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CBC News Federal Election
 DISTRICT: Toronto-Danforth
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Jack Layton NDP 22198 46.35% X
Dennis Mills LIB 19803 41.35%
Loftus Cuddy CON 2975 6.21%
Jim Harris GRN 2575 5.38%
Scott Yee MP 265 0.55%
Marcell Rodden ML 84 0.17%
 Last Update:  June 29, 5:38:55 AM EDT 195 of 195 polls reporting


201 Toronto-Danforth

2004 Candidates

CON: Loftus Cuddy
GRN: Jim Harris
NDP: Jack Layton
LIB: Dennis Mills
MLP: Marcell Rodden
MP: Scott Yee

Riding Profile
 Riding Map

This east Toronto riding is predominantly residential, with a large blue-collar population.

The riding runs from the Toronto Outer Harbour in the south to the Don River East Branch in the north; and from Coxwell Boulevard and Coxwell Avenue in the east to the Keating Channel, Don Valley Parkway and Don River in the west.

The riding includes the Riverdale, Danforth and Leslieville neighbourhoods and the Leslie Street Spit. There are only slightly more owned dwellings than rentals, 52 per cent to 48 per cent. The area has some commercial and light industry and major redevelopment is planned along the waterfront. Average family income is $67,551 and unemployment is 6.7 per cent.

According to the 2001 census, the immigrant population is more than 41 per cent. Almost 17 per cent listed Chinese as their ethnic origin and seven per cent are Greek. Over 41 per cent gave a language other than English or French as their mother tongue.

In 2004, the southeastern boundary of the riding has moved from Leslie Street to Coxwell Avenue. Broadview-Greenwood riding was created in 1976 from 73 per cent of Broadview and 27 per cent of York East ridings. In 1996, a part of Beaches-Woodbine riding was added. In 2000, the riding name was changed to Toronto-Danforth.

Political History

1935-1962 inclusive: PC
1963: LIB
1965-1974 inclusive: NDP
1978 byelection: NDP
1979, 1980, 1982 byelection, 1984: NDP
1988, 1993, 1997, 2000: LIB

In 2000, Liberal Dennis Mills defeated New Democrat Paula Turtle to win a fourth term. Jack Layton won leadership of the New Democratic Party in January 2003 and is running against Mills in this riding in 2004. So is another party leader, Jim Harris of the Green Party of Canada.

Conservative George Hees was MP for the former Broadview riding from a 1950 by-election until 1962, when he moved to Northumberland riding. Bob Rae, running for the NDP, was elected here in an October 1978 by-election and again in 1979 and 1980. Rae resigned in 1982, after winning the Ontario NDP leadership, and went on to become premier of Ontario.

New Democrat Lynn McDonald defeated Independent Peter Worthington in an October 1982 byelection and again in the 1984 election. Worthington, a Toronto Sun columnist, represented the Conservatives in 1984.


Candidate Profiles

Dennis Mills

Party: Liberal Party of Canada
Birth Date: July 19, 1946
Age: 57
Birthplace: Toronto, Ont.

University Degree: Yes
Education: BA from York University.
Profession: Businessman
Career Background:
Former adviser to the office of the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources. Former aide to Jim Fleming, former minister of multiculturalism. Former director of communications to the prime minister. Former corporate vice-president of Magna International. Current president of ChairMan Mills, a special events management company.
Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Vicki
Children: Stephanie, Jennifer, Craig and Andrea

Political History
Federal: Elected in Broadview-Greenwood (1988, 1993 and 1997). Elected in Toronto-Danforth (2000).

Political History (Federal/Provincial)
Parliamentary Secretary: To minister of industry (1993-96).
Committee: Former vice-chair of Canadian Heritage. Former member of Industry. Member of Canadian Heritage.
Caucus: Former critic of Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Small Business. Associate critic for Science and Technology.
Office Address: 170 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ont., 416-462-3250.
Capital Address: Room 264, West Block, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ont., 613-992-7771.

Loftus Cuddy

Party: Conservative Party of Canada

University Degree: Yes
Education: BA, LL.B., University of Toronto.
Profession: Lawyer
Career Background: Has been defending the working class as a lawyer for 15 years.
Name of Spouse/Partner: Ellen

Jack Layton

Party: The New Democratic Party of Canada
Birth Date: 1950
Birthplace: Montreal, Que.

University Degree: Yes
Education: BA from McGill University. MA and PhD from York University.
Profession: University professor.
Career Background: Has taught at all of Toronto's universities. Also founder of the Green Catalyst Group Inc., a sustainable policy and program design firm. Author of book Homelessness: The Making and Unmaking of a Crisis.
Community: Co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, which provides a voice for men against violence against women. Served on federal board of the Climate Change Protection Program. Served on the boards of electrical utilities, arts organizations and boards of health. Former president of Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Olivia Chow
Children: Sarah and Mike

Political History
Municipal: Former councillor for the City of Toronto. Former deputy mayor. Elected as Don River Metro councillor (1994).
Federal: Current federal NDP leader. Defeated in Rosedale (1993). Defeated in Toronto-Danforth (1997).

Jim Harris

Party: The Green Party of Canada

Profession: Author of six books; professional speaker.
Career Background: Conducts strategic planning sessions with executive teams, focusing on most pressing issues: leadership, change, CRM, eLearning, innovation and creating learning organizations. His new book, Blindsided!, has been published in more than 80 countries. His second book, The Learning Paradox, was nominated for the National Business Book Award in Canada. He also co-authored The 100 Best Companies to Work for in Canada.

Political History
Party: Elected as first Green Party of Ontario president (2001).
Provincial: Defeated in St. Andrew-St. Patrick (1990).
Federal: Current federal leader of the GPC. Defeated in St. Paul's (1993). Defeated in Toronto-Rosedale (1997).

Marcel Rodden

Party: The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Scott Yee

Party: The Marijuana Party of Canada

# #
 Overall Election Results (2004)
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 135 0 135 36.71%
CON 99 0 99 29.61%
BQ 54 0 54 12.40%
NDP 19 0 19 15.69%
NA 1 0 1 .13%
OTH 0 0 0 5.47%
 Last Update June 29, 5:39:26 AM EDT


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