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Canada: An interactive look

Interactive: Provincial Statistics Canada by the numbers
A statistical bonanza.
Interactive: Voter Turnout Voter turnout
Find out voter turnout since 1867.
Interactive: Leaders Timeline Leaders timeline
What were the party leaders up to in 1957? '67? '77? See our Interactive Timeline.
Interactive: Voters Turnout Prime ministers on parade
Leaders past and present.
Interactive: Leaders and Issues Election issues
See how the leaders compare on major issues.
Best Prime Minister Poll Who would make the best Prime Minister?
Results from public opinion polls conducted between January and June 2004.
Popularity Polls

Tracking the polls - December to April
An interactive look at public opinion since Paul Martin became leader of the Liberal party in November, 2003

Popularity Polls - May & June Tracking the polls - May to June
A look at the most recent public opinion polls.
Interactive: Photo Puzzle All the king's horses and all the king's men
Click here to put the leaders back together again.
Interactive: Memory Game Test your memory
Play our Memory Game and match up the leaders to see what is revealed.
Interactive: Memory Game Jigsaw Puzzle
Unscramble the puzzle pieces and
re-assemble the image of the party leader.
Road Tour: Map Follow the bus
Find out where the bus is with our interactive map

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Getting Involved

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