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 DISTRICT: Ottawa West-Nepean
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Marlene Catterall LIB 23971 41.78% X
Sean Casey CON 22591 39.37%
Marlene Rivier NDP 7449 12.98%
Neil Adair GRN 2748 4.79%
Russell Barth MP 430 0.75%
Mary-Sue Haliburton CAP 121 0.21%
Alexandre Legeais ML 68 0.12%
 Last Update:  June 29, 5:38:55 AM EDT 242 of 242 polls reporting


173 Ottawa West-Nepean

2004 Candidates
GRN: Neil Adair
MP: Russell Barth
CON: Sean Casey
LIB: Marlene Catterall
CAP: Mary-Sue Haliburton
MLP: Alexandre Legeais
NDP: Marlene Rivier

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This urban riding along the shores of the Ottawa River and Lac Deschenes takes in a lot of what was the city of Nepean, now part of Ottawa.

Its boundaries are Riddell Drive, March Valley Road, Herzberg Road and March Road in the west, Highway 417, Richmond Road and the CN line in the south and Rideau River, Baseline Road, Merivale Road, Highway 417 and Sherbourne Road in the east. It includes the Bayshore, Crystal Beach, Crystal Bay, Britannia, Carlington and Lincoln Heights districts.

Dwellings are almost equally split between rentals and owned. The federal government is the largest employer. Average family income is $76,580 and unemployment is 6.8 per cent. More than 28 per cent of residents are immigrants with significant Italian and Chinese communities.

In 2004, small areas of Nepean-Carleton and Lanark-Carleton have been added. Ottawa West-Nepean was created in 1996 from 72 per cent of Ottawa West and 46 per cent of Nepean.

Population: 103,870

Political History

1935-1968 inclusive: LIB
1972: PC
1974: LIB
1979: PC
1980: LIB
1984: PC
1988, 1993: LIB

1997, 2000: LIB

In 2000, Liberal Marlene Catterall defeated the Alliance's Barry Yeates. She was first elected in 1988. If the Alliance and Conservative votes are successfully combined in this riding, the Liberals could be challenged for the seat in 2004.

Ottawa West and Ottawa West-Nepean voted Liberal from 1935 to 1968. Neighbouring Carleton riding elected only Conservatives from 1867 to 1962. From 1968 to 1988, the riding swung between the Conservatives and the Liberals. In 1968, Liberal Lloyd Francis became MP; he was defeated by PC Peter Reilly in 1972, then re-elected in 1974. PC Ken Binks won the 1979 election, followed by Lloyd Francis again in 1980. PC David Daubney defeated Francis in 1984 before Catterall defeated him in 1988.


Candidate Profiles

Marlene Catterall

Party: Liberal Party of Canada
Birth Date: Mar. 1, 1939
Age: 65
Birthplace: Ottawa, Ont.

University Degree: Yes
Education: BA in sociology, Carleton University.
Profession: Teacher
Former high school English teacher in Ottawa.
Former columnist for Ottawa Business News.
Former member of Ontario Residential Standards board; Ottawa Council for the Arts; Business and Professional Women's Institute; Canadian Women for Political Representation; Council of Canadians; Ottawa Women's Network; Peace Resource Centre.
Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Ron Catterall
Children: Karen, Chris and Cheryl

Political History
Municipal: Former alderman for the Britannia Ward of the City of Ottawa and member of Ottawa-Carleton regional council.
Elected in Ottawa West (1988 and 1993).
Elected in Ottawa West-Nepean (1997 and 2000).

Political History (Federal/Provincial)
Parliamentary Secretary: To the president of the Treasury Board (1993-1994).
Former vice-chair of Procedure and House Affairs.
Former member of Environment and Sustainable Development; Library of Parliament.
Member of Justice, Human Rights, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.
Caucus: Former public service and associate environment critic.
Served as associate critic for the status of women.
Former deputy whip.
First ever female chief government whip.
Recently formed and chaired the caucus committee on governance.
Office Address: 204-2571 Carling Ave., Ottawa, Ont.
Tel: (613) 990-7720
Capital Address: House of Commons, Ottawa, Ont.
Tel: (613) 996-0984

Sean Casey

Party: Conservative Party of Canada
Age: 34

University Degree: Yes
Education: Journalism, Carleton University.
Profession: Journalist
Career Background: Former broadcast journalist in Ottawa.
Former executive assistant to former Ottawa city councillor Allan Higdon.
Provided media training during the 1997 federal election for the Progressive Conservatives, including Peter MacKay.
Spent seven years as a political assistant to Canadian Alliance members of Parliament Randy White and Chuck Strahl, including three years in the Opposition House Leader's office.
Has coached young women's soccer and hockey.
Children: Alexandra

Marlene Rivier

Party: The New Democratic Party of Canada

University Degree: Yes
Education: MA in psychology, Carleton University.
Profession: Teacher, health care worker
Career Background: Member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and for the past 20 years has worked at the Royal Ottawa Hospital.
Helped create human resources labour adjustment plans in several eastern Ontario communities.
Is a community advocate for mental health services and organized a campaign against cuts to these services in Ottawa.
Currently working with the Ontario Heath Coalition to oppose the privatization of health services.
Currently teaches at St. Paul's University.
Marital Status: Married
Children: three

Political History
Provincial: Defeated in Ottawa West-Nepean (2003).

Neil Adair

Party: The Green Party of Canada

Profession: Businessman, and analytical and applications chemist.

Political History
Provincial: Defeated in Ottawa West-Nepean (2003).

Political History (Federal/Provincial)
Office Address:
Tel: (613) 829-8653

Russell Barth

Party: Marijuana Party

Mary-Sue Haliburton

Party: Canadian Action Party

University Degree: Yes
Education: BA, MA, B. Ed., diploma in graphic design.

Alexandre Legeais

Party: The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Political History
Provincial: Defeated in Pontiac in 1998.
Federal: Defeated in Hull-Aylmer in 2000.

# #
 Overall Election Results (2004)
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 135 0 135 36.71%
CON 99 0 99 29.61%
BQ 54 0 54 12.40%
NDP 19 0 19 15.69%
NA 1 0 1 .13%
OTH 0 0 0 5.47%
 Last Update June 29, 5:39:26 AM EDT


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