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CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Lawrence CannonCON1606933.68% X
Christine Émond LapointeBQ1369828.71%
David SmithLIB1156124.23%
Céline BraultNDP47599.98%
Moe GarahanGRN15123.17%
Benoit LegrosML1070.22%
December 14, 2:04:38 PM EST 211 of 211 polls reporting


084 Pontiac

2006 Candidates:
BQ:Christine Émond-Lapointe
CON:Lawrence Cannon
GRN:Moe Garahan
LIB:David Smith (Incumbent)
MLP:Benoit Legros
NDP:Céline Brault


 Riding Map
This is a mainly rural riding located north of Ottawa in the southwest of Quebec. The Ottawa River forms the southern boundary. The riding contains the regional county municipalities of Les Collines-de-l'Outaouais, Pontiac and La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau as well as part of the city of Gatineau made up of the former cities of Buckingham and Masson-Angers. The Rapid Lake and Kitigan Zibi Indian reserves are also in the riding. It includes Maniwaki, Mont-Laurier, and approximately 60 villages, including Farrellton, Low, Venosta, Fort Coulonge and Shawville.

The economic base is distributed among the service sector, the retail industry, government services and health and social services. The average family income is $58,377 with an unemployment rate of 8.3 per cent.

According to the 2001 census, 24 per cent of the population are anglophone, while almost 72 per cent spoke French as their mother tongue. The total immigrant population is less than three per cent. The aboriginal population is almost three per cent.

The 2004 redistribution kept 67 per cent from Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle and added 17 per cent from Gatineau, mainly the Buckingham and Masson-Angers areas. The riding was renamed Pontiac. This riding was called Pontiac from 1867 to 1947, Pontiac-Témiscamingue from 1947 to 1966 and Pontiac from 1966 to 1976. The riding of Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle was established in 1976 by combining Pontiac, Hull and small parts of Labelle and Gatineau. In 1996, the riding added 11 per cent of Gatineau-La-Lièvre.

Population: 89,950

Political History
In 2004, Liberal David Smith won his first term by defeating Bloc Québécois candidate L-Hubert Leduc. Liberal Robert Bertrand served three terms in Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle from 1993 to 2004.

This riding elected both Progressive Conservatives and Liberals from 1867 to 1949 and was Liberal from 1949 to 1957 inclusive. PC Paul Martineau was elected in 1958, 1962 and 1963. Liberal Tom Lefebvre was elected in 1965 and served six terms. He was appointed to the Senate in 1984. PC Barry Moore won in 1984 and 1988, but was defeated in 1993.

1968-80 inclusive - LIB
1984, 1988 - PC
1993, 1997, 2000, 2004 - LIB


Christine Émond-Lapointe

Party: Bloc Québécois

Education: Certificate in Regional Development, Summer school University of Lyon

Career Background: President of the Draveurs School Commission (since 1990). President of the Outaouais Regional Development council(2000-2004). Member of the general council of the Federation of School Commissions of Quebec (since 1998)

Riding Address:

Lawrence Cannon

Party: Conservative Party of Canada

Birth Date: Dec. 6, 1947
Age: 58
Birthplace: Quebec

Education: BA in Politicsl Science from the University of Montreal (1971). MBA from Laval University (1979)

Career Background: Adviser to Premier Robert Bourassa from 1971 to 1976. Financial analyst, la Société de développement industriel from 1979 to 1981. President and Dir-Gen, Les Radiateurs Roy ltée from 1981 to 1985. Appointed vice-president of Governmental Affairs at Unitel in 1994. Appointed member of the Commission on Economic Development of the City of Hull in 1994. Consultant in informational technology in 1995. Appointed by Stephen Harper as Deputy Chief of Staff and associate executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada. Became president of Outaouais Transportation Society in 2002. Appointed president, Urban Transit Assoc of Québec(ATUQ) in 2004

Political History
Municipal: Cap-Rouge Municipal Councillor from 1979 to 1985. Elected municipal councillor in new City of Hull in 2001
Provincial: Elected as Liberal in La Peltrie in 1985 and 1989. Resigned as Member of the National Assembly on Jan. 31, 1994
Political History (Federal/Provincial)
Cabinet: Minister of Communications from October 1990 to January 1994
Parliamentary Secretary: To the Minister of Commerce and Development from 1985 to 1998. To the Minister of Tourism from 1988 to 1989. Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly from November 1989 to October 1990

Campaign Office:

Moe Garahan

Party: The Green Party of Canada

Age: 35
Birthplace: New Liskeard, Ont.

Career Background: Community Developer at the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre

Community Activities: Has been coordinating the Ottawa Food Security Council with a priority on the "Buy Local Project", which connects city residents directly with local farmers. Has worked on helping to establish community gardens, on supporting low income communities to participate in municipal decision-making, etc. Recently took leave from work to learn organic farming in the Maritime provinces, and then lived in Guatemala, where she was involved in coordinating international observers for the 2003 election

Campaign Office:
(819) 827-7700

David Smith

Party: Liberal Party of Canada

Birth Date: Sept. 25, 1963
Age: 42
Birthplace: Maniwaki, Que.

Education: Graduate in administration from Heritage College, Hull. Registered at graduate-level specialized public administration program at ÉNAP in Gatineau

Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Anne Ethier
Children: Two - Cynthia and Sébastien

Career Background: More than 15 years experience in organizational management, human resources, property management, and management of multidisciplinary complex projects. Works as a business manager with Public Works and Government Services Canada. Was previously director of strategic development for Jaguar Solutions and executive director with AGM Informatique. Was also manager of Ameublement Branchard for six years

Community Activities: Former member of the CEMB, working on the school establishment council, served as a volunteer with the Quebec Ice Hockey Federation and the Canadian Cancer Society. Serves as a volunteer with the Saint-Pierre Chanel scout movement. Member of the Quebec Aboriginal Alliance

Political History
Party: Involved in politics for a number of years, particularly with the Liberal Party of Quebec
Municipal: Former Municipal Councillor in Maniwaki
Federal: Elected in Pontiac in 2004

Political History (Federal/Provincial)
Committee: Member: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development; Canadian Heritage

Riding Address:
52-Highway 105
Maniwaki, Que.
(819) 449-2610

Ottawa Address:
Room 109 Justice Bldg
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ont.
(613) 992-5516

Benoit Legros

Party: Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Céline Brault

Party: New Democratic Party

Year of Birth: 1962
Birthplace: Montreal, Que.

Education: Master's degree in Second Language Learning and Teaching from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. BA (Hons.) in Economics with minor in Environmental Science from McGill University

Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Jim MacKinnon
Children: Two Chloé and Maxime

Career Background: Has work experience in Zimbabwe with the World University Service of Canada, from 1986 to 1988. French second language teacher in the Western Quebec School Board since 1989. Chair of School Council Coordinator of Chelsea Elementary-École du Grand Boisé Linguistic Exchange Program. Published The Chelsea Wetlands' Herbal, Quebec Ministry of Education Pedagogical Innovation Project

Community Activities: Returned to Zimbabwe for Oxfam Canada with her partner and two children, from 1998 to 2001. Volunteer with Amnesty International Canada. Co-ordinator of Canada-Zimbabwe MP Twinning Campaign. Writer for the Amnesty International's Zimbabwe web page. Member of Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment

Campaign Office:
(819) 456-4020

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