overtime, probation. A big Conservative business dream come true.

What have politicians done in this riding or elsewhere to combat this? Nothing except to embraced it.

Don't bother with pathetic rebuttals that this area is under investigation or scutiny. Fix it before we all live the corporate dream of part time, minimum wage and no benefits.

No one has mentioned the CAP candidate Will Arlow. The all-candidates meeting I attended showed him to be probably the most intelligent and well travelled one of the buch. Once you got past his slightly arrogant personality, he made some stunning points in the debate. John Martyn of the Green party was refreshing with his candor and common sense way of ecpressing what the Greens stood for, and Mr. de Vries of the CHP showed that his party was more than just a 'one trick pony'.My point is, we need to have a more equitable way of electing or MPs and MPPs. With six or seven candidates vying for one 'first past the post' position could mean the winner might only need around 20% of the vote. As things stand, the bulk of our riding's population lies in and around St. Thomas. Mr. Preston (who didn't impress me too much)being the incumbent and a St. Thomas resident will probably get in without too much trouble. I think proportional representation or a hybrid thereof is worth a good look. We need to hear the voices of the Greens, CHP and CAP in government. They represnt a signifcant albeit scattered portion of our land. Hell, we won't let Quebec separate with anything less than 50% plus one, but we will elect an MP with 20% plus one, go figure...


Guess you caught me hitting the send button before I realized that you were the writer and not G. Orwell. If Canada wants to see "1984" just elect Brian Mulroney's buddies: Joe Preston and Steven Harper. The media has been hoodwinked by Harper's image machine and he won't let them get near him to ask any relevant questions.

Nonetheless, to answer your question about the property rights - it is my understanding that this had to be dropped very early in the discussions with the provinces in order to get consensus on the including a Charter of Rights when the Constitution was repatriated.

There is a website somewhere which gives the voting record for the sitting MP's and this will clearly illustrate how little Joe Preston has done.

Why don't we just go back to electing the best educated and most well rounded candidate? This would lead to electing Crispin Colvin who is well-educated, personally successful and well-versed on all the issues. If we elect Preston again we deserve what we get when we have a grade eight drop-out, hamburger flipper representing us. Having been on community boards with Preston, I can attest to his back-slapping but unproductive style.

The question in E-M-L should be do you want intelligent depth or a back-slap to represent you in Ottawa?

Canada has been run by the major parties for years and nothing has improved. The healthcare system is failing. Student achievement is falling. Dropout rates are rising. Taxes are rising. Single income families are a nearly impossible dream. Democracy is being systematically abused to pander to special-interest lobby groups. Things, such as abortion, gay marriage, prostitution, group sex, thought to be evil 50 years ago now have champions and many of them are elected officials. Self-serving labour unions have been given so much power they are dictating their own salaries with terrorist-style strikes that threaten essential activities. Religious freedoms are being trumped by individual freedoms. Freedom of expression has become an excuse to label pornography as art while Scripture and Clergy are being persecuted for expressing their beliefs. The innocence of youth is being stolen by hyper-sexualized mass media. Teenaged boys are becoming sex crazed perverts instead of respectable young men. Teenaged girls are being told that sex is casual and has no consequence as long as condoms are used. Meanwhile STDs are on the rise. A 50 year old man having sex with a 14 year old is acceptable as long as he doesn't take a picture of her because that's child pornography. Imagine if people voted their conscience instead of caving in to popular culture? If everyone voted their conscience, some of the smaller parties would have a chance to start cleaning up the mess caused by the big parties. Imagine if all Christians in Canada voted their conscience and formed a large enough voice to make real positive changes. Canada would be a better place. Vote wisely my friends in EML. Vote wisely.

Can anyone tell me what Joe Preston has done for our riding since being elected MP in the last election. I'd love to hear if he actually did anything to represent our rural community in parliament.

I have to agree with Greason, there definitely needs to be a motion to reform this riding, as I do not think that any one political actor can adequately express such a diverse and broad population. And, perhaps, this is a reason to vote NDP.
I do not agree that voting Conservative is a move to make Canada more like the U.S and I do not agree that people should be voting for the "lesser of two evils" as I hear many uninformed voters plotting.
As a young voter, and a Political Science student, I understand the importance of an informed vote; however, when you cast your vote in your riding you should take into account the role that that candidate will play both in the local communities and on a national scale. I think that we should start from below - look at how politicians effect us, in our communities and within our daily lives and hopefully, once politicians begin to truly recognize the needs of the Canadian population on a smaller scale - we will have a party that can fairly represent Canadians. It's hard to say who that party might be. Conservative? Liberal? Green? NDP? Christian Heritage? Who knows. Just make your vote count.

Click the map and look at the shape of this riding. How can ANY candidate be expected to represent the issues of such a broad region? The shape of this riding is ridiculous. The boundaries of this riding clearly need to be reformed. The only party that stands for reforming our electoral process is the NDP. A vote for the Conservatives is essentially a vote to make our country more like the U.S.A. Frankly, that is something that I do not want. If you like what George Bush and Dick Cheney have done for the world then vote Conservative. Harper can't wait to align our great nation with such narrow sighted thinkers.

Deb, do you even know who George Orwell is? The right to keep and bear arms is in the English bill of rights. You are right though, there are no rights to own poroperty in the Charter. Why was this intentionally left out by Mr Trudeau?

Throughout our history campaigne posters and ads have helped us make knowledgeable decisions on who to vote for. However all of the campaign ads have done is show all of the bad things about other parties. Maybe the paries should step up and say what THEY are going to do for Canada rather saying what other parties have done wrong in the past. The past is the past and the party leaders need to learn that.

Personaly you wouldn't find me voting for Colvin, McCallum and definatly not Preston. All that the big three (Liberal, NDP and Conservative) did at the leaders debate was dance around giving thier points of view on the issues and then critisize the opposition. I hope more people are starting to see the way that the Green Party and our candidate Jonathon Martyn do. We MUST start thinking about putting our environment, health and resource managment as top priorities if we want to have a healthy future as Canadians. Canadians are some of the largest consumers in the world and are we using our resources up at a rapid rate. Do whats best for Canada and the world vote Jonathon Martyn and the Green Party of Canada

Fortunately for Canadians the Charter of Rights does not include the right to own a gun. Mr. Orwell's comments are truly offensive and certainly don't represent my views of the Canadian symbols of democracy. Since Mr. Orwell puts his remarks in quotation marks, I wonder, are these his comments or do they reflect the remarks of the Reform-Alliance-Conservative party.

Earth to Deb Prothero ...

Perhaps it has escaped your attention that Crispin Colvin is running as a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada. This would be the same Liberal Party that has stolen millions from taxpayers, brought us the gun registry boondoggle, squandered billions in the HRDC scandal, considers ordinary Canadians inately incapable of making good choices for their families (remember the "beer & popcorn" reference?) and now wants to remove the not withstanding clause from the charter, giving us an effective judicial dictatorship.

And you want us to cast our vote for a Liberal candidate? No thank you.

And, for the record - Joe Preston has done an outstanding job, far superior to his Liberal predecessor.

The Liberals claim to be defenders of the charter, yet they have no problem taking away charter rights from law-abiding hunters and target shooters. Why?

"That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or laborer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there."

George Orwell

Elgin-Middlesex-London voters have the opportunity to elect a well-educated, well-spoken (fully bilingual) candidate (Crispin Colvin) with the capacity to make a difference for our riding, even possibly as a cabinet member.

Colvin has shown that public service throughout one's lifetime is a value he holds dearly unlike the current MP who uses the position as an advertising prop while handing out hamburg coupons for his business.

Crispin Colvin deserves serious consideration as a worthy representative of Elgin-Middlesex-London.

After seeing the latest polls it is becoming more clear to me that Canadians are realizing it's time for change.
It is evident that Joe Preston has done a great job as our MP. I will be voting for him again, and I can only hope the rest of Canada kicks out of office the corrupt Liberals.

After all the fuss that the Liberals made about the Opposition forcing an election and "ruining" the holiday season, I still can't believe I saw Liberal candidate Crispin Colvin blatantly campaigning in the Port Stanley Christmas Parade. In the midst of all the beautiful floats and decorations the community put together, this guy comes riding along in the back of an undecorated pickup truck with his election signs on each side.

Liberal candidate Crispin certainly was the Grinch of the Port Stanley parade. Mr. Colvin, did you not get the memo from Paul Martin that you guys are upset about the Christmas campaign "forced" upon Canadians by the Opposition? You sure seem to be eager for Christmas-time electioneering, even at the most inappropriate times.

Kudos to the candidates who showed better common sense and more courtesy for a community trying to celebrate the holidays.

When will there be any discussion on mass transit in Canada, to save on non renewable resources, and reduce pollution and costs to individuals; so far all we hear is demogogurie and not a thing that I find important to the nation.

How are renewable resources going to fill the void of the current energy depletion (peak oil) when projected windmills will only fill about 10 per cent of the demand in the next 10 years? Will there will be a lot of people who cannot afford heat?

Anyone who can talk about Peak oil and get us conserving energy and insulating our homes gets my vote.

When will Bill C70 be passed---giving up to date laws regarding cruelty to animals. It seems to have all party support and tremendous public support but never makes it through the process.

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