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 DISTRICT: Charleswood-St.James
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Steven John Fletcher CON 18688 44.29% X
Glen Murray LIB 17954 42.55%
Peter Carney NDP 4283 10.15%
Andrew Basham GRN 880 2.09%
Dan Zupansky MP 337 0.8%
Beatriz Alas COM 49 0.12%
 Last Update:  June 29, 5:38:55 AM EDT 176 of 176 polls reporting


215 Charleswood-St. James

2004 Candidates

COM: Beatriz Alas
GRN: Andrew Basham
NDP: Peter Carney
CON: Steven Fletcher
LIB: Glen Murray
MP: Dan Zupansky

Riding Profile
 Riding Map
This riding in central Manitoba consists of the RM of Headingley, which makes up the western part of riding, the eastern section of the riding contains the western part of the City of Winnipeg. The Winnipeg airport is in the northeast corner, the rest of eastern boundary is Ferry Rd/Shaftesbury Blvd/McCreary Road. The north and south borders are the boundaries of the City of Winnipeg. The Assiniboine River divides the north and south parts of the riding. The riding encompasses neighbourhoods in Winnipeg's West End. Some of Canada's major aerospace industries are located in the riding. The economy is mostly driven by retail trade and health and social services. The total immigrant population is almost 10 per cent. Almost 85 per cent of the population speaks English as their mother tongue. More than 13 per cent of the population has a university degree, while just over three per cent have less than a Grade 9 education. The average family income is $73,222 with an unemployment rate of 4.30 per cent.

This riding was created in 1996 from 70 per cent of Winnipeg-St. James and 29 per cent of Winnipeg South. In 2004's redistribution, it kept 100 per cent of the riding (population=74,595) and added, in the east, eight per cent (population=6,143) of Winnipeg Centre and 1.5 per cent (population=1,136) of Winnipeg South Centre.

The riding of Charleswood-Assiniboine was established in 1996 redistribution. The riding name was changed to Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia in 1998 and changed again in 2004 to Charleswood-St. James.

Political History
The riding of Charleswood-Assiniboine was established in the 1996 redistribution. The riding name changed to Charleswood St. James-Assiniboia in 1998 and to Charleswood-St. James in 2004.

Winnipeg-St. James:
In 1979, PC Bob Lane defeated ND Frank Syms by 893 votes. In 1980, ND Cyril Keeper defeated PC Lane by 438 votes. Keeper ran in Winnipeg-North Centre in 1984. In 1984, PC George Minaker defeated ND Lissa Donner by 2,680 votes.

In 1988, LIB John Harvard defeated PC Minaker by 1,702 votes. In 1993, LIB Harvard defeated REF Peter Blumenschein by 13,367 votes. In 1997, LIB John Harvard defeated PC Felix Holtmann by 7,261 votes. In 2000, LIB Harvard defeated CA Cyril McFate by 2,332 votes.

1997 - LIB

2000 - LIB

Candidate Profiles

Glen Murray

Party: Liberal Party of Canada
Birth Date: Oct. 27, 1957
Age: 46
Birthplace: Montreal, Que.

Education: Attended Concordia University's School of Community and Public Affairs, where he majored in Urban Studies.
Career Background: Moved to Winnipeg in 1985 for a communications job with Canada Post. He later became coordinator of health education, working with AIDS patients at a Winnipeg clinic.
Children: Became a foster parent in 1997 to a former child prostitute who is HIV positive.

Political History
Party: Former card-carrying member of the NDP.
Municipal: Elected to Winnipeg city council in 1989. Was elected as mayor in 1998, becoming the first openly gay mayor of a major North American city. Was re-elected in 2002.

Stephen Fletcher

Party: Conservative Party of Canada

University Degree: Yes
Education: Recently graduated with a master of business administration degree from the University of Manitoba.
Career Background: Was twice elected president of the University of Manitoba's Students Union (UMSU), representing the interests of nearly 24,000 post-secondary students. He managed UMSU's $5 million budget, helped reduce UMSU fees for the first time, paid off UMSU debt, renovated and expanded all five UMSU-owned businesses, which resulted in increased profitability, and effectively lobbied all levels of government on behalf of University of Manitoba students on a wide range of issues.

Political History
Party: Co-chaired the Progressive Conservative Party's policy forum, "Solutions for the 21st Century". In November 2001, he was elected president of the PC Party of Manitoba - the youngest person to hold the office and the first person with quadriplegia to hold such an office in Canada. As president, he has visited most constituencies in Manitoba and is involved with election readiness, fundraising, party organization and policy development.

Peter Carney

Party: New Democratic Party of Canada

University Degree: Yes
Education: Holds an MA from the University of Winnipeg and a master of education in history from the University of Manitoba.
Profession: Retired school principal, French language co-ordinator and teacher.
Career Background: Worked in the St. James-Assiniboia School District from 1966 to 1997. He serves on the Board of Regents at the University of Winnipeg, and served as a member of the board of CancerCare Manitoba from 1986 to 1988.

Political History
Party: Has been an NDP supporter since 1970, and an active member since 1983. Was president of the River Heights and St. James constituency associations. He was also the EPC chair during Maryann Mihychuk's campaign in 1995.
Municipal: Elected twice as a school trustee in the St. James-Assiniboia School Division from 1999 to 2002, and from 2002 to 2006.
Federal: Was defeated in Saint Boniface in 1997.

Andrew Basham

Party: Green Party Of Canada

Political History
Tel: (204) 488-2831

Beatriz Alas

Party: Communist Party
Age: 23

University Degree: No
Education: A sociology and psychology student at the University of Manitoba.
Career Background: She is working at several jobs while attending school. A recent member of the Communist Party of Canada, she supports improved programs and rights for new Canadians.
Children: Expecting her first child in July.

Dan Zupansky

Party: Marijuana Party


# #
 Overall Election Results (2004)
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 135 0 135 36.71%
CON 99 0 99 29.61%
BQ 54 0 54 12.40%
NDP 19 0 19 15.69%
NA 1 0 1 .13%
OTH 0 0 0 5.47%
 Last Update June 29, 5:39:26 AM EDT


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