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CBC News Federal Election
 DISTRICT: Oak Ridges-Markham
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Lui Temelkovski LIB 31964 51.73% X
Bob Callow CON 20712 33.52%
Pamela Courtot NDP 5430 8.8%
Bernadette Manning GRN 2406 3.9%
Jim Conrad PCP 820 1.33%
Maurice G. Whittle CHP 458 0.74%
 Last Update:  June 29, 5:38:55 AM EDT 257 of 257 polls reporting


166 Oak Ridges-Markham

2004 Candidates
CON: Bob Callow
PCP: Jim Conrad
NDP: Pamela Courtot
GRN: Bernadette Manning
LIB: Lui Temelkovski
CHP: Maurice G. Whittle

Riding Profile
 Riding Map

This new southern Ontario riding, north of Toronto, has been created because of rapid growth in York region.

The riding contains the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville and part of King Township lying south of Highway 9. It also contains part of Richmond Hill northeast of Gamble Road, Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road East and part of the Town of Markham northeast of 16th Avenue, McCowan Road and Highway 7.

In the 2001 census, the immigrant population was 34 per cent with 14 per cent saying they are Chinese and 8.6 per cent Italian. Manufacturing and the retail trade are major employers. Average family income is $100,369 and unemployment is 4.2 per cent.

The riding of Oak Ridges-Markham was created in the 2004 redistribution from 37 per cent of Oak Ridges, 21 per cent of Markham and parts of Vaughan-King-Aurora and York North.

Population: 111,256

Political History

In 2000 in Oak Ridges, Liberal Bryon Wilfert defeated the Alliance's Bob Callow. In 2000 in Markham, Liberal John McCallum defeated Jim Jones of the Canadian Alliance. McCallum was Secretary of State for International Financial Institutions and Minister of National Defence in 2002. In 2003, Paul Martin named him Minister of Veterans Affairs.

Candidate Profiles

Liu Temelkovski

Party: Liberal Party of Canada

University Degree: Yes
Education: BA, McMaster University.
Profession: Financial adviser.
Career Background: Community Involvement:
Appointed member of the Ontario advisory Council on Multiculturalism and Citizenship, advising the Ontario Government on issues related to multiculturalism.
Member of the Markham Board of Trade.
Currently employed with Freedom 55 Financial.
Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Loretta
Children: Alexander, Tanya, Sandy and Christian

Political History
Party: Has been associated with both federal and provincial Liberals for more than 20 years.

Bob Callow

Party: Conservative Party of Canada

Profession: Businessman
Career Background: More than 30 years of experience in the energy industry.
Vice-chair and director of regional Technical Standards and Safety Authority.
Board member and former vice-chair of the York Region Police Services Board.
Former president and board member of Ontario Natural Gas Association.
Former director of the Canadian Gas Association and the Canadian Gas Research Institute.
Former steering committee member of Propane Gas Association.
Vice-president of the Aurora Highlands Rate Payers Association.
Corporate sponsor of United Way of York Region.
Member of the Community Education committee, which established a York Region town hall forum on education.
Founder, president and owner of Budget Propane Corporation.
Co-founder, president and part owner of Municipal Gas Corp.
Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Olga
Children: Four

Political History
Party: Former president of York Mackenzie and Vaughan-King-Aurora PC associations.
Founding member of Ontario PC policy advisory council.
Federal: Defeated as Canadian Alliance member in Oak Ridges (2000).

Pamela Courtot

Party: The New Democratic Party of Canada

University Degree: Yes
Education: B.Sc., York University.
MBA, York University.
Profession: Business
Career Background: Community: Member of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists and the board of the Community Legal Clinic of York Region.
Has owned and operated a business, worked in the private sector as a marketing and communications professional.
Currently acts as a consultant to non-profit organizations.
Children: Two

Political History
Party: Provincial secretary for Oak Ridges NDP.
Ontario NDP provincial council delegate.
Provincial: Defeated in Oak Ridges (2003).

Bernadette Manning

Party: The Green Party of Canada
Age: 41

Career Background: President of Cedar Grove Community Club.
Member of the Social Justice committee and Help Out People Everyday committee at St. Patrick's Church in Markham.
Volunteer at children's schools, speaking to students as part of their world politics and civics classes.
Children: Four

Political History
Provincial: Defeated in Markham (1999 and 2003).
Federal: Defeated in Markham (2000).

Political History (Federal/Provincial)
Office Address: 905-472-9104.

Jim Conrad

Party: Progressive Canadian Party
Provincial: Def in Willowdale in 1999
Federal: Def as CAP in Markham in 2000

Maurice G. Whittle

Party: Christian Heritage Party

# #
 Overall Election Results (2004)
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 135 0 135 36.71%
CON 99 0 99 29.61%
BQ 54 0 54 12.40%
NDP 19 0 19 15.69%
NA 1 0 1 .13%
OTH 0 0 0 5.47%
 Last Update June 29, 5:39:26 AM EDT


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