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 DISTRICT: Don Valley East
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Yasmin Ratansi LIB 21864 54.62% X
David Johnson CON 11206 28.02%
Valerie Mah NDP 5287 13.21%
Dan King GRN 1172 2.93%
Ryan Kidd CHP 351 0.89%
Christopher Black COM 149 0.37%
 Last Update:  June 29, 5:38:24 AM EDT 193 of 193 polls reporting


123 Don Valley East

2004 Candidates

COM: Christopher Black
CON: David Johnson
CHP: Ryan Kidd
GRN: Dan King
NDP: Valerie Mah
LIB: Yasmin Ratansi

Riding Profile
 Riding Map

This ethnically diverse Toronto riding has the fifth largest immigrant population in Canada. According to the 2001 census, 59 per cent of residents are immigrants, with 13 per cent Chinese and more than six per cent East Indian. Only 43 per cent listed English as their mother tongue.

It runs from Sunrise Avenue in the south to Finch Avenue, Highway 404 and the Hydro Transmission lines in the north between Leslie Street, the CN Rail line and the Don River in the west and Victoria Park Avenue in the east.

Renters make up 56 per cent of the population, with large clusters of high rise buildings throughout the riding. The average family income is $64,085, but more than 20 per cent are in the low-income bracket. Unemployment is eight per cent. The service sector and manufacturing are the main industries.

Don Valley East lost five per cent of its territory in the 2004 redistribution, with the southern boundary moving north to Sunrise Ave. The riding was established in 1976, from parts of York-Scarborough and York North. In 1996 it was substantially changed in a merger with Don Valley North.

Population: 111,177

Political History

1979: PC
1980: LIB
1984, 1988: PC
1993, 1997, 2000: LIB

The riding swings between Tory and Liberal candidates. David Collenette held it from 1993 until his resignation in 2004. He was minister of transportation, minister of national defence and minister of veterans affairs in the Chretien cabinet. Collenette first won the riding in 1974, but was defeated in 1979 and won again in 1980. In 1984 he lost to PC Alan Redway.

Redway was minister of state for housing in the Mulroney government. In 1988 he defeated Yasmin Ratansi for the Liberals. Redway resigned in 1991 after being arrested for making a joke at an airport about a friend having a weapon.


Candidate Profiles

Yasmin Ratansi

Party: Liberal Party of Canada

University Degree:
Profession: Certified general accountant and management consultant.
Career Background:
Worked in the private sector with public accounting firms, Laventhol and Venture Edge Consulting.
Joined the Ontario public sector in 1995 and has managed billions of dollars in public funds, ensuring accountability and proper management of tax dollars.
Former vice-chair on the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry Foundation.
Former treasurer on the National Council of Ethnic Business and Professional Association.
Former treasurer for the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario.
Served as a consultant to community-based programs on economic planning, international trade and financing of micro-based businesses.
Mentor to hundreds of professional women, providing guidance towards the establishment of successful businesses and careers.
Community activist in Don Valley East for more than 25 years.

Political History
Federal: Defeated in Don Valley East (1988).

David Johnson

Party: Conservative Party of Canada
Birth Date: Dec. 17, 1945
Age: 58
Birthplace: Hamilton, Ont.

University Degree: Yes
Education: BSc. from McMaster University in 1967.
MSc. in math from University of Waterloo in 1968.
Profession: Systems analyst with Imperial Oil (1968-1982).
Former president of the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation.
Former chair of the Ontario municipal board and assessment review board.
Currently serves as a board member of the Easter Seal Society of Ontario and chair of the Sport Alliance of Ontario.
Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Joyce
Children: Lesley

Political History
Municipal: East York alderman (1973-1982) and mayor (1982-1993).
Member of East York hydro electric commission (1982-1993).
Member of Metro Toronto council (1978-1980 and 1982-1993).
Provincial: Elected in Don Mills (1993 and 1995).
Defeated in Don Valley East (1999).

Political History (Federal/Provincial)
Cabinet: Chair of management board of provincial cabinet (1995).
Government house leader (1996-1997).
Ontario minister of health (1996-1997).
Minister of education and training (1997).
Committees: Former member of provincial standing committees on general government and finance and economic affairs.
Cabinet committee on privatization (1996).
Caucus: Former critic for municipal urban affairs and finance.

Valerie Mah

Party: New Democratic Party of Canada

University Degree: Yes
Education: BA in sociology from University of Toronto; B Ed. from University of Toronto.
M Ed., University of Toronto.
Profession: Former principal of Bruce Public School and former vice-principal of Withrow Public School.
Career Background: A teacher in Toronto schools for 30 years.
Served on the national action committee on race relations of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities; director of the WoodGreen Community Centre; director of the Yee Hong Wellness Foundation; founding board member of the Chinese Cultural Centre; the Chi Ping dancers; the Greater Toronto Volunteer Centre; the Canadian Hearing Society; the Mon Sheong Foundation, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation; the Organization for Women in Leadership; and the Multicultural History Society of Ontario.
Winner of three volunteer awards from the Ministry of Citizenship and Culture.
Recognized by the Metropolitan Toronto Police for work done with 51 Division in 1991.

Dan King

Party: The Green Party of Canada

Political History
Provincial: Defeated in Eglinton (1990 and 1995).
Defeated in Kenora-Rainy River (2003).
Federal: Defeated in Don Valley West (1993 and 1997).

Christopher Black

Party: Communist Party

Political History
Provincial: Defeated in York West in 2003
Federal: Defeated in York Centre in 2000

Ryan Kidd

Party: Christian Heritage Party

Political History
Provincial: Defeated as CHP candidate in Don Valley East in 1999; as FCP candidate in 2003.
Federal: Defeated in Don Valley East in 2000.
Was CHP candidate in 2002 until the Party was de-registered

# #
 Overall Election Results (2004)
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 135 0 135 36.71%
CON 99 0 99 29.61%
BQ 54 0 54 12.40%
NDP 19 0 19 15.69%
NA 1 0 1 .13%
OTH 0 0 0 5.47%
 Last Update June 29, 5:39:26 AM EDT


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