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DISTRICT: Papineau
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Vivian BarbotBQ1777540.75% X
Pierre PettigrewLIB1678538.48%
Mustaque A. SarkerCON36308.32%
Marc HasbaniNDP33587.7%
Louis-Philippe VerenkaGRN15723.6%
Peter MacrisopoulosML3170.73%
Mahmood-Raza BaigCAP1850.42%
December 14, 2:04:38 PM EST 180 of 180 polls reporting


082 Papineau

2006 Candidates:
BQ:Vivian Barbot
CAP:Baig Mahmood Raza
CON:Mustaque A. Sarker
GRN:Louis-Philippe Verenka
LIB:Pierre Pettigrew (Incumbent)
MLP:Peter Macrisopolous
NDP:Marc Hasbani


 Riding Map
This riding is located in the central part of the Island of Montreal. It contains part of the city of Montreal bounded by l'Acadie Boulevard in the southwest and 19th Avenue in the northeast, between Highway 40, D'Iberville Street and Jarry Street East in the west and Bélanger Street, Papineau Avenue, Jean-Talon Street East in the east.

The riding has a mix of row housing, three-storey apartments, small shops, and Chabanel Street clothing manufacturers. The economy is based mainly on manufacturing, followed by other services. According to the 2001 census, this riding has the third lowest average family income in Canada at $41,792 and unemployment is 13.3 per cent. This is a transient riding, and renters outnumber homeowners, 76 per cent to 24 per cent.

Only 45 per cent have French as a mother tongue; 46 per cent list neither English or French, with large groups speaking Spanish, Arabic, Punjabi and Chinese as a first language. The total immigrant population is almost 39 per cent. Almost 19 per cent of the population has less than a Grade 9 education, while almost 13 per cent have a university degree.

In 2004, the riding was renamed Papineau and it kept 96 per cent of the Papineau-St-Denis riding. The riding was created in 1996 from 64 per cent of St-Denis and 57 per cent of Papineau-St-Michel.

Population: 103,942

Political History
Pierre Pettigrew managed to hold on to this riding in 21004, defeating Bloc Québécois challenger Martine Carrière by just 468 votes. Pettigrew was first elected in a 1996 byelection in Papineau-St-Michel, then re-elected in 1997 and 2000 in Papineau-St-Denis. He was appointed minister of international co-operation, minister responsible for the Francophonie and minister of human resources in 1996. He became minister of international trade in 1999, a post he held until 2003. Prime Minister Paul Martin named him minister of health, minister of intergovernmental affairs and minister responsible for official languages. In 2004, he became minister of foreign affairs.

St-Denis riding was Liberal from 1917. Liberal Marcel Prud'homme won the 1964 byelection and also won from 1965 to 1988 inclusive. He was appointed to the Senate by Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney in 1993. In 1993, Liberal Eleni Bakopanos won St-Denis.

The original Papineau (before 1987) and Papineau-St-Michel riding was Liberal from 1957. André Ouellet was the MP from the 1967 byelection to 1984 inclusive. He served as minister responsible for Crown corporations, minister of regional economic development, postmaster general, minister of consumer and corporate affairs, minister of urban affairs, minister of public works, minister responsible for Canada Post, minister of labour, president of the Privy Council and government house leader.

From 1917 - LIB

From 1957 - LIB

1997, 2000 - LIB

2004 - LIB


Vivian Barbot

Party: Bloc Québécois

Birthplace: Haiti

Education: � M.Sc. in Intercultural Education from the Universit� de Sherbrooke. Performa program from the Universit� de Sherbrooke. Certificat d'aptitudes p�dagogiques � l'enseignement secondaire (CAPES, secondary school teaching proficiency certificate) from the Universit� de Sherbrooke. Specialized bachelor's degree in Literary Studies from the Universit� du Qu�bec � Montr�al. Spanish language studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. English language skills upgrading, Chicago YMCA, secretarial course at the Speedwriting Secretarial School, Chicago
Profession: Teacher

Career Background: � President and CEO of the Quebec Federation of Women (2001-2003). French professor at C�gep de Victoriaville (1983-2001). President of the F�d�ration des enseignantes et enseignants de c�geps (1991-1992). Elementary school ESL teacher at the Acton Vale School Board (1983-1984). Elementary and secondary school French and English teacher in the Eastern Townships and on the South Shore (1979-1984). FSL teacher at a training and orientation centre for immigrants (1976-1977). Secretary for various businesses and for the International Civil Aviation Organization (1968-1972).

Community Activities: Former member on board of directors for the Soci�t� de d�veloppement de la Ville de Montr�al. Former member on board of directors for the Conseil de la souverainet� du Qu�bec. Former member on board of directors for Syndicalistes et progressistes pour un Qu�bec libre. Ambassador of the alumni association for the Universit� de Sherbrooke (2002). Vice-president of the Quebec Federation of Women (1999-2001). Member on the Quebec Federation Women board of directors (1998-present). Member on the Conseil des relations interculturelles for the Quebec Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (2000, 2001). Member on the board of directors for La ligue des droits et libert�s (1993). Member of the Groupe r�gional de concertation sur l'immigration. Member of the board of directors for the Association des professionnels de l'enseignement du fran�ais au collegial. Member of the Syndicat des enseignantes et enseignants. Vice-president of the C�gep de Victoriaville (1992-1993). Member of the Service Interculturel Coll�gial group. Member on the Comit� des pratiques syndicales de la FEC (1991)

Baig Mahmood Raza

Party: Canadian Action Party

Birth Date: 1965
Education: Master's degree in Journalism.
Profession: Journalist

Marital Status: Single

Career Background: Has written articles about commerce, culture and international relations for newspapers in Pakistan and Canada

Community Activities: Organized Pakistan Independence Day in 1997 in Montreal and has served on several foreign trade delegations

Riding Address:
7225 Durocher #420
H3N 2Y3
Montreal, Que.

Tel: (514) 271-8975

Mustaque A. Sarker

Party: Conservative Party of Canada

Education: Graduated from Dhaka University. MBA from Tulane University and a Diploma in EDC and AMC from McGill University

Career Background: He is president and CEO of Phahmed Comptabilité et Gestion d'affaires Inc.

Community Activities: President of the Bangladesh-Canada Friendship Association and of the Multicultural Society of Canada

Political History
Federal: Defeated in Papineau-Saint-Denis in 2000 and in Papineau in 2004

Louis-Philippe Verenka

Party: The Green Party of Canada

Year of Birth: 1983
Birthplace: Montreal, Que.

Education: Admitted to B.Comm. program at Concordia in 2002

Electoral History
Provincial: Defeated in Laval-des-Rapides in 2003
Federal: Defeated in Alfred-Pellan in 2004

Campaign Office:
(514) 387-3884

Pierre Pettigrew

Party: Liberal Party of Canada

Birth Date: April 18, 1951
Age: 54
Birthplace: Quebec City

Education: BA in Philosophy, University of Quebec, Trois-Rivières. Master of Philosophy, International Relations, at Oxford, Balliol College

Marital Status: Single

Career Background: From 1976 to 1978, he was the director of the NATO Assembly Policy Commission in Brussels. From 1978 to 1981, he was assistant to leader of Quebec Liberal party. From 1981 to 1984, was foreign policy adviser to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Privy Council Office. In 1994, was co-chair, First National Forum on Canada's International Relations. Was media commentator. From 1985 to 1995, was International Business Consultant and vice-president, Samson Bélair Deloitte and Touche International. Author of the book, The New Politics of Confidence.

Political History
Federal: Elected in Papineau-Saint-Michel during the March 25, 1996 byelection in Papineau-Saint-Denis in 1997, and 2000. Elected in Papineau in 2004

Political History
Cabinet: Minister of International Co-operation; Minister responsible for Francophonie (Jan. 25, 1996). Ministry of Human Resources Development (Oct. 4, 1996). Ministry of International Trade (Aug. 3, 1999). Minister of Health; Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs; Minister responsible for Official Languages (Dec. 12, 2003). Minister of Foreign Affairs (July 20, 2004)
Committee: Chair, Cabinet Committee on Domestic Affairs Member, Cabinet Committees on: Priorities and Planning; Operations; Security, Public Health & Emergencies; Aboriginal affairs. Chair: Cabinet Global Affairs Committee. Vice-Chair: Cabinet Canada-U.S. Committee. Member, Cabinet Committee on: Expenditure Review sub-committee of the Treasury Board

Campaign Office:
7200, rue Hutchinson, bureau 304
Montr�al, Que.
H3N 1Z2
(514) 906-0520

Riding Address:
200-2348 Jean-Talon E
Montreal, Que.
(514) 593-6020

Ottawa Address:
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ont.
(613) 995-8872

Peter Macrisopolous

Party: Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Marc Hasbani

Party: New Democratic Party

Education: Pursuing studies in accounting and economic sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Career Background: Researcher to an socio-economic professorship at UQAM along with Léo-Paul Lauzon

Campaign Office:
(514) 276-1333

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