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DISTRICT: Vancouver Kingsway
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
David EmersonLIB2006243.45% X
Ian WaddellNDP1547033.51%
Kanman WongCON867918.8%
Arno SchortinghuisGRN13072.83%
Matt KadiogluLTN2770.6%
Kimball CariouCOM1620.35%
Connie FogalCAP1430.31%
Donna PetersenML680.15%
December 14, 2:04:38 PM EST 210 of 210 polls reporting


301 Vancouver Kingsway

2006 Candidates:
CAP:Connie Fogal
CON:Kanman Wong
CPC:Kimball Cariou
GRN:Arno Schortinghuis
LIB:David L. Emerson (Incumbent)
LPC:Matt Kadioglu
MLP:Donna Petersen
NDP:Ian Waddell


 Riding Map
This central Vancouver riding encompasses an area running from Boundary Road in the east to Oak Street in the west, bordered on the south by 41st Avenue West, 41st Avenue East, School Avenue, Tyne Street and 49th Avenue East, and on the north by 16th Avenue West, 16th Avenue East, 15th Avenue East and Grandview Highway South.

The 2001 census found just one-third of residents here listed English as their mother tongue. More than 55 per cent are immigrants. Nearly 40 per cent are ethnically Chinese – the second-highest such proportion of any riding.

The area is mainly residential. The service sector is the major employer, along with manufacturing and retail. The average family income in 2001 was $54,724, and unemployment was 8.2 per cent.

The riding of Vancouver Kingsway existed from 1953 until 1986. It was re-established in 1996 from half of Vancouver Quadra, one-quarter of Burnaby-Kingsway, and smaller portions of Vancouver East and Vancouver South. In 2004, 11 per cent of the population was redistributed to other ridings, while about 7,000 people were added from Vancouver Quadra and 1,830 from Vancouver East.

Population: 115,325

Political History
Liberal David Emerson won here in 2004, defeating former New Democrat MP Ian Waddell by 1,351 votes. Paul Martin named Emerson minister of industry in 2004.

Sophia Leung held this seat from 1997 to 2004, first beating out New Democrat Victor Wong and then, in 2000, fending off the Canadian Alliance's Alice Wong (by 5,042 votes).

Vancouver Quadra was held by Tories from 1949 to 1963, by Liberals from 1963 to 1972, and by Tory Bill Clarke from 1972 to 1984.

The old Vancouver Kingsway riding picked MPs from the CCF and NDP from 1953 through the 1984 election, with just one exception, a Progressive Conservative in the 1958 Diefenbaker sweep.

Vancouver Kingsway:
1997, 2000, 2004 - LIB


Connie Fogal

Party: Canadian Action Party

Birth Date: Aug. 7, 1940
Birthplace: Lafleche, Sask.

Education: BA, B.Ed., MA, LLB
Profession: Lawyer

Marital Status: Widowed
Children: Two adult children

Career Background: Former teacher, practised criminal and family law in B.C.

Community Activities: Spokesperson for the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee. Has conducted an internet campaign against globalization

Electoral History
Municipal: In 2002 ran as a Green party candidate for Vancouver City Council
Federal: Defeated in Vancouver-Kingsway in 2000 and in Vancouver-Quadra in 2004

Political History
Party: Leader and past president of the Canadian Action Party

Campaign Address:
(604) 708-3372

Kanman Wong

Party: Conservative Party of Canada
Age: 45
Birthplace: Hong Kong

Education: Holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of British Columbia and a diploma of technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology
Profession: Computer scientist

Marital Status: Married
Children: Two sons

Career Background: Provided computer equipment for film companies since 1987, taught software operation courses with the Vancouver school board, sales consultant to the UBC bookstore

Community Activities: Served as a member and on the executive of several parent-teacher associations, the Trout Lake Community Centre Association and Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre Association

Campaign Address:
(604) 760-1718

Kimball Cariou

Party: Communist Party of Canada
Age: 51

Profession: Editor

Career Background: Former labourer and political organizer. Editor of the People's Voice newspaper

Campaign Address:
(604) 255-2041

Arno Schortinghuis

Party: Green Party of Canada
Birthplace: Holland

Education: University degree
Profession: Software consultant

Career Background: Began a career in software development after moving to British Columbia

Community Activities: Member of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the Green Party of B.C. and the Green Party of Canada for a number of years. Has volunteered on the 2004 campaign of Andrew Lewis (Green party candidate for Saanich and the Islands) and has assisted in creating the Green Party's Living Platform website

Campaign Address:
(604) 874-7388

David L. Emerson

Party: Liberal Party of Canada

Birth Date: 1945
Age: 60
Birthplace: Montreal, Que.

Education: Holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in economics from the University of Alberta, and a PhD in economics from Queen's University
Profession: Businessman

Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Theresa Yuek-Si Tang
Children: A son and a daughter with Theresa as well as three grown children

Career Background: He has worked as a researcher for the Economic Council of Canada in Ottawa, as B.C.'s deputy minister of finance in 1984, and as president and CEO of the Western and Pacific Bank of Canada in Vancouver (now the Canadian Western Bank). In 1990 he returned to the B.C. civil service as deputy minister of finance, and was soon named deputy minister to the premier, and then president of the B.C. Trade Development Corporation. In 1998, he was appointed president and CEO of Canfor Corporation, B.C.'s largest forestry company.

Electoral History
Federal: Elected in Vancouver-Kingsway in 2004

Political History
Cabinet: Minister of Industry
Campaign Address:
(604) 874-0892

Matt Kadioglu

Party: Libertarian Party of Canada

Birth Date: 1969
Age: 36

Education: Masters degree from St. Michael's College VT U.S.A. (MSA)
Profession: Businessperson

Career Background: Realtor, self employed

Community Activities: Has volunteered with Japanese Canadian associations as well as Turkish Canadian Associations

Campaign Address:
(604) 987-8794

Donna Petersen

Party: Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Campaign Address:
(778) 772-8550

Ian Waddell

Party: New Democratic Party
Birth Date: Nov. 21, 1942
Age: 63
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Education: Holds a BA in history and an LLB from the University of Toronto, a teaching certificate from the Ontario College of Education, and an MA in international law from the London School of Economics
Profession: Lawyer

Marital Status: Single
Career Background: He has worked as a history teacher, a professor of criminology at Simon Fraser University, an assistant city prosecutor, as director of Vancouver Community Legal Assistance, a member of the Alcohol and Drug Commission, counsel to the Berger Commission regarding the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline in the late 1970s, and as partner in a law firm prior to the 1996 election. He also practised as community lawyer and was chair of the Fraser Basin Management Board. He is a former head of the Storefront Lawyers of Vancouver.

Electoral History
Provincial: Elected in Vancouver-Fraserview in 1996; defeated in 2003
Federal: Elected in Vancouver-Kingsway in 1979, 1980 and 1984. Elected in Port Moody-Coquitlam in 1988; defeated in 1993 and defeated in Vancouver Kingsway in 2004

Political History
Cabinet: Minister of Small Business, Tourism and Culture (February 1998). Minister of Environment, Lands and Parks (November 2000)
Caucus: Former critic for: Justice and Attorney General; Energy, Communications and Associate constitutional critic

Campaign Address:
(604) 433-6664

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