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DISTRICT: Charlottetown
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Shawn MurphyLIB958650.16% X
Tom DeBloisCON652434.14%
Brian PollardNDP212611.12%
David Lobie DaughtonGRN5863.07%
Andrew J. ChisholmMP1931.01%
Baird JudsonCHP970.51%
December 14, 2:04:38 PM EST 87 of 87 polls reporting


009 Charlottetown

2006 Candidates:
CHP:Baird Judson
CON:Thomas DeBlois
GRN:David Daughton
LIB:Shawn Murphy (Incumbent)
MP:Andrew J. Chisholm
NDP:Brian Pollard


 Riding Map
This urban riding in central Prince Edward Island's Queen's County covers the city of Charlottetown.

The government sector, both provincial and federal, is the largest employer in the riding. The University of P.E.I., Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Holland College help provide a stable employment base. The retail/service sector, focused on tourism, is another major contributor. The average family income is $58,741 and unemployment is 10.6 per cent.

The immigrant population is just under five per cent and almost 92 per cent of the population cited English as their first language, according to the 2001 census. Homeowners only slightly outnumbered renters in this riding, 51 per cent to 49 per cent. Almost 15 per cent of the population has a university degree.

Hillsborough was established in 1966. In the 1996 redistribution, the riding lost a small area, with no population, to the Cardigan riding. In 2004, 88 per cent of Hillsborough was combined with four per cent of Malpeque riding and the riding was renamed Charlottetown.

Population: 32,245

Political History
In 2004, Liberal Shawn Murphy defeated Progressive Conservative Darren Peters by 4,054 votes.

The former riding of Queen's used to elect two members until the redistribution of l966, which divided the riding into Hillsborough and Malpeque. One of the Queen's MPs, PC Heath MacQuarrie, went on to be re-elected in Hillsborough. He represented the area from 1957 until the election of 1979, when he chose not to run. That same year, former prime minister Joe Clark appointed MacQuarrie to the Senate. PC Angus Maclean was the other MP in the 1951 to 1974 period, serving as minister of fisheries and postmaster general under Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

PC Tom McMillan won in 1979, 1980 and 1984. He was appointed minister of state for tourism in 1983 and the environment minister in 1985. Liberal George Proud defeated McMillan in 1988 and was elected for a further two terms.

1957-65 inclusive - PC

1968-84 inclusive - PC
1988-2000 inclusive - LIB

2004 - LIB


Baird Judson

Party: Christian Heritage Party

Career Background: Professor at UPEI in the Engineering Department for 31 years, until 1997

Electoral History
Federal: Defeated in Hillsborough in 1988, 1993, 1997 and 2000. Defeated in Charlottetown in 2004

Campaign Contacts:
(902) 569-3597

Thomas DeBlois

Party: Conservative Party of Canada

Education: Attended Prince of Wales College and the University of New Brunswick
Profession: Businessman

Marital status: Married
Name of spouse: Claudia
Children: David and Suzi

Career background: Has been involved in the food services industry for more than 35 years, for much of that time with the family business DeBlois Brothers

Community activities: Founding chair and later board member and trustee of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation. He was also founding chair of the Queens Region Health and Community Services Board. He has served on several other community, religious and sports organizations. Awarded the Governor General's Caring Canadian Award in 2000

Campaign Office:
358 University Avenue
Charlottetown, P.E.I.
(902) 894-8000

David Daughton

Party: The Green Party of Canada

Marital Status: Married

Career Background: Writes articles, essays and poetry, and has acted as external advisor for reports and journals, including Environment Canada's "Report on Human Health and the Environment"

Community Activities: Participates in the Atlantic node of the SSHRC research project on the Social Economy. Volunteer on the Steering Committee of the P.E.I. Eco-Net de l'Î-P-É, and organizations such as the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation, Community Legal Information Association, and the Canadian General Standards Board. Represented P.E.I. on the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN) National Steering Committee for two terms and was elected CEN Chair for two years. Founding member of CEN's Health Caucus, serving as co-chair for four years. Original member of Food-Net, of the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) and of the Community Health Promotion Network Atlantic (CHPNA). Former Chair of P.E.I.'s Health Information Resource Centre. Awarded Quebec-Labrador Foundation "Caring For the Earth Award" in 2000

Campaign Contacts:
(902) 626-7399

Shawn Murphy

Party: Liberal Party of Canada

Birth date: July 27, 1951
Age: 54
Birthplace: Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Education: Law degree and Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick
Profession: Lawyer

Marital status: Married
Name of spouse: Yvette Comeau
Children: Kevin, Paul and Brian

Career background: Lawyer with Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales. Corporate and commercial law, with emphasis on banking and small business. Appointed Queen's Council in 1997. Joined Scales, Ghiz, Jenkins & McQuaid in 1977 as associate lawyer and became a partner in 1979. In 1990, the practice merged with three other law firms in Atlantic Canada to form Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales. Member and past president of the Law Society of P.E.I.

Community activities: Secretary of the Charlottetown Airport Authority, board member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, director of the Murchison Foundation Inc., chair of P.E.I. Capital Inc., and a member and past president of the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce

Electoral History
Federal: Elected in Hillsborough in 2000 and 2004

Political History
Dec. 12, 2003, parliamentary secretary to minister of Fisheries and Oceans with special emphasis on the Oceans Action Plan. July 20, 2004, parliamentary secretary to the minister of Fisheries & Oceans
Committee: Former vice-Chair, Public Accounts. Former member, National Defence and Veterans Affairs; Public Accounts; Canadian Heritage; Finance; subcommittee on combatting corruption of the standing committee on member: Fisheries and Oceans; Public Accounts
Caucus: Has been chair of both the Economic Development and Air Access subcommittees of the Atlantic Liberal caucus

Campaign Office:
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, P.E.I.
(902) 367-3300
Riding Address:
75 Fitzroy Street, Suite 201
Charlottetown, P.E.I.
(902) 566-7770
Ottawa Address:
Room 331 Confed Bldg.
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ont.
(613) 996-4714

Andrew J. Chisholm

Party: Marijuana Party of Canada

Birth Date: Jan. 22, 1984
Age: 22
Birthplace: PEI

Education: Self taught and passed the GED test

Campaign Contact:

Brian Pollard

Party: New Democratic Party

Education: BA in English and Psychology from the University of Prince Edward Island
Profession: Film and video producer

Career Background: Has produced film and video documentaries for the National Film Board, Vision TV, the CBC and Bravo, as well as government and private clients. Producer of the miniseries "Spirit World: The Story of Mi'kmaq"

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