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The Canadian System

How it works How it works
An explanation of the structure of the Canadian government.
How it compares How it compares
Compare the US and UK systems of government.
Electoral reform Electoral reform
A growing chorus of voices in Canada is calling for electoral reform that would change the way Canadians vote in federal and provincial elections.
Paul Martin's planned changes Paul Martin's planned changes
Canada and Canadians have changed dramatically since 1867. Our national political institutions have not.
Election timing Election timing
Canadian governments are elected for a maximum five-year term, but there is no legislated minimum.
Election dictionary Election dictionary
An election dictionary of common Canadian political terms and phrases.
Take our quiz Take our quiz
Our weekly Canadian political trivia test!
Useful links Useful links
Some handy links to explore.

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Getting Involved in the Political Process

Ways Canadians can get involved in the political process. more »




Election Dictionary  An election dictionary of Canadian political terms. more »




Student Vote  Student Vote 2004. more »




Take Our Quiz  Take our election quiz. more »
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